4-Part Writing Special Part 2: Current Projects

by - April 12, 2019

Hello, and welcome to week 2 of the Four-Part Writing Special! This time I'm talking about my other projects that I'm working on right now that AREN'T The Winter's Chill (although they're still Pentegreen-related because let's be honest does my writing exist about anything else)

The Questions

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What projects are you working on besides Camp NaNo in April?

-Hopefully pretty much finishing The General's Children Draft 2? (It is TIME, people. Time. XD)
-Editing part 1 of draft FOUR (whattt???!!!!) of The King's Daughter based on beta feedback

Hopefully that's it? Good gracious, I hope that's it. I also have a million beta reading projects *sighs*

Give us some more info on these other projects--maybe an aesthetic or synopsis.

*cackles evilly* Well, you asked for it...
Since I just recently shared a blurb for book 1, I'll pass on that. But here is a newly updated blurb for The General's Children

“Are you asking for death?”

“Only if it’s a worthy one.”

Rishatta Woods knew the cost of the choices he made in the forest near the Pentegreens’ city, but now that it’s time for him to pay up, he’s wondering: did he make the right choice after all?

His failure made known to Lord Dauthang, General Burashna turns once again to the conquest of his lifelong enemies the Pentegreens, striking them with a paralyzing blow that leaves the city of Misue reeling. Backed by his loyal daughter, his success seems assured.

Princess Esma Pentegreen has never seen herself as much more than a pawn. But when she finds herself isolated and surrounded by enemies, one thing is clear to her: They will not get her without a fight.

As the simmering pot prepares to boil, it becomes obvious that only one man can win this fight. But the question is: Who?

Also, aesthetics.

(If you wanna know how the dynamic of a certain family is working in this book, listen to The Riddle. It's 100% accurate.)

dont you know, pp can be dead even when they havent born

I know I did the right thing. But does it have to be so hard?


Not in love? Oh, please, if you don't see it, you're even more foolish than I thought.

Anna and Rish

He has eyes like the sky...and I thought I was strong until I saw them


What you wanted wasn't love. It was destruction. 

Stanisława grew up to be like her father: polish officer and war hero, killed in Katyń by communists. She worked in conspiration during World War II, she took part Warsaw uprising, she survived war. But she didn't survive communism. She was killed by communists in 1948. She was pregnant then. But she didn't get only will of fight by her father. Just like him she's sociable, loving, sweet and gentle. She got his red hair, too. His little Stasia. He would be proud of her.

She has chosen her loyalty, just as you chose yours. The only difference is that your sister chose our family. You chose the enemy.

You were worth it

Fall Out Boy// The Kids Aren't Alright

Which project is grabbing at your attention the most?

The fourth-draft edits of TKD! I think I've figured out how to fix some annoying little plotholes, my worldbuilding stuff is focused and I know how to better work on that, and I have a Plan for one single scene somewhere in the story that will focus the personalities of two characters in particular. Also, give motivation and depth to a villain who is currently, erm, lacking. xD 

Do you have any plans for how you're going to finish these projects on the side?

Imma wing it! *grins* That's how I always do it and success is assured. 11/10 recommend. 

If you had to set all projects aside and work on only one, which would it be?

Honestly, probably draft 4 of TKD, just because I really really really wanna get it polished up! And because I actually know what to do with it, whilst books 2 and 3 are both messy problem children full of a lot of really annoying characters and plot holes and too much world building and excuse me while I go cry in a corner. 

What is the next step for each of these projects?

For TKD 4, once it's edited, I'm going to have to send it to AN ACTUAL EDITOR *screams*

For TGC 2 it's off to the alpha reader(s) for a first terrifying preliminary run. Time for a secret about Faith: by the time the book is ready for beta readers, I'm not really scared of it anymore. But it's usually still largely in brain dump mode when I send it to my alpha readers, and so that's a pretty terrifying thing for me. :/ (Although! My main alpha reader is possibly the sweetest person EVER and is so kind to my work and I appreciate her more than I can say. <3 *hugs* You know who you are, and you're the best.)  


Share a snippet from these projects.

From TGC [2]:

"Lord Dauthang will not be pleased with either of us if he does not get her in a timely fashion.” [name redacted b/c spoiler] gestured to Esma’s left side. “Frankly, he will already not be at all pleased with the… situation… regarding her arm.”

Esma’s heart stuttered, but she finally managed, “Would you stop talking about me like I’m some sort of good to barter for at a marketplace?”

What's your favorite thing about each of these other projects?

In TGC, it's the fact that everyone except the characters involved sees that a certain ship is a thing. Like, the two people being shipped are 100% oblivious, but they're the only ones. Even the villains are aware of it. It's hilarious. 

In TKD it's probably just getting to revisit this story and beat up my smol beans again? I mean, not that I LIKE beating them up, but finally figuring out how to make the whole story make sense is a very good thing indeed. And if that comes in the form of more conflict, I'LL TAKE IT. xD 

Do you have any non-writing goals to complete during Camp NaNo?

Yep! Studying for my (very quickly) upcoming AP US history exam (someone send help) as well as my other, perhaps slightly less pressing, finals in the middle of May. I'm also taking a whirlwind trip to visit the final two contenders for my college (which I'm currently on the day this post goes up, whoops.) That should be pretty fun. ^_^ (Also, not a goal, but it's my birthday in April...so I'm excited for that too! I'll be SO OLD holy cow.)

Do these non-writing goals come before or after Camp in importance? 

Well, probably before, if I'm being honest. The truth hurts sometimes, but I really need to be in shape for these tests, in particular, and I'm well aware of that. Oh well. :/

Chat with me! Are you going to kill me for that blurb and those aesthetics? I'm really sorry, I swear it...revenge is coming, I promise! XD What are you working on this month? I'd love to hear from you in the comments! 

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  1. *fangirls over Rishatta snippets and HE’S IN THE SYNOPSIS GUYS*

    *totally not obsessed* *no sirree*

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *confetti* And great post! It’s always great to hear about the Pentegreens - and how *cough* kindly *cough* you’re being to them. XD

    1. Noooo stop being obsessed right now. *glares*

      THANK YOU!!!!! <3 And thank you! I love talking about them ;)

  2. Love everything about your novel ... looks fun and exciting! And I get life having to take precedence before writing ;/ that's why I get up early to write before I have to work all day. BUT I don't have to worry about making time to study as you do.


    1. Thank you! And yeah, I definitely think I need to start doing something more like that :/ I'm so bad at fitting in actual time windows.

  3. Meep!! This series is getting more and more gelled together every time I hear stuff about it :) So excited that TKD is going to an editor soon!!!

    Seriously, if you need help with that AP test, shoot me an email. I was a history major in college and I may be able to give you some pointers.

    Safe travels for your college trip and have a happy birthday!

    1. Thank you, Catherine! <3 I'm pretty excited myself! (Also nervous, but ya know.)

      I WILL TAKE YOU UP ON THAT. <3 I really appreciate the offer! Thank you so much!

      Thank you again! <3

  4. EEEEEEE!!! I just love hearing about your writing projects so, so much. Even if they give me feels, AND leave me with so many questions! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THE BBYS?? I mean DAT BLURB. THOSE AESTHETICS AND QUOTES. GAH.

    Okay, but I'm loving this about EVERYONE being aware of a ship, except the two people who are BEING shipped. I've always been a sucker for that. It amuses me endlessly. XD Except now I want to know WHOOOO. *FLAILS*

    Goodness gracious, you have so much going on this month. o.o I am in awe at your ability to do ALL THE THINGS. I do hope the college trip is going well and that all your projects run smoothly. Rooting for you, girl! (Even if you are hurting my bbys.)

    1. ...I'm not doing anything to them, they're totally fine and 100% all alive and everyone survived book 2 for sure, no one died, no sirree Bob...

      YES! It always kills me when that happens. And it's a theme I'm bringing out more strongly in the rewrites? So that's fun xD And yOU CANNOT KNOW! No one can know! *glares* *cackles*

      Thank youuuuu!!!! I can't actually do anything, so, that's fun. :p XD Thank you so much!

  5. Yes, another Pentegreen post from Faith! These always make so happy to read (even though the SUSPENSE is killing me). :)

    First, EEHH!!! That is so awesome that TKD is going to an editor!

    Next, AAHHH, MY HEART. Faith!!! But...b..but...my... WHAT?! Also, I really hope that the big ship you are talking about is my ship because that would make me happy. If not, what are you waiting for?? ;)

    Happy birthday!!!!! You are so awesome! *hugs*

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping that you can read this one before TOOOOOO too long. ;)

      THANK YOU! <3

      Sowwy :( It breaks my heart too, if that helps! *zips lips* NO INFORMATION FOR ANYONE ABOUT ANYTHING. MWAHAHAHA.

      *hugs back* Thank you so much, Clare! <3333

  6. Ahhhhhh the General's Children sounds SO GOOD. Can I have it printed and in my hands soon please and thank you??? xD Love it! *eagerly awaits for more snippets*

    1. THANK YOU! Ahhh, I'm so happy to hear that! I wish I could have it printed, but unfortunately this is still a pretty rough draft so it needs several rounds of revisions before it will EVER be ready for any kind of readers beyond my alpha reader XD But THANK YOU!


    1. THANK YOU! <3 I hope you can read it someday soon ;)

  8. Ugh, you and me both on focusing on school. Unfortunately, it has to come before writing. Sad, but true.

    But yes! I hope all of your projects come together! Especially your next draft of TKD. I'm so excited for you! I hope it doesn't cause you to pull out all of your hair!

    All the best to you in the coming months!

    1. So unfortunate :P But oh well! It's a season. Can't wait for summertime.

      Thank you! Same for you, girly! I hope both of us can get through these massive edits SOOOOON.

      Thank you! You too!

  9. It was nice to get a glimpse into the next one. Still worried about Rish's fate.
    I wing everything, it's a good strategy. XD

    1. YOU SHOULD BE. *cackles evilly*

      Agreed. *nods*

  10. Oh. My. Gosh. *Jumps around and screams*

    You're books sound soooooooo amazing!!!! Like...UHMAZZZZING!!!!!

    How do you do it, girl?!?!

    Also, luck to you on all those crazies coming up!! Oh, and happy birthday!

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) | lilycatscountrygirlconfessions.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much, Lily! Honestly, I don't know how I do anything xD God's grace, I suppose? XD

      Thank you again! <3

  11. I barely know anything about these stories of yours but I LOVE THEM. I love the aesthetics. YES TO ALL OF IT.

    Happy early birthday! I feel old too. xD


    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH AHHHHH THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY! *dances* I'm so glad to hear that you think so!

      Lolz, thank you! <3

  12. I feel this. I have a ton of projects, but I set all of them except for the two that take place in Amar for the rest of the month. Of course, I've barely touched either of them in the last two days *grimaces*

    ASDFGHJKL again, I didn't read the synopsis, but the first lines were so good. ALL the feels.

    Don't mind me, I'm crying in the corner with you. One would think that after all of the drafts A Time of Trepidation has been through, that it would be a little less sloppy?

    Girl, when is your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! And also, you're not old. I'm the old one here *cries*

    1. Yerp *glares at you * GET CRACKIN'! (Also congrats on 30k! You're doing awesomely!)

      Thank you!!!! I'm so glad <3

      *hugs you* It's gonna get better, I promise!

      We're both old *grimaces* xD

  13. I kinda regret passing up on the beta read, because I'm #clueless about who everyone is.... *sobs*

    But I love how you capitalized the P in plan. "I have a Plan." Like, Perfect.

    1. Awww, it's okay! I really hope you'll be able to read it someday before too long has passed! *sends hugs*

      Thank you! It seemed Right. xD

  14. EEEEK THOSE SNIPPETS ARE SO GOOOOD. And I'm kind of fangirling over your aesthetic. <333


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