Five Something Something Contest

by - June 01, 2017

So I'm sure you all want to know what the theme of this year's contest is (unless you read some other blog that's already blurted it out, which I couldn't say.)

This year's contest is...

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Isn't this cover GORGEOUS???? The other covers are amazing, too, but the color scheme and gorgeousness of this one outdoes them all.
Now, just imagine your name on this cover, along with four other names.

I'm already kicking around my ideas, and I have a story that I think will really work. It's kind of exciting. Just a little bit. I'm not secretly thrilled.

I've seen lots of my blogging friends enter this contest in the past (i.e., Tracey, Christine, and Jenelle), and I'm very excited to enter my own story this year!

The prizes this year are amazing, too.

  1. $125 cash
  2. A hard copy of the book
  3. A copy of the audiobook
  4. Full editing
And, even better, even if you don't win - you'll still get feedback on your story! How exciting is that?!

Enough of me rambling. Go write!

And best of luck!

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  1. *shrieks and squeals and basically dies* I'm so insanely excited for this contest - I JUST CAN'T. I'm so excited that we're both entering it!! This is going to be SO. COOL. *highfive* Do you know what genre you'll be writing in yet?

    ~ Savannah @ Scattered Scribblings

    1. Dark fantasy, I think. So not too far from the original, but still. I'm SO EXCITED.

  2. I'm totally freaking out right now because I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING THIS!!!!! (and I'm also mad that I JUST NOW heard about this contest, when it's the last one *weeps*) Should I give it a try? *ponders* *squeals* *hyperventilates* I guess if I am, I should start coming up with an awesome idea for it... WOW THIS IS EXCITING!!

    1. Yes! You should try! I haven't gotten to enter any of the earlier ones but I'm still doing this one!

    2. That cover is SO epic! So glad that you posted this! I have been wanting to write something like this but all the contest I've looked at have a crazy high entry fee! This is sooooo awesome news *does happy dance if it can be at all classified as a dance* so happy! Thx!

  3. Ah! If I did this I would try steampunk buttttttttttttt I'm already have so many other projects.

    1. I totally get it... that would be incredibly cool, though!

  4. MEEEEP. That's so fun you're entering!!! It's suuuuch an amazing contest.

    And can we just talk about that cover? Because DAT COVERRRRR. *drools*

    I hope you have the BEST time writing your entry!!! *sends inspirational cookies*

  5. This looks so cool! Sadly I can't participate this year with so much in my life going on at the moment, but I wish you all the best of luck! (And that cover is gorgeous!) XD

  6. Oh my gosh, so excited for you!! I'm thinking about entering a story too! I'm not sure yet, but I have an idea in mind... :) But yay for you! Best of luck! ^_^

    1. You SHOULD!!! It's not that long. You should.


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