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It's the End of July!

Just don't even think about that title, k? This year is going by so fast! *hangs on to a flagpole as the year rushes by like wind*

Well, the end of the month means it's time for a wrap-up. And boy, do I have one for all of you!

(Disclaimer: previous wrap-ups have been far more epic than this one.)
Music So... not much this month, but I'll show you what I've got.
This is a heavy, heart-breaking, RAPPY album? This is so different from what I normally listen to that I initially laughed when I turned it on. But then... I didn't. The emotion of this album is so raw, and I can identify with much of it.... it's heavy but beautiful. Best song goes to: Can You Hold Me (feat. Britt Nicole).

Rock stylish stuff that's kind of creepy and dark and therefore fits very well with the mood of my Rooglewood Press contest entry, Snow Maiden (of which you will be treated some snippets at the end of this post XD). I don't know how much I can recommend this one, because it&#…

Announcement: Of Scheduling Changes....

Hey, everyone! I have a small announcement today, in lieu of an actual post, because my brain is fried. And... yeah.

If you've been following my blog/paying attention for any amount of time, you'll have noticed that I tend to post three times a week: Tuesdays (which of late have been exclusively my Fruit of the Spirit post), Thursdays (which seems to tend towards random posts), and Saturdays, which tend to be more review style posts. That was the schedule I've had for quite a while now (when I started my blog I was just posting whenever I felt like it and my sanity suffered because of that.)

Well, the school year is coming, much sooner than I'd like to think. My school starts on AUGUST
14th. Someone save me. And between all my honors classes, extracurriculars, etc, I won't have time for three posts a week anymore.

Don't worry! I won't be abandoning my blog. Nothing of the sort.

For the rest of the summer (meaning until about mid-August) I'll be postin…

Goodness: A Good Thing?

Again: Please, don't comment on the title of this post. Just don't. XD

The focus of today's post is:

Goodness? Are we not saved by grace and therefore not beholden to works?

Yes, yes we are. And yet we must do good things anyway.

Allow me to explain.

Your parents tell you that they'll get you ice cream if you can wash all the dishes and babysit your younger siblings. You agree because you want the reward. However, you don't have to do this in order for them to give you dinner, a roof over your head, and a good education (hopefully. If you do, something is seriously wrong with your family.) That's just built in because you know that your parents love you.

But you (again, hopefully) don't just do what you're told to because you want a reward. You do it because you love your parents and you want them to be happy.

This is why we obey God- why we are good, if you will.

It's because he saved you and me and he did everything to get us here and he does not…


So Mary over at Sunshine and Scribblings was a dear and tagged me for the delicious-looking Cookie Book Tag!

Basically, there's supposed to be eight kinds of cookies, and you pick a book that matches each prompt. It will be fun! It will be beautiful! And you will enjoy it immensely!

Here goes:

Chocolate Chip // A book that never gets old I actually just did a post on how much I love the Wingfeather Saga, but out of all four books in that series, this one is my abiding favorite. It's dangerous, it's heart-wrenching, it's a beautiful story where family is tested and tried and comes out stronger than ever... it's just the greatest, in my opinion, of the four books in the series. Warden and the Wolf King, the fourth one, is pretty great too, but this one... I'll never be able to get over how much I love it.

Dutch Snowballs // A book that gave you an unexpected surprise
Help. I mean... isn't that the point of all plot twists? No? *grumbles, goes off to check Goo…

Great Christian Fiction: The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson

Faith cannot do intros.

Now that that's out of the way:

Hello, everybody! Today's post is inspired by binge-reading some truly stellar Christian fiction and my firm belief in the lack of truly good, moving Christian fiction. For a while now I'll be doing a series on good books and series that have Christian truths, Christian beauty, and a real presence of God, while maintaining a level of true quality. I can think of a few of those just off the top of my head, but we'll start with just one for now:

The Wingfeather Saga!

There's a lot of things that make this series one of my all-time favorites. {See: my domain name. Avast! The Florid Sword am I! } For one thing, it's just really well-written. For another, it invades my feels and makes me cry. (Note: I don't cry about books. Like, ever. Not once. But these ones... my poor heart.)
So here we go. A few little ways the Wingfeather Saga is amazing. 
It features a cast of unforgettable, fully-developed, very HUMA…

Kindness: In Which Faith Can't Think of a Clever Title

When I sat down to try to come up with something about this, I initially had nothing. After all, aren't kindness and love kind of the same thing? What more could I say about this?

But the more I reflected on it, I realized how different they are. And that there is quite a bit more to say about kindness.

Because, see, kindness isn't just love. It requires love in order to happen, just like love requires kindness. But it's not the same thing at all.

Kindness, in short, is this: doing unto others as you would have them do to you.

While love is looking at someone and doing for them what you know they can never hope to repay, kindness can and often does look at what you'll get out of it. Not because of selfishness, but because you would want, one day, to be fed by the people in the soup kitchen to whom you volunteered your Saturday morning, if you were homeless. You would want someone to come visit you in the hospital. You want someone to really think about what they're…

I am a Pro-life person, and here's why

First of all, I hope y'all will tell me what you think of my new background for my sweet little blog! It's a social experiment by a none-psychology major, so... I need feedback. This will probably be temporary. But anyway.

On to today's nice controversial post.

If you've been here for more than a week and a half, you'll notice that I took a hiatus this last week. That was because, as I said at the time, of extended travel for a week. From something like Tuesday to Thursday, my family was in a city about forty-five minutes from where we live for family bonding time and touring our state, which by the way if you're not where I live is one of the most beautiful states in the country. The coast of Maine is absolutely gorgeous. Check it out sometime.

But I digress. On Thursday morning, I boarded an airplane and flew to Washington D.C. until Sunday. It was my first time travelling completely alone, my first time leaving my whole family behind and going somewhere by…

Beautiful People July '17: On The Writer Creature (Take cover before it slays you)

Well, everyone, it's time for another Beautiful People! And this time, it is a post about the writing habits of... moi!!!! *fails miserably at speaking French* 
Thanks to Cait and Skye for creating this linkup in the first place! Now, on to the glorious questions.
How do you decide which project to work on? The one that looks the most imminently likely to Hulk-smash me. 
Just kidding. The one that's screaming he loudest for my attention. And the one that hits me right before NaNo. (Or the first book in the Pentegreen series. Hahahaha. I will never get past that book.)

How long does it usually take you to finish a project? Finishing? I have never, ever, actually brought a project longer than about 2,000 words to completion. I write first drafts every day. But never anything longer than that.
So while I might say "I finished my book!" it means "I finished a first draft!" No more, no less. I will probably never go back through the thing. Because my…

Waiting on the Lord

I'm back!
I'm now going to do a post on patience. The patience that you had to endure as you waited with bated breath for me to return from my hiatus. Post on the reason for it coming soon!

(Note: this is my first time attempting to use Canva, so this is almost certainly terrible. If you have any advice for how to make it better, by all means, tell me!)

We usually refer to patience as the practice that allows you to sit in the waiting room at the dentist and not complain, or maybe what you have to exhibit as you wait for Marissa Meyer's new book (hint, hint...) Unlike the common usage of the words belonging to most of the fruits of the Spirit, this one is actually quite true. We all need to get better at our patience when we have to wait for something we want to do (or not do.)

However, patience also has a double meaning. The second meaning is this big churchy word you've most likely heard at some point in your life:
What is longsuffering?

It's when y…

Be still and know...

Peace and joy, in my opinion are the two very hardest of the Fruits of the Spirit to incorporate into our daily lives, and also- the hardest to define. Peace isn't being calm and zen-like, walking around in a daze, or being pessimistic and saying something like "I've made my peace with it." No, peace is a truly supernatural thing, but how do you define it?

Well, apart from the fact that it's about as hard to define this as it is to define love (aka, nigh on impossible), we can take a shot at it.

If peace is just a feeling, it's a good one. We can all relate to that need for comfort, no matter how independent we tell ourselves we are. Because comfort is a need, and we can't live without it.

So we speak of comfort food. We talk about our "comfort blankies," teach our kids habits that will help them feel better when they're sad, and try to make our lives "self-sustaining."

Enough with it already, Christians!

It's okay to have an …

It's the End of June!

Like, wow, you guys. Just wow. How is half the year gone already????

It's been a VERY eventful month for me, and July promises to be the same! I can't wait for some of the adventures in store. :)

But this is a recap post, so, without further ado, I present to you...

Music Red, you guys. Red. I love them so much it's not even funny. And don't be fooled by the terrible cover art... The music is just plain amazing.
Yes, I've been listening to this album too much. Yes, I kind of view it as a guilty listening pleasure. It's... interesting, I guess? I really like several songs, namely "Centuries", "Immortals", "Jet Pack Blues", and "Fourth of July". The rest of them are kind of meh. But ya know. Spotify for the win. I can listen to all of them for free.
I also did a post on my favorite encouraging songs, which is through the link :)

Reading  Oh boy. The books are taking over. I'll give you three or four... but there are so…

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