The Writing Edition Q&A Vlog is Here!!!!

by - July 05, 2019

Okay, so first of all...this thumb nail is hideous and I apologize xD But secondly, here is my vlog!!! Most of y'all asked some fantastic questions (I say most. I'm looking at a couple of you in particular) and I had a great time answering them! Although the editing in this video is non-existent, so watch out for that. xD This is long, so feel free to skip around. Although make sure you watch the part where I play Kiss-Marry-Kill with my villains if you want to see me break on camera XD XD Enjoy!

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  1. Whelp, it is time for me to go into hiding XD

    But also I'm not sorry for the questions I asked and I cackled as you broke ;P

    Say you me and Lila should all get together and cowrite a book sometimes. It would be epicness incarnate. Like the Lady Janes series ;P

    1. Sorry for intruding, but THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. XD

    2. YOU BETTER GO INTO HIDING *glares at you* You're the worst. xD

      (Love you, girl, you're awesome. ;) xD)


  2. Yay!! I loved watching this!! Your cat is so cute. Sorry that I didn't ask any questions, I'm super bad about that. But, you probably would have killed me anyway. XD

    RISH IS YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER TO WRITE!!! I knew it. :D Also, I am so excited right now because I know the big secret... Clarence wasn't planned!!! We all know what that means... It means that my OTP is going to happen!!

    Wait, you took out Torin of book 1? Is he in other books or just gone forever now?

    I agree with you, Derek is awesome. <3

    1. Oh that's okay, Clare! <3 And thanks about my cat. She's adorable when she isn't out to kill me. xD

      YES HE IS!!!!! xD I love him. Oh, that's not a just means he replaced a way, way worse character who had the same role as him. So...yeah. :P Don't read into that, m'dear.

      I did. :P And he's gone forever, unfortunately. I just couldn't fit him into the story.


  3. Oh my goodness, yes to the dystopian stuff.

    Also, can I just say that you’re absolutely adorable and I love your writing space?

  4. That was a very mean question for Nicki to ask you, but you honestly answered it SO perfectly! You have good reasons for choosing who you chose, despite such awful people to pick from. I FELT YOUR PAIN SO ACUTELY AS YOU BROKE WHILE SAYING THE PART ABOUT BURASHNA. *sends hugs*

    Oh my goodness!! The Seven Huntresses inspired you to work harder on your book??? I feel so so honored. *clutches heart* <333

    I adore your vlogs soooo much and hope you'll do more in the future!! Don't worry - it doesn't have to be the near future. ;D

    Also I saw Nicki's comment above, and... DUDE. Any book the three of us wrote together would be... wow, I don't even have a word for what I'm envisioning. XD XD

    1. It was SO MEAN and I'm going to end her now :( :P But hey, I thought I made the best I possibly could out of it. That was so painful, though. *accepts hugs gratefully*

      YES IT DID!!!!!!! You should be--that story was fantastic and your dedication to finish for the contest was what inspired me to finish my story for the contest xD So YAY YOU!

      Awww, thank you <3 I probably will! We'll have to see when that'll be, though. :P

      My word, yes xD

  5. WHOO-HOO THE VLOG IS UP. *cheering* Your cat is adorable, by the way! <3

    And I had a ton of ideas for what to comment on, but I’ll just leave it to this:
    - Your writing space is AMAZING!
    - RIP Torin, you will be forever in our hearts. XD
    - I think Nicki might need some army defense for that question. ;)
    - And now I feel super inspired to write, so I’m just gonna go ahead and do that! :)

    1. *joins in cheering* YES THANK YOU!!!! And aww, thanks! She is pretty cute ^_^

      -Thank you!
      -Yes, RIP Torin :( I'll miss him, but it had to be done.
      -She does. She really does.

  6. SEE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when I fall behind on reading blogs, I miss out on asking questions for Q&As. xD Great vlog! Loved hearing you talk about your writing. :D

    1. Hey, that's okay! I would've loved to see questions from you, but I'm glad you enjoyed the video! xD

  7. THIS. WAS. A. TREAT. I looooved watching this! It was like I got to just sit and chat with you for half an hour. And it made me even MORE excited about Realm Makers because I'll get to sit and talk with you FOR REALS. EEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    Anyways, I adored all of this. It was so fascinating getting all these tid-bits about your writing life and stories. I especially loved hearing about early Pentegreens things and having an insider look at it. That is so funny in the first draft Esma had so many brothers! Poor thing keeps losing brothers. XD Speaking of, I'm gonna miss little Torin! D': Buuut I totally see why you decided to make that change. I think giving Clarence Torin's power is a great call and will definitely add to his character. Kudos to you for making hard decisions like this!

    I loved all the Derek love in this video. 'Cause, ya know, DEREK!!! <3

    Also, you poor thing, having to play Kiss-Marry-Kill with THOSE three. Bwahahaha! You did great though! This whole thing was great! Thank you for sharing!

    1. AGH YOU ARE JUST THE MOST PRECIOUS <333333 I can't wait to meet you at RM either!!! It's going to be so ridiculously awesome. Ahhh!!!!

      Thank you! And yeah, the early Pentegreen Series was just BAD. I shudder to remember it. xD She's unfortunate. I really think it's made Clarence better! So...yep. <3


      IT WAS AWFUL. xD But hey, I survived...And thank YOU! I'm so glad you enjoyed ^_^

  8. Ahh, this was GREAT, and thank you so much for the fast-writing-1st-draft tips!!! I'm a very methodical, perfectionist writer, so things go slow when you're editing WHILE you write (bad idea...).

    And AGH, this whole thing was just AMAZING, I loved listening to all your answers and also the background noise of your cat meowing! xD

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |

    1. Of course! I'm a supersonic writer in terms of speed so I'm always happy to share my tricks (not that they exist, haha). Glad you found it helpful!

      Thank you, Lily!!!! <3

  9. I loved this! So fun to hear all your thoughts on everything. And nice to see how much you love Derek and Rish.

    1. Thanks! And I'll always love them, they're my husband and baby respectively xD

  10. FINALLY I'm getting to watch this....but YES PANTSING IS A VALID WRITING STYLE!!! I do a mix, actually, but really enjoy the pantsing parts of it. :)

    I really need to read your books so I know who all the characters are!! *cries*

    And I honestly have no idea what Phantom of the Opera is about; never read it, never seen it...

    Loved this, though!!! So much fun!!!


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