Revisiting 2020 Goals, Establishing 2021 Goals

by - January 11, 2021

 HELLO EVERYONE! Today I'm here to look at 2020 in review and my (sometimes VERY) shortsighted goals I set in January for myself. *cringes* 

I also need to mention as a disclaimer: I did not accomplish MANY of the things I was hoping to this year. I forced myself to stay driven, and because of the job I work, very little changed for me for a long time this year. So a part of my ability to accomplish my goals was caused by the fact that I didn't ever quarantine--I just went full time at work instead of part time. However! If you did not "accomplish your goals" this year, I want you to know: You are beautiful. You are valid. You made it through another year, and you're still going. That is an accomplishment by itself. Really, these are all just small stops along the way of going, and they are not meant to be some sort of grand thing I've done. I admire everyone who made it through the difficulties we've all faced.

With that said, here's the list! 

1. Get onto a workout regimen--SORT OF

wELL...It started out strong, until I went to college. And then I did another very hit-or-miss, frequently once-a-week, workout routine. So...yeah nope. Sort of. Needs to be better in 2021.

2. Save $4,000 for college--YES

I saved almost every penny I earned over the summer, and I did in fact make my financial goal of savings for a semester up the road!

3. Survive semester 1 of college.--YES

I did a college wrapup post earlier! So more info there, haha! Buuuuuut yes I did make it. it was a bit rough, harder than I was expecting. But yes. I did it.

4. Do at least 3 Students for Life events--NOPE

As soon as it got warm enough to do this...lockdown happened. So no.

5. Go to accepted students day at school and maybe find a roommate--NOPE

need I say...lockdown. I was randomly assigned my roommates xD

6. Budget every. Single. Month.--SORT OF

Well...I budgeted April-August pretty well xD 

7. Get involved with Students for Life at college--SORT OF

Turns out there isn't an existing group, but that's okay, because we're STARTING ONE! So that's going to be super fun next semester ;)

8. Send out at least three queries--NOPE

Well see I uh...sorta...decided to stop looking for publishers right now. *winces* Because college. And also I'm just not ready. 

9. Get on a writing schedule.--NOPE

What...what was I even looking for? Did I /think/ I'd be successful at this???? 

10. Create an income plan for college and for paying off college--NOT SPECIFICALLY

Hopefully I can graduate early...*cringes*

11. Start singing lessons--NOPE

Bro, I didn't even take piano lessons at college this semester -_-

12. Consistent sleep schedule--NOOOOOOPE

Not by ANY stretch of the imagination hahahaha I'm just sad and addicted to coffee


13. Calendar blocking--SORT OF

See, I didn't do this one because I started to do a different form of Planner--the Passion Planner! And it's just...*chef's kiss* I'm a firm believer that anyone can find a planner that works for them. And I did! FINALLY! 

14. Stick to my written TBR for fiction reading--YES

I love my written TBR SO much. It's just...yes. I'm never going back to mood reading. *flails*

AND NOWWWW for my writing goals!!!!!

-Finish Not the Chosen One.--CHECK
-Finish Watched.--NOPE
-Make a plan of attack for rewriting The King's Daughter.--YEP
-SUPER SECRET PROJECT--NOPE (also no longer secret whoops)
-HOLDING UP THE SKY--YEP draft 2 is done
-Get published on Havok--YEP
-Brainstorm for my future project--wow how specific 
-Participate in both Camp NaNoWriMos --dude idk if I did at this point
-Take on no more than two critique projects at a time--dude idk what the last time I critiqued was
-Probably do the Go Teen Writers 100-for-100--dude your girl knew nothing I stopped halfway through because I moved to schoooool
-Come up with a writing schedule in college so I can keep doing it

My wrapup post for 2020 already happened, so y'all can go back to those mwahahaaaaaa if you missed them. However...Now it's time for MY 2021 GOALS...

1. Lose a specific amount of weight.

This one is a big deal this year. I'm not currently going into detail on it, but...let's just say it's time. It needs to happen. And I'm not going to just be passive on it this year.

2. Boost my GPA

I didn't do as well as I wanted to this last semester in college. I have grace for myself...but I'd really like to get better grades this time.

3. Develop a long-term savings plan on several different fronts.

I need more bank accounts and more savings. Let's do this. ;P

4. Stick to morning and evening routines.

I really just want my sleep schedule under control *sobs* Please is that so much to ask I'm just begging my body at this point. But also hoping that this particular goal helps.

5. Focus on my specific WIPs

I don't wanna diverge this time. I'm behaving *nods*

6. Hit 1,000 followers on Insta

Of course, that means actually posting *coughcough* but hey I'm going to do it! I mean that this time!

7. Declare my major

I'm like...freaking excited to do this and do a big announcement for it and just *flails softly*

8. Spend an hour with God in some way every day.

See, part of my plan for success this year is to have fewer big goals and thus be able to focus more on my month-by-month goals and also on the bigger ones. BUT! This is a big one. Every day, an hour. With Him. I think that will probably help me to grow in Him. Which I look forward to. <3 

Anyway, that's all my goals for both 2020 and 2021. Tell me about your life and writing. Even if it feels like you accomplished little *gestures to my massive list of NOT DONE* this year, I want to know what you DID do. Did you submit a flash fiction to Havok for the first time? Did you start going on walks? Did you make an important decision? Did you get up in the morning during quarantine? Tell me about it. I want to hear and celebrate your successes. Chat with me in the comments <3

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  1. well you know what I've been up to all year because well, we be like that 😉😏

    I love how you said no more than two critique projects at a time, yet you were helping me with every writing project that came to existence this year muahahaha 🤣

    You know my goals and plans for this year too so 😏😏

    you already know everything, just like I did muhahaha so with that I say I know you'll be amazing at these and I believe in you and will be here for you during all of it. Love you, my boo <3

  2. GIRL. The fact that you did accomplish SO MUCH during not only your first year of college but a year like 2020 is so admirable and I am really proud of you! I seriously don't know how you managed to write that much during such a year. I love your dedication to your writing, no matter what life throws your way. <3

    And your goals for this year look fantastic! Spending an hour with God each day is such a beautiful goal and something I need to work on myself.

    I'm praying 2021 proves to be a beautiful year for you, friend. *HUGS*

  3. You may not have had a set schedule for writing, but I want to let you know that the sheer amount of what you write when you do always ASTOUNDS me. How do you do it??? I write about a tenth of what you do. XD *hands you a crown because you are QUEEN* Here's to all the good stories of yours that I will get to read in 2021! ;) *pleading eyes*

    Good luck on these goals! We're behind you every step of the way. <3

    The sleep one, though! I need! I need! I never sleep. It is legitimately starting to affect my health and mood which makes me get nothing done. I got a FitBit for Christmas and it tracks my sleep so that's been a bit of an eye opener, but I think that it'll help. Let's do this!

  4. "It started out strong... until I went to college." I relate. SO HARD. xD But yayyy for surviving semester 1!!

    I still am just so impressed by how much you wrote even while at college! Like... dude, you powered through those projects. Way to go! <3

    Ahh, the multiple savings situation... *sigh* I always want to set aside certain amounts of money for different things so I'll have a good amount of savings for when I need it, and then it just... doesn't happen. It's a struggle. xD

    Your goal for spending an hour with God every day is FANTASTIC. I seriously need to get my priorities straight and make a goal like that, because I just do not take my relationship with Him seriously enough and I hate that.

    Good with with all your 2021 goals! <3 Praying for you always!

  5. The goals you did accomplish are impressive. It was a strange year.
    I like your goals for 2021. I want to hit a 1,000 followers on Instagram too, but posting and being consistent is hard.
    Best of luck with everything, hope you get a better sleep schedule this year.

  6. Those are some great goals! Looks like you did well on your 2020 ones, too. Good luck!

  7. I'm freaking excited for you to announce your major to me as well,,, college life news always makes my day hahahaaa ALL THE BEST ON YOUR GOALS bb (*cough* MOM) <3

  8. Welp, I am *super* late to this post... *hides* But I hope you're doing great on your goals! <3


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