Lord, I Give This Year to You

by - January 04, 2021

2020 was a year of hopes and dreams, one we could not have imagined.

For some, it was a first step. For some, it was crushing. Either way, we all stood at its pinnacle awaiting something. The allure of a new decade was there, and it was enough to send us all into the year with just a tiny taste of...some amount of hope.

Then something happened. No matter where we lived, or who we were. No matter our source of income. No matter what it was, something happened. There were massive, massive brutal consequences for so many actions at the beginning of this year, and the entire world's population carries the blame for the actions of a few.

We look to 2021, and for a lot of us, there's a tiny light of hope rekindled, as if the number 1/1 on the calendar has somehow made something magical. A reset button. Everything bad, we reason, happened in this calendar year. Maybe it will end.

I think most of us know that that's a pipe dream.

But that is why I come here. I kneel before the throne of my Father, also known as the King of Kings. My Father, who rules over all things. Every other ruler in this world can laugh and raise their heads high, but not a one of them has true power without His permission.

He controls all things, and his plan is better than anything we can imagine, even though we cannot see it. In many cases, through world history, it is impossible for human eyes to behold the tapestry he is weaving, for us to see through the mysteries and into the clarity.

Someday, though, it will be clear.

And so I cry out now to my Father.

And I pray that this year would be one where He is lifted high. That His people would not be afraid. That we would be brave for Him, and that His Spirit would be upon us.

I pray that He would help us to endure.

I pray that even if 2021 brings nothing but more pain...there would be hope. That this time, we would fix our eyes on Him, and that nothing would distract us.

Lord, let your mercy be upon your people. Help us. We make our plans, but you determine our steps. I pray that your hand will help us. 

No matter what I encounter this year...make me more of your child.

Let the parched ground feel your hope.

I ask all of this in Jesus' holy, righteous name. We deserve nothing, and yet I cry out for mercy, even as I surrender 2021 and my paths within it to you.

Thank you, Lord. 

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

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  1. This is so beautiful boo. 💕💕 Praying for and with you daily 😚 love you so much

  2. Beautiful and inspiring. <3 <3 <3 "No matter what I encounter this year...make me more of your child." <--- Amen! I have the same hope and request in me. Thank you for saying the words.

  3. I love this post so much, Faith <3 <3 <3 You put it perfectly.

  4. Ah, Faith, you always share the exact words I need to here. Amen to all of this! We still have so much unknown ahead of us, but that's okay. Because it's in God's hands. I definitely feel like 2020 brought me closer to God, so to say it was a terrible year almost feels...wrong. Because through it I grew so much.

    It's like that Corrie Ten Boom quote: "When God allows extraordinary trials for His people, He prepares extraordinary comforts for them."

    That was definitely 2020 for me. It's all in God's hands, and through Him there is endless comfort and light.

    Happy New Year, Faith! I do pray you have a beautiful one. <3

    1. Yes indeed--it was awful, and yet suffering is never for nothing, in the wise words of Elisabeth Elliot.

      Corrie Ten Boom and her sister are SO inspirational to me. My mom has been reading her memoir and telling me quotes the last couple days, and it's just...POWERFUL. Thank you so much for sharing.

      <3 Praying the same for you, dear one!

  5. This is so beautiful, Faith. Thank you. <3

  6. All I really can say to this post is AMEN!

  7. These words. <3 I smiled at the part about fixing our eyes on Him, because the song Fix My Eyes was essentially my theme song last year and even now, the words keep playing in my head as a reminder.

    I pray 2021 brings you peace and hope! <3


    1. That song is EXCELLENT and means the world to me. Thank you for reminding me of it <3

      Thank you! Same to you! <3

  8. So beautiful and perfect! <3 This is definitely a prayer I will return to throughout the year to remind myself of my focus and center my heart!



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