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 The year is done and that's all that needs to be said about THAT *wipes sweat off forehead* BYE BYE 2020 we all know that 2021 won't be much better probably but like...bye to this one

With that out of the further intro, let's do this

Music of 2020

And of course since you probably DON'T follow me and know my Spotify wrapped:

The Top Songs of the Year (not most listened to, favorites)
-Somebody Else (Walking on Cars)
-The Blessing (Kari Jobe & Elevation, etc.)
-Major Minus (Coldplay)
-The Driver (Bastille)
-the last great american dynasty (Taylor Swift)
-isn't it harmless? (Hollyn)
-Telepathic (STARSET)
-Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol)
-Secrets (OneRepublic)
-Ride (Twenty One Pilots)
-Wait for Me (Hadestown)

Books of 2020

Some stats:
-65 books read (what is free time yikes)
-Most of them for school
-Many of the school books read more than once -_-

Some highlights (in chronological order, not order of importance...we all know the Grisha Trilogy MADE this year for me):

Recommended by Nicki//enemies to lovers//sort of arranged marriage but also really good?//a labyrinth//so many of my favorite tropes in one book//the SHIP tho

Everything I wanted in a series finale//my SHIP//I just love Morgan L. Busse

My edition is prettier than this//so much about humanity lol//so many references in pop culture?

Can't believe this series is done//it was my childhood and adulthood and EEK//so good//so pure//DOOLEY//LACE//FATHER TIIIIIIM

guilty pleasure aka a TON of content//but also just FUN//I love McManus' mysteries

Brooke made me read it and honestly I should've listened to her sooner I've owned it for like five years but it was just QUALITY//so good//still uncertain on the ships? but otherwise ACK

Gotta share the whole series at once//OH MY GOSH//a new all-time favorite//just perfection from start to finish//MALINA FOREVER//Nikolai is mine//the Darkling is filth//just everything//buddy read with Brooke and ACK so good//Brooke: you might like this//me: nah//me: YES//Brooke: -_- did I not tell you

I didn't read enough indie this year and that makes me sad//but next year will be different//I LOVED this//high fantasy and HOPE


-I wrote...a lot of stuff I don't even remember all of it
-I fought Pentegreens 4 for pretty much the whole year
-Rewrote The King's Daughter A G A I N...yeah we're not doing that again *she says as she looks over at her outline for version 10 hahaha please help*
-Finished my story Not the Chosen One
-Wrote an entire random novella that no one will ever read, known as Stealing Me Away
-Wrote an entire book called Holding Up the Sky and then edited it
-Wrote about 60k of Holding Up the Sky's sequel, If the Sky Falls
-More with Pentegreens 4
-I started another WIP that I haven't mentioned yet
-Lots of flash fiction!
-Yeah Idek at this point 


-JANUARY: went to see my grandparents//started working for Havok//some stuff went down that was a surprise tool to help us later//spent SO much time in a ski lodge
-FEBRUARY: took an online college class//tried to apply for scholarships//did my taxes//TANGLED AND AGENT CARTER MY NEW LOVES
-MARCH: what a weird month//anxiety maybe ate me alive//read a poem about my villain that could have literally been about him//oh yeah have you heard of COVID//decided I wasn't ready for trad publishing//
-APRIL: turned eighteen//stuff started getting cancelled for real//read a lot//Massive Life Events 
-MAY: FINISHED SCHOOL//went full time-ish at work//realized I didn't care if I got COVID and started being less afraid of it//digital piano lessons//
JUNE: GRADUATED//applied for scholarships//still didn't get any//went shopping for school//my mama is the bomb
-JULY: sent letters//tried to start digital art, failed//changed churches//went mini golfing with the fam//still working so so much//babysat//visited a Fren <3
-AUGUST: move to school//ordered textbooks//lived on my own for the first time//realized I had no control over my sleep schedule//yeah
-SEPTEMBER: college!
-OCTOBER: college!
-November: college!//also Thanksgiving//home//fun times//YAY//first time voting
-December: we be vibing at home//work//Christmas? maybe?//

somehow, this year I was both

me daily in college



it's me i'm girls 


Tell me about your 2020! Read anything good in quarantine? Let me know down below!

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  1. As always you have fabulous music taste!
    You did so much!!!
    Why is that Infj meme so accurate XD
    Hope you have an amazing Christmas!

    1. Thank youuuu!
      INFJs are a thing man xD Idk what we are but we're Something
      Thanks!!!! <3

  2. WOW! What a year you've had, girl! I'm so in awe at how much you accomplished (I mean, SO MUCH WRITING! :O) and all the changes you've faced and just everything. You are truly a superhero! I do hope your 2021 is an absolutely beautiful one. *HUGS*

    1. Thank you!!! It feels like I did next to nothing (*sobs*) but writing it all out like this HELPS a lot xD

      Thank you!!!! Same to you, dear <3 <3

  3. Ahhh great book choices! I'm going to have to check some of those out!

    So much writing, WOW! I'm super impressed!

    It sounds like you had a pretty good year, but I hope next year is even better!

    1. You should!!!!


      SAME HERE and same to you! <3

  4. ACKKK I love how you put all our inside jokes for me here 😼😼 we stan this. Thank you for buddy reading with me and for letting me force books upon you and for live reacting books with me. Honestly... Thank you for becoming one of the most important people in my life this year and for constantly choosing me. You're so amazing. I love you. I'm diving into 2021 by your side. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    1. yes ma'am ;) Yesssss the books have been such a highlight of this year <3 <3 Love you SOOOO much boo <33333333

  5. Totally not turning up my music to drown out my weird car sounds. Nope. Of course not.

    Congrats on COLLEGE and LIFE GOALS. You are the total bomb, keep shining <3

    1. NEVER who would do something like that


  6. Okay, but balancing college AND writing must be so hardddd. I'm so impressed with all that you did! And those are some really great books. Happy 2021.

    1. It REALLY is and most of this writing was from the beginning of the year xD Thanks! You too!

  7. I can't wait to read the Grisha trilogy!!!

    Also I love the way you did the aesthetic of each month, might have to steal that same general idea for my own recap of the year XD


      Thanks!!! It was a wonderful time tbh xD


    Whoa, how do you write so much in a year??? You are a writing QUEEN and you never cease to amaze me with your stories. <3

    I hope 2021 is an amazing year for you, and I can't WAIT to see what you do. You're amazing. :D

    1. *stares into the abyss* *screams*

      Idekkkkk man xD It's I do it *shrugs* I never actually think about it

      Thank you!!! Same to you! <3

  9. An excellent wrap up post! Wow you kept track of so much stuff xD I can't even remember most of the first half of the year and honestly I don't even want to

    *smirks about that unannounced project* and when are you planning to announce it midear?

    1. I just sorta pulled it out of my planner and yeah no who wants to remember this year *shudders* I'll come back to this in 2025 and be like ughhhhhh 2020 what a year amirite

      *smirks back* somedaaaaay

  10. I am so amazed by the sheer amount of music that you listen to that I am speechless. Whoa! You should get an award.

    This unannounced this the one that you were telling me about? ;) Yes, so much Pentegreens this year and I LOVE IT. *scoops them all into a massive hug*

    You are the bomb. <3 I hope that 2021 is an awesome year for you and without as much stress!! I'm always here if you need anything. (When I can find my phone *coughcough*)

  11. Girl, you wrote SO MUCH this year and I am endlessly in awe of how you can somehow pump all those words out! You're amazing! <3 I hope 2021 treats you well! You're always in my prayers.

  12. Wow! You got a lot done writing wise! Those books look amazing! And that INFJ meme? SO ME! XDDD

    I hope you have an amazing 2021!!!


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