Blog Tour: The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo

by - June 13, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! (Why does it go in that order, BTW? Sorry, rabbit trail XD) May I present to you today.... The Reluctant Godfather!

About The Book
A humorous and magical re-telling of Cinderella from a unique perspective.

Burndee is a young and cantankerous fairy godfather, who would rather bake cakes than help humans. A disgrace to the fairy order, Burndee has only two wards entrusted to his care…a cinder girl and a charming prince.

A royal ball presents Burndee with the brilliant solution of how to make his wards happy with the least amount of effort. He’ll arrange a meeting and hope the two fall in love.

First of all: let me say that I absolutely LOVED this book! I was lucky enough to get a free copy of it for review, and that was a marvelous thing :) I'm thinking I'll buy a couple of paper copies for my little sisters, however - they love Gail Carson Levine-like stories, so this one will be right up their alley.

My review:

  • This was a very NEAT book! (If you read it, you'll understand that XD)

  • Burndee was absolutely not what I was expecting, but still. I LOOOOOVED HIM so much. He was a grouchy little cynic, but he liked to bake?! And I can get behind that. He made these giant cakes and they made me drool with hunger. So basically the best thing about the book was that the "hero" was a totally unsterotypical, NOT cliché fairy godfather and he was grumpy and tried to make you think he didn't care, but... he was still so adorable. I loved him.

  • Ella. She was adorable too. Honestly, all the characters are adorable. And she was the cutest version of Cinderella I've read in a while. There are WAY too many retellings of Cinderella out there, but if the writer can pull off a unique and wonderful Ella, I'll go for it. I'm unashamed of my love for unique Cinderella characters. She sort of reminded me more of the Ella in the 2015 Cinderella movie, but that's probably just because most of the retellings I read of Cinderella tend to go with feisty Ella's who know what they want and don't want to obey. The more I think about it, that Ella and this Ella are very different. I hope this made sense XD

  • Did I mention that this book was FUNNY? I don't usually laugh while I'm reading, and definitely not out loud. I pride myself on not getting emotional while reading (don't mention the exceptions), but this book seriously made me laugh so hard that my sister kind of freaked out.

  • The stepfamily and Ella's circumstances were done very differently from the way they normally were. Like, her reasons for staying and why they wanted her... it was all unique and interesting!

  • The setting was amazing. In a novella it can be very hard to get an idea of where things are taking place, but I understood in this book. It felt very lush, and I had very good mental pictures. (Note: I never come up with mental pictures. Never.)

So, yeah! It's a short book and available on the cheap from Amazon, only $2.99. And see? I even decided to be helpful and give you a link. Don't you love me now? *puppy dog eyes* Yeah, no. That's weird. Sorry.

About the Author

Allison Tebo is a Christian homeschool graduate in her mid-twenties, who works part time as a sales associate for a major transportation company.  A graduate of London Art College, Allison pursues avenues in cartooning and illustrating as well as singing and voice acting.  
In her spare time she writes and blogs at
It is her goal to write fiction that appeals to many different kind of people, by writing clean, classic fun.

Her faith in Christ directly influences all she writes about - or does not write about.  Whether the story possesses a strong message or is simply fun and imaginative fiction - her desire is to bring honor to God - and to provide quality stories for everyone to enjoy.

AAAAAANDD here is a link to an amazing giveaway Allison is holding, one that includes a signed paperback and a T-shirt and a mug and.... Allison, do you think you could put that mug up for sale on your Zazzle store? Because... I'd buy it XD

So there you have it!

(Note: I will have a post up on Thursday, probably, but I can't promise it will be out on time. It may be very late, it may be on time, it may not come until Friday. Our family has a very wishy-washy scheduling ahead of us; I'll explain more about that in Saturday's post :) I will post when I can - thank you so much for understanding!)

Peace out!

Have you read The Reluctant Godfather? Will you buy it now that I've given it such a glowing review? (I'm a trust fund, baby, you can trust me.) Are you curious about what's happening in my life? (That sounds really weird.) Chat with me in the comments!

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  1. YES THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD *FLAILS* Also I got the "neat" reference at the beginning hehehe

  2. It's official, this book is EVERYWHERE on here. I officially NEED it!!! XD

  3. Never read the book, but it sounds unique. I have read a retelling by Melanie Dickerson. It was okay, but I've learned historical fiction just isn't my thing. This sounds cool, though. Also, I love this line:
    "I'm a trust fund, baby, you can trust me."
    Made me smile. God bless. <3

    1. This one definitely isn't historical :) it's just a really fun story. You should try it out!

      And I can take no credit for that line- Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote it for Hamilton. :D But it's kind of great anyway.

  4. YES. This story is NEAT! ;D ;D ;D But seriously, it was amaziiiiing! I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Burndee was the BEST. And I adored Ella too. She was such a precious Cinderella. I get annoyed at all the feisty Cinderella characters, because for me, Cinderella was always the quiet, sweet-spirited girl, and I always admired her for it. So I was so happy to see Ella portrayed like that. ^_^

    1. Oh, I agree. Ella should be a very docile character. I think Ella Enchanted is the only book that pulled that off for me:

  5. I don't know why, but I like the name Burndee! The book does sounds comedic, and if it's a fairy tale retelling told from a different angle, I'm all up for it.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  6. Reeeeallllly want to read this!! It looks so funny!! :D


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