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It's the End of April!

What up, my peeps? I'm doing a wrap-up post this month, the first one I've ever done, so bear with me if it's awful. It will likely not live up to your expectations.
(And, no that was not by any means just an excuse to use that gif. XD)
Music this Month I got Hamilton for my birthday (!!!) and I've been listening to it NON-STOP. Hahaha. Get it? Help me out here, Hamilfans. You got that reference.
Then I also have been listening to lots and lots of TheFatRat. Yes, I know, I know. But you should check them out. They do electronic music and it's lots of fun.
And last but not least (this has not been a music heavy month, guys. I'm sorry!) I discovered that there's a Broadway musical of the Scarlet Pimpernel, which is only one of the best books I've read this year. And I was like, "Um, yes." It definitely doesn't measure up to either the book or the movie, but it's still really really good. Especially the songs "Falcon in the Dive&quo…

The Real Me

I am two people.

Now, I don't mean that I have multiple personality disorder or anything like that. But I have two sides, one of which is public and the other of which is private.

And I am very cautious about showing the private side to other people.

In the privacy of my bedroom, I laugh. I cry. I sing at the top of my lungs to songs with ranges I can never hope to hit the notes in, and I scream at my laptop when it doesn't work and pummel books with my fists when something happens I don't want to. (Looking at you, Hunger Games. *shifty sideways eyes* )
The best way to get to know this side of me is to be there when my computer's screen won't turn on again. Or when the printer stops working and our church service will start in ten minutes and we don't have any bulletins. Or when my favorite character soullessly dies.

When I go out, however - to co'op, to church, even here, to my blog - most of the things in that first paragraph vanish.
All I do is laugh. …

The Writer's Tag (In Which Faith Writes)

Hey guys! Mirriam Neal did this tag like a couple of days ago and she tagged the whole wide world to do it. And so I shall. And it will be wonderful and you will learn the answers to things you have been wondering about since you met me. Like how I write like I'm running out of time.

^^^This is me. Writing.
I wish.
Right now, the answer is: pretty much anything and everything. I love fantasy with all my soul, but I've been writing a lot of contemporary too, and my current WIP is dystopia. Not sci-fi dystopia, though. Just futuristic dystopia. I am not trendy.
Looking at my prospective works list, I have the following genres:
Fantasy: 7 books (plus 1 mythology type fantasy)Science fiction: 2 booksContemporary: 3 booksHistorical: 2 booksDystopia: 3 booksI am biased. I know.
The styles and topics depend on the work, to be honest. XD

2. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WRITING? Since I was four. So... eleven years. Yes, …

Best Movies of 2016 So Far

So I've been thinking it's about time I do a review of a bunch of movies I've seen so far this year. I will epicly fangirl over 5 of them and give brief overviews of a few honorable mentions, then list off the movies that I would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to see before the end of the summer.

This will be great and you will enjoy this. And you had better watch some of these movies if you haven't yet because they are wonderful.

So, here we go. Faith's Top Rated Movies This Year.

Arrival Linguistics professor Louise Banks (Amy Adams) leads an elite team of investigators when gigantic spaceships touch down in 12 locations around the world. As nations teeter on the verge of global war, Banks and her crew must race against time to find a way to communicate with the extraterrestrial visitors. Hoping to unravel the mystery, she takes a chance that could threaten her life and quite possibly all of mankind. This movie was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. It total…

Dual Character Inquisition Tag

The lovely Christine did this tag this last week, and she tagged the public in general to do it as well. I'm going to take her up on it and do this tag. <3 It's difficult to decide which characters to pick from one of my WIPs to do this with, but I'm going to do Melinza and Bryce, two main characters from Watched, the dystopia that I'm (attempting to start) editing right now. And instead of answering the questions for them, I will be interviewing them. This could get very dangerous. -Who inspired this character?That's a good question. And a very difficult one to answer. I'll do this one for them. I have no idea where either Melinza came from. I invented her when I was ten or so and working on a kids' version of Lord of the Rings (you don't want to know.) Who even knows where she came from? With Bryce, however, I was writing a later draft of that same story and decided that the third member of the love triangle needed a younger brother (yes, I had a lov…

It's Easter.

The day is here

The day when the light exploded out of a hole in the rock

When a heap of dead bones began to breathe again

When God Incarnate rose from the dead

And every sin was laid on him two days before

The sins of everyone elected

And he rose again with our salvation assured.

Jesus Christ, the son of God, died for me.

The wonder. And the glory.

Let me always sing praise.

Your grace is all I will ever need-

All-encompassing, all sufficient

And when you carried all my sins

It is freely given to me in exchange for faith

You have redeemed me from the pit

Never let me stop singing praise.

Happy Easter, everyone. I'd advise you to take a minute to marvel at the grace and redemption of our Savior at this time in the year - it's truly unfathomable. He gave up so much for our salvation - Jesus is completely deserving of all our praise.


Lessons in Broadway Musicals

Hey, my peeps. Whazzup?
Aaaah, musicals. We all know of them, and many of us are unashamed musical theater geeks. It's not uncommon in my house for me to listen to musicals from the moment I get up until I go to bed. Sure, it makes my family crazy sometimes, but I have to feed my addiction somehow #Obsessed

But what makes musicals worthy of our time and attention? I mean, you have to choose the things you pour your time and energy into, and nothing should come before God. There's lots of other obsessions in the world, so why do we theater buffs love our plays?

In this post, I'm going to argue that there are great life lessons to be found in four of my favorite musicals. I chose these four just because I know them very well and I like them - and I think the messages are very clear.

And just as a warning: There are some minor spoilers ahead, although I will try to steer clear of the big ones. If I'm adding any of those, I will mark them in their own paragraph.
The Phanto…

Camp NaNo Update #1

Hey, everybody. Faith here. I'm back. Yay. *confetti*

I have a small announcement, which is:

I may not be completing The Wacky Factor this April. Instead, I may move to editing my dystopia, Watched, and trying to finish Book 1 of the Pentegreen Series.
My reasons for this are threefold. Here they are:

1. It's very personal. The story of The Wacky Factor is based on my experiences in the last few months. I've been changing details so that it's not entirely me, but I don't know that I'm ready for the world to know what's been happening in my life.

2. It's a fresh experience. Writing this down is opening things back up that I didn't allow myself to feel at the time that they happened. It's very painful and very hard. And it also happened very recently. So it may be good - part of the healing process - but I don't think I can handle it right now.

3. I'm just more excited about editing Watched. I went into Camp this year thinking, "Ma…

Story Ideas, AKA Why do you write like you're running out of time? (HAMILTON REFERENCE)

Soooo.... What's up, peeps?
I've been working hard on my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, currently under the working title The Wacky Factor. This will probably change, but for now it's a cool title and it works.
What I thought I'd do for today's post (because Wacky Factor is still under wraps for the rest of the month [or at least until I get to my Word Count Goal of 60,000 {I'm at 16,000 now!} and I don't have to feel bad about spoilers or anything]) is to give you all a look at my ideas list for the rest of the plot bunnies I have kicking around in my head right now. And maybe you can give me advice on which to write next.
I'm warning you, though: Steal my ideas and I will send my pet dragons to quickly and stealthily slay you in your sleep. You have been warned.

So, without further ado:
The inner workings of Faith's weird author brain!
(To see my actual WIPs, check out the "My Writings" page here on my blog.)
#1. Finish the Pentegreen Saga Any…

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