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by - May 11, 2017

Hey there, everybody. I'm back, and I'm starting a new series! Hopefully, I'll be able to do one of these per month. The plan is simple - I pick one of the artists I'm listening to right now and give you a breakdown of their top songs, some honorable mentions, and the reasons why your life will not be complete without these people in it.

May Spotlight: Andrew Peterson

You may have seen me flailing about AP's (as he will henceforth be known in this post) marvelous Wingfeather Saga books. They are impeccably good. You should read them. Yesterday. And all four books are out now, which means that you won't have to suffer through the wait for more, like I did. See? I'm doing you a favor, recommending them now.
But then, the Wingfeather Saga could be its own post, so we'll move on to Andrew Peterson's MUSIC.

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Andrew Peterson: Faith's Top Ten Hits

Oh, my... where do we start? *scolds self for setting this up for self*

10. Three Days Before Autumn

This is a song about the aftermath of the death of the great Rich Mullins, who died in a car crash on September 19, three days before autumn began. He's one of Andrew's many influences. This song is incredibly heartfelt and basically sums up the way we feel when anyone, famous or not, dies, and we know that they're a Christian and we'll see them again, but we can't help wondering, "Why him? Why now?" It's a beautiful song, and one that I play over and over again.

9. Be Kind to Yourself

Just as a note so I don't make anyone mad: these aren't really in any particular order. They're just the songs that stand out to me as good samples of AP's music.
Anyway, this song was written to his teenage daughter, who struggles with self-doubt and self-dislike. I think all teenagers (and honestly, all older people too) can relate. It's loving but corrective, the way I think my dad would sound if he was to say this to me.

8. After the Last Tear Falls

There's a couple other versions of this song floating around, remixes, if you will, but the original is amazing. Absolutely hands down one of the best Christian songs of hope out there. It takes into account all of the pain in the world, naming specific evils and not shying away from the things that we normally point to to say, "What about that?" when people ask if God is truly loving. And then it brings out the hope. "We'll look back on these tears as old tales." I tear up on this one almost every time. No matter how much bad there is in this world, God still loves us, and it's all here for a purpose, even if we can't see it at the time.

7. Shine Your Light On Me

AP has something like ten different albums, most of them with entirely new music. He's been putting out new stuff since 2000. That's seventeen years, y'all. But his 2012 album, Light for the Lost Boy, may well be his best yet. And this song, especially on the breathtakingly gorgeous bridge, wrecks me every time I listen to it. (I'm not even listening to it, and just thinking about it is making me tear up.) This song is about how God, and God alone, is hope during the darkest part of our lives, and how he manifests this through our church families. It rings so true, even if you're not struggling right now.

6. The Good Confession (I Believe)

It's a very interesting experience to be saved as a kid. Of course, not everyone will be saved after forty years in the wilderness, but what it means is that you have to go through your walk of discovering the gospel and claiming your faith for yourself after you've already made a profession. AP here is no stranger to this. He was saved at the age of nine when his pastor-dad preached about salvation, and lived lukewarm through most of his teenagerhood until he understood the gospel and caught fire.
How do I know all this? It's in this song. The Good Confession is AP's testimony of faith. It's his life story. And it's amazing.

5. Dancing in the Minefields

I couldn't do a post on AP without mentioning this song. It's about marriage and the fact that it's both the most difficult thing you'll ever do and the most rewarding. I'm not married (I've never even dated), so I have no experience with this, but it is comforting to know that relationships are hard for everyone, and that AP isn't afraid of saying so.

4. The Reckoning

*screaming* *flailing* *dying* This song is SO GOOD. It's about the second coming of Christ and what a day that will be. Words cannot do this masterpiece justice. You should go listen to it. Now. Please. Do it.

3. The Far Country

For whatever reason, this album isn't on Spotify. I don't know why. It's incredible, as are all of AP's albums. This song repeats the line, "This is the far country. It's not my home."
We need this reminder, brothers and sisters. We need to remember that this is not our home. We are citizens of a higher kingdom, and we must live there first. Beyond the walls of our houses and the limits of the sky, there's another realm - the realm where we belong.

2. No More Faith

Note: This is the only AP album that has a picture of his face on the cover. I'm not sure why. Interesting factoid for you ;)
This is a song that has been especially encouraging to me over the last few months. You never thought it would be a good thing to have no more faith and hope, did you? Well, one day, when we see God, we won't need faith and hope anymore. We'll have sight. And we won't have to worry about the burden of trusting what we can't see - because, when there's no more faith, there will also be no more doubt. Because we'll see. And we will know.
Listen to it.

1. Tie: Don't You Want to Thank Someone and Carry the Fire

Yes, I'm cheating. Yes, I'm listing eleven songs and not ten like I said. No, I don't care. This is my blog and I will do what I want. And hey, look! They're both from the same album! (And once again, it's the best one out there.)
Carry the Fire is an epic song. That's really the only word to describe it. And as I can't describe it any further, you would do well to go listen to it. Yes, that would be the wisest course of action. *is talking to self* *realizes that she's been playing Carry the Fire for the last few minutes* Whoops....
And Don't You Want to Thank Someone... oh my. It's ten minutes long, but don't let that deter you. Unlike a lot of bands (not looking at anyone in particular) that do fifteen minute songs, this one never repeats a verse - it doesn't even repeat a chorus - and every second of it is necessary. It never gets boring. It's all about the fact that this world, yes, is a dark place, but there is so much beauty and hope and wonder everywhere we look. It's amazing. I can't describe it anymore.

Honorable mentions:

The Sower's Song
All of Behold The Lamb of God (yes, I'm still cheating, but hush. It's all one story.)
Love is a Good Thing
Havens Gray
Little Boy Heart Alive
You'll Find Your Way
*reels self in before self starts listing every AP song in the roster*

That's all I got for ya, guys. Please, try out this music! And I really, really hope you like it :)

Do you like AP? Have you heard any of his other music? Did I leave anything important off the list? Talk to me!

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  1. Andrew Peterson music! Let us rave together...
    That's a great list! Here's mine:
    1) Come Back Soon
    2) Love Is A Good Thing
    3) Be Kind To Yourself
    4) Dancing In The Minefields
    5)The Reckoning
    6) Fool With A Fancy Guitar
    7) The Rain Keeps Falling
    8) Many Roads
    9) The Silence of God
    10) Holy is the Lord

    I could go on....

    1. Come Back Soon is amazing, I just forgot about it under the weight of the other ones XD
      Love is a Good Thing is like his most underrated song IMO. It's just SO GOOD. And Be Kind to Yourself is Wonderful... yes... and so is Fool with a Fancy Guitar. That one makes me want to play the guitar... kind of...
      I will always love Many Roads and the Rain Keeps Falling, but I kind of.... um.... listened to them fifty times in a row and I'm tired of them? Sort of? Sorry... :{
      Silence of God. Yes. I wanted to put that one in, but I couldn't fit it in. And I like Holy is the Lord too. Have you heard To All the Poets? I love that one.

  2. I've never heard of this guy, but I think I shall go listen to him now! He sounds wonderful! *pulls up iTunes*

  3. So guess what I recently got (from a friend) and currently have on my shelf? THE FIRST BOOK IN THE WINGFEATHER SAGA. I never would have picked it up without your raving, so THANK YOU for that and I'm excited to read it xD. And this post was EPIC! I love love love finding new music, and I'll definitely have to go find some of his ;). I'm excited to see more posts like this!

    ~ Savannah

    1. That's so awesome! Read it now! And remember, if you don't like the tone of this first one, the later books are drastically different. Just warning you now :)
      And yes, you should listen to his music. It is just too good.

  4. I love his music! And Be Kind to Yourself, YUSSSSSSSS.

  5. He sounds like an amazing artist! I've heard his name, but I never actually listened to any of his music. I'm going to go check him out now! :)

  6. Okay, I just have to go listen to The Reckoning. It sounds amazing, and songs about heaven (my hope and my home) are just... I just love 'em! Making a beeline to Spotify now...

    Love your blog, love this post, love music.
    Delilah Red


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