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It's the End of May!

Allo, guv'nah. How d'you do?

*abandons that accent*

Can you believe May is already over?! I can't. But I'm thrilled that so much has happened this month.

Here we go. And this will probably not be a very interesting month because I didn't do too much, but... the post must go up! And go up it will! So... yeah.

*tries to look interesting and fails*

Music this Month Not much... I haven't been using Spotify all that much. Shame on me. But I will give you what I can! Sorry about the name... but if you don't know TSFH you should absolutely look them up. They are absolutely amazing. It's like they have soundtracks specifically made for fantasy authors (or any authors, really; I've been listening to them while writing Watched and The Wacky Factor too.)
They're so good. I love this album so much. It's not as good as Fading West, which I've been listening to also, but still. BEYOND EXCELLENT.
Imagine Dragons is one of those bands where I like some…

The Sunshine Blogger Award, x3

What up, my peeps?
So I've been tagged THRICE for various names of the Sunshine Blogger award, by Madeline, Blue, and Gray. A couple of these were quite a while ago - thanks for your patience in me getting around to do it, ladies! XD
So to make things easier for myself (and so that I don't have to answer thirty-three questions) I'll pick and choose from the three of them. Because fun, right? And this is my blog so I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT.

Here we go.
Rules: -Link back to the person that tagged you -Answer the eleven questions -Tag eleven bloggers, and let them know you tagged them -Ask your tagged bloggers eleven questions The Questions 1. Iron Man or Captain America? Superman or Batman? Marvel or DC? When it comes to teams, I am #TeamIronMan, #TeamSuperman, and #TeamMarvel. However, I definitely prefer Batman to Superman in real life... I just sided with Superman in Batman v. Superman. But Batman is my all around favorite. Because he's Batman.
2. Imagine that a theme so…

Dear Christians: A Call to Courage

I spend too much time worrying about this one simple question:
Am I fitting in?
Or rather, make it multiple questions.
Do they like me?
Am I weird?
God won't mind if I have a little fun now and then, right?
This is something that I personally struggle with. All the time. It's a difficult topic to address, but I'm going to try, because we all need to know that we're not alone in it. And I know that I'm not the only one.
When you start out, you're not afraid. You set out into the world to make a difference. To shine brighter than the sun. And they might give you funny looks, but who cares, right? God's happy with you. It doesn't matter what the people think.
Until it does.
Until that day when you get the millionth funny look and say, "Why am I even doing this?" And you evaluate yourself in the mirror and whisper, "It's not worth it. It'll be okay. I don't have to do anything."
Then you embrace the world and live lukewarm.…

Top Ten Tuesday: My Summer TBR (Re-reads count, right?)

What up, noobs? Did I spell that right???
It's Tuesday, which means: I get to make a list of ten books that will only vary very slightly from week to week! YAAAAAYYY!!!!! *happy cheering*

I promise I'll have more interesting graphics at some point but for right now...
This week I present you with my Summer TBR, which will be much larger than is indicated here but this will be the beginning and basic infrastructure. *feels really proud of self for using that word*
Here we go.
1. Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston I love the Clone Wars show (my bestie and I are watching it together, and it's wonderful), and Ahsoka is one of the best characters. We just finished Season 5, and Ahsoka is... not in a happy place :( So a book that tells us what happens to her after that? And it has decent reviews? So hopefully it's good?
2. Legend by Marie Lu So... I haven't read this one yet? I want to. And I would have before now. But... it's never at my library :( I will get to it! I promis…

My Writing Schedule of 2017

Hey all, I know this post is running really late and I'm so sorry :P I've had a really busy day, what with cleaning out the garage and running a fundraiser for my Students for Life Group. That was amazing, BTW. We went door to door collecting redemption bottles, which we then cashed in at the redemption center for $80! It was amazing and my buddies over there are some of the best people in the world :)

Anyway: I thought I'd give you all a run-down, month by month, of my writing schedule for this year. Starting in January because I'm a slacker and didn't yet have a blog when the year started :P And I will provide commentary, which you will probably not enjoy.

January Goals: Finish The King's Daughter. Did I do this? NOOOOOO. Hahahahahahaha.
Unfortunately, January was a very heavy month medically, and... I kind of had no writing time. I was finishing up my honors American government, and had a surgery, and... yeah. It was just not good.
I think I got a little bit…

Interview with Leah Good

Sorry this post is coming so late, y'all. My internet is being a pain in the neck and giving me tons of trouble. :P But here it is!
I have major exciting news today: I am doing an interview with Leah Good, the author of Counted Worthy!

Bio: courtesy of
People turn to story for entertainment, truth, and inspiration. My passion is providing all three through my own writing and by recommending the stories of others.
I’m was homeschool K-12, graduated in 2011, went on to do college from home, and completed a BSBA in Marketing in 2013. I am daughter to my two wonderful parents, sister to the best brother in the world, and friend to some amazing sisters in Christ.
My relationship with Jesus is the most important part of my life. Though many people think of Him as a crutch to get through life, I think of Him more as a jet pack. I can truly say He has given me life and life more abundant. Because of my great friendship with my Savior, I want to serve Him in every area of my lif…

Top Ten Moms in YA Lit (And also in MG lit because I'm a cheater {probably [hint: it's likely} } )

Hello, everybody! Today's post is once again Top Ten Tuesday (I'm really liking Top Ten Tuesday, in case you missed the memo). And, in honor of Mother's Day (which was on Sunday), the theme is The Top Ten Mothers in YA Books. (At least for me. Other people might be different.)
I love books with good parents in them. I do! They're some of my favorite things to encounter. But good parents (and, more specifically, good moms) are hard to come by. So here is a list of my favorite moms in the books I've read recently-ish. I may cheat a little bit. You have been warned.
1. Nia Igiby from The Wingfeather Saga You knew you weren't going to be able to avoid it :) The Igiby kids have no memory of their dad, who died when they were really little in the Great War. So Nia and their grandpa serve as their only guardians. Nia is a very strong woman. She's stern, authoritative, and brisk, and she acts like she's made of steel, but when you see her smile at the kids or …

Watched: The Characters

So the post today is inspired by Gray Marie's post on her characters (because I have no ideas.) You know that feeling? Where you go "I have a million ideas for what to post about" but then you actually sit down to type out the post and they all fly away? It's like "Pssh I got nothin'."

But thank you anyway, Gray, for the inspiration :)

Since I've been talking about this infamous "Watched" so much, I was thinking I'd give you a post of my concept art pictures for my characters. I drew some of them back when they were still a part of The King's Daughter, but those are no longer up to date. Sometime I'll give you a second post with more accurate pictures than these photos (although a lot of these are pretty accurate.)

So here we go.
This is basically what I picture my MC, Melinza, looking like. She's a redhead, and, yes, she always wears that hat. (Most of my characters wear hats. They live in D.C. during the winter. It'…

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