KARIANA MEETS HANSEL, PART 1: A Collab with Lila Kims

by - July 15, 2019

What's up, peeps? Today I am bringing you another collab, this time with my dear, sweet, amazing friend Lila Kims! She's an absolutely brilliant writer and blogger and I love her so very much, and I'm thrilled to be collab-ing with her today!

We had the idea...what would happen if one of my Pentegreens characters got dumped in the middle of Lila's characters' world? We did it as a character chat, and we had an absolute blast writing this up. Kariana is my character; Hansel is Lila's. But without more intro, I give you: the first half of this character chat! xD

INTRO: A young brunette woman with overly distinct facial features, clad in a tattered brown coat, wakes up alone in the middle of a dark, silent forest full of shadows. Nearby, a teenage boy with tousled brown hair, battered clothes, and a leather satchel hanging at his side walks alone in her general direction. Neither of them is yet aware of the other.

Kariana: *dusts herself off* Grime. Grime, grime, grime. Where—where am I? *raises her voice and yells* WHERE THE GRIME AM I? Trees. I love trees! Except when the trees are strange-looking and dark and unfamiliar. And it’s not like this place is any of those things. Oh, wait, this hits all of that. Where? Am? I???

Hansel: *steps into view and halts* *starts to back away slowly, gripping satchel strap*

Kariana: *notices him and draws both knives at the speed of light* Hey! Get back here, you!

Hansel: *throws up both hands* Y-you're not wearing a black cloak. Does that mean you're not a shifter?

Kariana: A what? You better tell me where I am, right this minute, before I lose my temper, because I can bet that you don’t want to see that, boy. What is a shifter?

Hansel: *furrows brow* How can you not know about the shifters? Which village are you from?

Kariana: *snorts* Village? I’m from the glorious and shining city of Misue. And you deign to ask me what village I’m from? 

Hansel: *backs away again* Misue? Are you a witch or something? Because I-I don't understand a word you're saying.

Kariana: *snorts louder* A witch. I bear the strange and rare ability to manipulate light, but that does not by any means make me a witch. Thank you very much. 

Hansel: *stares for a moment* *turns and runs*

Kariana: *groans and throws her head back* Fine, then. I won’t get out of here by myself. *raises hand to create a faint beam of light shaped vaguely like a flashlight* Hey, boy, come back here, would you? I swear I won’t hurt you. *runs after him*

Hansel: *whirls around* Where is that light coming from? Turn it off. Please.

Kariana:...why? I’d like to see, thanks. And it’s good to know that some people aren’t afraid of the dark, but I’m afraid I don’t fall under that category. *shrugs*

Hansel: *sigh* I guess it doesn’t matter. The shifters already know we’re here. A little light won’t change anything.

Kariana: Okay, mystery boy, why don’t you give me some information? What are shifters and why are you acting like they’ll bite your head off if you get within ten feet of them? *raises knives higher* Easy fix to that sort of thing. Carry some weapons. 

Hansel: Weapons don’t work against the shifters. They’re too cunning. *looks around warily and lowers voice* You can’t trust the birds. You can’t trust the squirrels. You can’t trust any animal you see out here. This is Fawood. Are you from the farmlands or something? How do you not know this?

Kariana: *momentarily speechless* *author’s side note: this will last approximately two seconds so relish it while it lasts, Hansel* ...I have no idea where I am, boy. How did I get here? What’s your name? What the grime…*trails off into incoherent mumbles*

Hansel: You’re lost, aren’t you? *face softens a little* My name is Hansel. My sister and I are lost out here too. I was just returning to her when I saw you. Where did you say you were from?

Kariana: Yes, I suppose I am lost. *looks around* *eyes grow wider in panic* Where is Derek? Oh no, oh no, oh no. I—I’m from Misue—in Lascogine. And I’m Kariana. I… *increases light for a moment before letting it die in her hand, letting the shadows slide closer to her face just a bit*

And that's the end of my half, guys! Make sure you head over to Lila's blog to read the other half, which will conclude our little collab here. Her blog is HERE.

Hope you enjoyed this! Let us know on either Lila's blog or mine what you thought of this little macdap excursion. xD 

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  1. Of course she'd wonder where Derek is. 😏😏😏
    Love this. <3

  2. Oh my word, I LOVE THIS - and I can't wait for the second half!!!

  3. (And the shippers go wild at the mention of Derek. XD ;) )


  4. This is awesome, you two!! Kara is awesome (as always) and I'm so excited that I got to read about Hansel!! Hm, I didn't realize that Kara is scared of the dark, makes sense though. This will be quite a challenge for her I think... :)

    1. Thank you!!!! yeah, she's quite scared of the dark xD I'm trying to make sure that's more prevalent in the story. Oh well. xD

  5. CHARACTER CHATS! Oh man, I use to do this allll the time with some old NaNoWriMo friends. We had such a good time. This brings back memories!

    And oh my goodness, this was a BLAST!!! Kariana's feistiness just kills me. I love her so much. XD

    1. They're SO much fun! I'm so glad you enjoyed this ^_^

      And I looooove Kara more than I can say xD

  6. Yeee!!!! This was absolutely lovely!!

    Both characters sound so intriguing, but I still love Kariana so much!! She incredibly vulnerable for how strong she is!! ^^


    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) | lilycatscountrygirlconfessions.blogspot.com

    1. I'm so glad!!!!

      That's like a perfect description of Kariana xD I can't believe you understand her so perfectly even without having read any of the books. Wow. <3

  7. Fantastic. XD Throwing these children together was the best decision we ever made. We should definitely do it again sometime! :D

    (Also HOW are you so sweet?? <33 I called you "my good friend" and that doesn't seem to cut it. 😂 LOVE YOU TOOOOOOO!)

    1. Absolutely. Yes, yes, yes. We should so totally do this again sometime ;) It'll be awesome.

      (Awwwww noooo you're the sweetest!!!!! You're so fantastic LOVE YOU A MILLION <33333)

  8. Hey, Faith! I just found your blog through Lila's and I really love it. <3 <3 This character chat is SUCH a good idea and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! The personalities of both your different characters really shone through and I was fully into this scene.

    As soon as it ended, I quickly jumped over to Lila's blog to read the rest XD XD. Can't wait to hopefully see more character chats on both of your blogs!!

    -Ash | ashronnel.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D We're definitely going to do more someday very soon!!!! <3

  9. I'm ashamed that it took me so long to get around to this, but that was a FREAKING AWESOME idea XD

    I already know Kara and she is crazy *rolls eyes* but oh my stars, I love Hansel already <3

    1. Thank you! XD I give Lila all the credit. She totally thought of it.

      And yes, she's quite crazy *also rolls eyes* But Hansel is ADORABLE.

  10. Oh fun! I love that you guys did this!

    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun to put together ^_^


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