Shared WIP Tag Part 3: Yearly Goals

by - April 19, 2019

Welcome back for another week of the Shared WIP Tag! This time I'm not talking about one particular project (yikes), but instead about ALLLLL THE PROJECTS! So, if you've ever been interested in what my actual writing goals are for the year (it's only taken me four months to get them up, lol), or in what I'm writing beyond the Pentegreen series (there's like two things in this category), this is the post for you.

Name your yearly writing goals!

Oh, there are so many. Hang on, let me list them.

1. Finish third draft of The King's Daughter and have it beta-read.
2. Get an editor for The King's Daughter
3. Edit 4th and 5th drafts of The King's Daughter to prepare for PITCHING AT FREAKIN' REALM MAKERS! *screams*
4. Edit second draft of The General's Children and have it alpha read
5. Edit 3rd draft of The General's Children and have it beta read
6. Edit another draft of Sweat and Gold and have it beta (gamma?) read
7. Brainstorm for a new series
8. Draft the first book in the Super Secret Project trilogy! 
9. Finish draft 1 of The Winter's Chill
10. Start book 4 of the Pentegreen series
11. Submit at least 2 stories to Havok

Which goal are you most looking forward to starting/finishing? Why?

I'm pretty excited about writing the Super Secret Project! I'll hopefully be sharing that at some point before too long, when I'm ready to write it and not writing three Pentegreen books at the same time. *falls over and probably dies* It's a very different story and storyworld from the Pentegreen series, because it takes place 1) in our world and 2) is New Adult, somehow! *screams again*

(a single sneak peek from the Super Secret Project! More info coming very, very soon. ;))

Is there any goal that you aren't very enthusiastic about completing? Why?

...finishing The Winter's Chill? I don't know, that one is my problem child and it needs to just finish itself so it can die for a while. 

Did you maybe set too many goals for the year? ;)

Oh, absolutely. There's no "maybe" about it. 

How do you keep on track/accountable with your goals?

I have a couple of friends to scream at and to scream back at me when I'm getting behind or ahead, and at the moment I'm desperately editing TGC so I can send it to my alpha. That's literally my only motivation here. THE ONLY MOTIVATION. (Also the fact that I think I have a couple of beta readers in particular who are out for my blood after the ending of TKD...*hides from Skye and Micaiah in particular*)

Then there's my calendar where I roughly divided up my goals, which I'm using to try and keep myself on track.

And finally, there's Realm Makers! I want to pitch and obviously I need a working manuscript for that. 

Have you told your family about any of your goals? What do they think of your goals?

They're supportive, I think. They love me and my dad is willing to go to Realm Makers with me, so I think they're definitely behind me. xD

Are you planning to do NaNoWriMo in November? If so, what will you be writing? 

Yes, I am! My hope/goal is to write Pentegreens book 4 for NaNo, which would be very ambitious indeed but which needs to happen. I want to wrap this thing up and kill all your favorites get my characters to the end of their story. It's going to be a massive novel. I have no idea how long it's going to be but it'll be huge and will answer every unanswered question and destroy everything and have six points of view and OOF. I'm already exhausted thinking about it. (And yes, it has a title, but I've decided to do the trendy thing and keep that title a secret! Mwahahaha.)

(In case you're wondering, the random guy in the bottom middle is Errol Redow. Also, Esma's on the villain row because she didn't fit anywhere else. Oh well.)

Are you nervous about any of your goals? Are some of them out of your comfort zone?

Submitting to Havok has been super nerve-racking! I've already sent three stories to them this year, have gotten 2 rejections and I'm still waiting on the third. It's definitely been a growing experience. But it's difficult for sure.

Also, the fact that there's so many people reading my work! So scary :'(

And pitching is going to be the destruction of me. 

Basically, I'm terrified of sharing my writing with humans. 

How are you doing on your goals so far?

I've already submitted three stories to Havok, as I said! And I have more coming, so I'm doing really well on that particular goal.

I've finished draft 3 of TKD and the beta reading is basically done at the time of posting this.

Draft 2 of TGC is edited! And I'll be sending it to my alpha reader(s) next month ^_^

And I'm starting to edit TKD for draft 4. Eek. Plus I'm doing a LOT of brainstorming for the Super Secret Project, which I'll prayerfully be starting before too long. We'll have to see.

That's about it!

Talk to me about your goals for the year! Also, tell me all about my madness--I'm losing it, I'm going to die, I know that, but I want to hear it from y'all too. xD Chat with me in the comments!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Faith, you are AMBITIOUS for this year! Good luck getting all that writing done!

    Also, based on the aesthetic alone, the Super Secret Project looks AMAZING and I NEED MORE INFO.

    *sees Rishatta on the Pentegreens aesthetic* *at least I think it’s Rishatta* *breathes sigh of relief*

    1. Thank you so much! <3 I'm way too ambitious for my own good.

      Thank you for that too! I can't wait to share more info ^_^


  2. Faith, you are trying to be sneaky here, but I see what you are doing. You said that Esma is on the villain row because there wasn't any room, but she is next to Rish, not Clarence, Rish. (YES!)

    Also, you are keeping the title to #4 "secret", but I know it because you said it in another post. Mwahaha. You're dealing with an amateur spy, nothing escapes my notice.

    I know telling people about your book can be super scary because you have spent so many hours on it and you don't know how they will react, but don't worry, Faith! People are going to love the Pentegreens. <3

    1. Oh, stop, Clare xD You're thinking waaaaay too hard about this.

      *rips hair out* DARN IT GIRL! You better be the only person who noticed that. *glares*

      Thank you so much <3

  3. That's a lot of goals, but I have no doubt that you can do it! Best of luck with pitching at Realm Makers, I'm not sure if I am going to or not. You got this!

    1. Thanks, Skye! And I hope you make a good decision about pitching or not ^_^

  4. I echo Nicole: You are so ambitious!!! I love it! It's really admirable. I usually only tackle ONE big writing project at a time because I am pathetic. And here you're working on like 3 or 4 at once. o.o IT IS AWESOME. YOU are awesome! You've already made so much progress. :D

    I can't waaaait to hear more about the Secret Project. EEP. I'm already utterly intrigued!

    Rooting you on as you tackle all these awesome goals! *waves pompoms*

    1. Thank you! XD But hey, that's not pathetic! We loooooove our Christine writing. <3 <3 <3

      Thank you! I'm really excited to share about it!

      *dances* Thank you so much!!!!!!

    Those are some awesome goals!!! That's so cool that you want to go to Realm Makers!!! :-D I hope you smash them all. ;-D <33

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty excited about it myself ^_^

      And I'm pretty excited as regards RM too! <3 Can't wait to go!

  6. "And it just needs to finish itself so it can die for a while." Truer words have never been spoken.

    Also, so many goals. *momentarily stunned*

    I've had fun submitting to Havok. I've been rejected every time but I don't really care because I HATE HATE HATE writing flash fiction, so it's good to use their prompts and try getting better at writing FF anyway.

    1. SO relatable, no? XD

      *joins you in being stunned* I've gone mad...

      Yes, same! I hate flash too, but it's so helpful to learn.

  7. Lots of goals! I need to be getting all my goals worked on. :) Happy writing!

  8. Oof, goals... *coughs a lot* You an I are definitely alike in this area, we set way too many goals for ourselves. There is no maybe about it. Let's see what my writing goals for this year are...

    Finish first draft of A Matter of Curiosity, probably edit it up some as well, but that won't be until later this year
    Finish editing A Time of Trepidation and publish it THIS SUMMER *slaps myself*
    Finish writing, edit, and publish A Season of Subterfuge by the end of the year
    Write, edit, and publish Season's Fall (a prequel of sorts to Winter Cursed. It's in that world, but not in that series)
    Finish editing A Winter Dark and Deadly??????
    Write Of Gold and Iron 2?????
    And work on two side projects because those have been bugging my brain for some time.

    Girl, you're crazy. But I'm crazy with you and I totally definitely feel the same way. I've lost it, I'm going to die, I may already be dead. Halp.

    Also SWEAT AND GOLD!!!! I don't know why, but there is something about that title that just gets me so HYPED. Also, it was your Rooglewood Press story so I'm crazy intrigued to see what you wrote.

    (Skye is going to murder us both. She just finished Of Gold and Iron and I worry for my life)

    Awesome post. Now I had better go get writing because goodness knows I have a lot to do! XD

    1. Oh, definitely. We're both super over achievers.

      ACK your list is worse than mine. xD I hope you get it all done! *glares at Time of Trepidation with you* I gotta get cracking on that one tooooo...

      We're both dead already. We're zombies. *rolls eyes* Let's make the most of our undead-ness.

      Ahhhh that's so awesome to hear! I hope you can read it someday. ^_^ I haven't even touched it this year...whoops. :/ I do love it, though. The protagonist of that story is one of my favorites I've ever written.

      (She's mildly terrifying...she has it in for me already with the end of TKD and with TGC I think she's going to end my miserable existence. Halp.)

      Good! Go write! *puts hands on hips*

  9. Oh. My.

    Are you my lost, unbiological sister or something? I mean...I write super long, obviously impossible to attain goal lists, too!!! I flop over and die, too (quite often). I scream when people read my works because (people. They have the audacity to tell you your baby just isn't going to work -_-.)

    Also. You're amazing, girl!! Keep being the crazy goal setter you are, I'll be rooting for you the WHOLE way! ;)

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |

    1. Maybe something like that XD's pretty terrifying to give your work to someone else. xD

      Thank you! <3 You're so sweet!

  10. AHH! Finally someone with as many goals as I do! And you're going to do great at each one, I'm sure.

    PITCHING!! *runs and screams like there's no tomorrow* So scary but also somehow exciting!

    LOL, I keep writing stuff for Havok, but then keep missing the deadlines. Whoops!

    But yes, getting your work out there for people to see is pretty terrifying.

    All the best to you, girl! I hope your edits go well.

    1. Yessss overachiever frens! :D You'll be great, too!


      Yeah...I keep either missing deadlines or writing way too early, and then I forgot to whitelist the email address so I have no idea if I was accepted on one story. Whoops.

      Isn't it?!

      Thanks! You too! <3

  11. Oh wow you have a lot of goals. o.O Still, it seems like you're making headway, so nice work!! *applauds* Don't worry, you're not the only one who is also terrified of sharing their work... I get sweaty just thinking about it. xD

    1. Yes, I do xD Thank you! Best of luck with sharing yours, too <3

  12. Wow, that is... a lot of goals. xD My goals for this year were pretty simple; I wanted to finish the first draft of my NaNo novel (which I'm sooo close to), and do some work on my time travel book. I mean, I WANTED to do all the things and finish ALL my books, but y'know. Gotta be SOMEwhat realistic. :P

    Good luck on your goals!! You're doing great. :D

    1. I's definitely too many xD I love your goals, though! You can absolutely get this thing done. <3

      Thank you!!!

  13. A new adult book, eh? I love those!

    And don't worry - the Pentegreens will succeed. I can feel it ;)

  14. Good luck with all your goals!!! And I adore your character collages! They look so intriguing and amazing!



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