RIP IT OR SHIP IT// A Collab with Nicki Chapelway

by - July 10, 2019

Greetings, one and all! Today I bring to you a collaboration with the amazing Nicki Chapelway, who I'm honored to call one of my best friends in the blogosphere and who is just an all-around amazing person.

We decided to team up today to do the Rip it or Ship it Challenge, but with a twist! The only characters we're ripping/shipping are those from our OWN novels. I put in ten of mine (five boys, five girls) and she put in ten of hers, and we've paired up my boys and her girls, and her boys and my girls, at random to see whether or not we like the ships xD 

Each of us is doing a post, but we did completely separate random couples and have no idea what we each got, so this will be a fun post for us, too xD And these were all selected 100% at random, so...HERE WE GO. This should be fun. xD (And you can find her post over at her blog, HERE.)


SHIP 1: Cass Tennant and Dirk 

Sunlight by on @DeviantArtEmily Bett Rickards

Cass is from my new WIP, Not the Chosen One, which I'll be sharing more about in this coming month ;) and Dirk is a character from Nicki's not-yet-written series An Apprentice of Death. 

Honestly, I can see this one working. Dirk is more laid back than Cass, it sounds like, but he'd be able to put up with her weird nighttime habits, and they're both kind of warrior types. So I think this would work out in the end. 


SHIP 2: Esma Pentegreen and Cedric Mooraven

Cedric my baby I'll love you forever.effy stonem ropa - Buscar con Google

Esma is the protagonist of my Pentegreens Series and Cedric is the love interest (and fan favorite, for good reason ;)) of Nicki's Winter Cursed series. 

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. I got this one and started laugh-crying because honestly, I HAVE NO IDEA. DO I SHIP IT OR NOT???????? Esma is a softy and I think Cedric would scare her, honestly. He's so sassy, and she tends to see extreme sass as an attack. He'd probably like her to some extent, because she's sweet and she'd try to find the good in him, but I can't see their personalities as compatible at all. So...yeah, I don't think so. 


SHIP 3: Kariana Winslet and Easton Moncrief

Principality of Aalban/Boldavia/New Averoigne/possibly Klantyre (Glantri), Dungannon (Redstone Castle; Isle of Dawn), Hattias (County of; Thyatis [Empire of]), or possibly Helskir (Isle of Dawn), Vestland (''N'ern. Reaches'), or Darokin area(s)/region(s)  [ArtStation - 285, Anna Helme]Easton


Kariana Winslet is Esma's best friend in the Pentegreens Series; Easton is the sweetest cinnamon roll of all time from the My Time in Amar series. And KARA WOULD KILL HIM. She would have absolutely no patience for him being sweet and trying to negotiate with pirates and not taking care of himself, and he would be scared to death of her ridiculous methods, as well as angry at her for the number of secrets she has. When I got this pairing I screamed so loud it scared my dad and I just want to say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. No, no, no, no, NO.


SHIP 4: Eira Garson and Dante Moretti III

Elaine Carlin photostudy practice by on @DeviantArtDante
(First of all that is NOT Derek even though the pic is the same whoops)

Eira--well, we'll just say Eira is a character from the Pentegreen Series. This might've been more fun with Anna Woods instead of Eira, but also I wouldn't want to sic Anna on any of Nicki's poor characters xD And then Dante is the mysterious huntsman from A Certain Sort of Madness. (alsohe'safanfavoriteandeveryoneloveshimforgoodreason)

This one is AGONIZING. Eira is super analytical and very duty-driven and rule following, so she'd need someone who was perfectly attuned to her sense of justice, and I don't know if Dante QUITE fits that bill. She'd also dislike his tendency to keep secrets, and he wouldn't like that she can mind control him, seeing as he's had some, erm, bad experiences with that. *innocent expression* So...yeah, we're going to say no.


SHIP 5: Mel Alltote and Ravven Crowe

 — Rose Leslie Source —

Mel is the protagonist of my Watched Trilogy; Ravven is the male lead of Nicki's Of Gold and Iron. 

And can I just say NO???? 

Mel's super cautious, so she'd mistrust a fae guy from the beginning. She'd never, ever, ever follow him or trust him or let him be her guide, and she'd probably scream if he got within three feet of her and pull out the pepper spray. She'd be TERRIFIED of him xD And he'd probably think she was more of a pest than he does Jaye. Honestly, Ravven might not mind her so much (beyond the pepper spray), but Mel would never go for this, so it's going to have to be a no. xD



SHIP 6: Keo and Jaye MacCullagh

Loving this pic of Dennis Joseph O'neil...Sybil by JuneJenssen

Keo is the male lead of Not the Chosen One, the WIP I mentioned above xD and Jaye is the heroine of Nicki's Of Gold and Iron. 

Looking past the fact that Keo is waaaaay too old for Jaye (a good nine years older), this might actually work out okay. Jaye seems to have a thing for older guys anyway (*coooouuuuuuugh*) and while Keo is a ganglord, he's got a secret soft spot and would take good care of her once he got to know her. He's fiercely loyal and so is Jaye, so both of them would get along fine. In the end, after some hard thought xD, I'm giving this a YES.


SHIP 7: Clarence Redow and Chelsea Welling

 character inspiration
(Yikes why do both these images make them look so hardcore they're really not)

Clarence Redow is the principle love interest from the Pentegreen Series, and Chelsea is one of several protagonists in Nicki's My Time in Amar. And all I can say to this pairing is YES YES YES <3

I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH OKAY. Both Clarence and Chelsea are soft, sympathetic, compassionate people. They're both deeply suspicious and ridiculously protective of those they love, and while they're both capable of sarcasm, they don't tend to resort to it quiiiiite as often as the people around them. I think both of them are just too soft for the world and they need someone else who's soft to protect them. So YES YES YES YES YES to this all the way. YES.


SHIP 8: Lucas Burns and Aleria

DO NOT tell me any spoilers!! #manonblackbeak #manon #koa #kingdomofash #sarahjmaasI think he can be Mal or Nikolai. I can't decide:

Lucas Burns is the male lead of my Watched Trilogy, and Aleria is from Nicki's Apprentice of Death series. 

Honestly, I don't know how I feel about the two of them? I think it could work. Aleria is an assassin type who's on the quieter side, but she's frequently surrounded by boisterous people, so she could handle Lucas. And Lucas...he's a heartthrob who will love you to death, so as long as she isn't adverse to his affection and he doesn't mind her attempts to kill people from time to time, this could kind of work. 


SHIP 9: Rishatta Woods and Alicia Hareton

Rish, not quite dark enough but ya fantasy alien women | Blond Hair, Blue Eyes.

You all know Rishatta or there's something wrong ;) xD And Alicia is the protagonist of Nicki's Certain Sort of Madness. I kind of don't even want to consider her with anyone besides the person she actually ends up with, because her true ship is so perfect...but we'll just do this xD

Honestly? I don't think this would work. Alicia is so flighty and light-hearted that I think she would stress Rishatta to death most of the time, and he's so emotionally needy and unwilling to back off that Alicia would probably lose patience with him. He wouldn't be able to keep up with her pace, that's for sure. xD They just wouldn't be able to put up with each other, I think. Seems like there would be an awkward combination of clone-personality and clash-personality that would get in the way of any real relationship. xD


SHIP 10: Derek Ternarnthien and Princess Elisabeth White

Captain Derek Tern is my most favorite one of my favorite characters in the Pentegreen series, and Elisabeth is the lead character of Winter Cursed. 

Honestly, I absolutely love the idea of this ship. Part of that is that Derek is compatible with pretty much anyone and everyone, because he's such a laid-back, easy-going, kind, loyal person. And Elisabeth, while she's high-strung and cold, would probably like him, even if it was initially against her better judgment. They'd make an awesome power couple. Derek would act all chill around Elisabeth's enemies but then demolish them, and Elisabeth would act cold to him at first but then get used to him and they'd be amazing together. I love this wholeheartedly. xD


And that's it! Nicki's doing this same thing over on her blog, so make sure you check out her post and let her know what you think of the couples she got xD I loved putting this post together and hope you enjoyed it too! 

What do you think of my opinions as regards these ships? Do you think any of my characters and Nicki's characters would actually work out as ships? (We both think Rish and Elisabeth would be a superb couple, not gonna lie.) Chat with me about this in the comments, and make sure you check out Nicki's post! 

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    great post, though. XD


    2. Well, they are xD RIP them. xD xD

      But yeah they're better with their originals. *whispers* Chelsea and Clarence would be fantastic if they were single though

  2. Cass and Dirk: oh yeah baby the world had better watch out from these two XD

    Esma and Cedric: yeahhh... I agree it wouldn't be much good for the two of them to get together. Not only would Esma be afraid of Cedric but I'm afraid that Cedric would endlessly mock the poor girl XD

    Kara and Easton: nooooo, I need to hide my baby from that XD

    Eira and Dante: yeah all those reasons you just stated are very good reasons why Dante and Eira would not be a good match XD

    Mel and Ravven: oh dear... plus she is a redhead. Forget Mel being afraid of Ravven he is going to be running and screaming as loud as he can in the opposite direction

    Keo and Jaye: Um..... I'm going to have to disagree with you there, I really don't see this happening XD

    Clarence and Chelsea: awww, so cute. Clarence would actually be good for Chelsea's stress levels.

    Lucas and Aleria: apparently when Aleria and Dirk have a type XD But oh well, ship it

    Rish and Alicia: sorry Rish but I kind of would like to see how you would handle babysitting Alicia for one hour XD I think him and Olivia would get along well though?

    Derek and Elisabeth: eh, sorry Faith m'girl, but even if it might be on Derek's side he's just gonna get friend zoned again. I just had to look at Luk to know that she would never go for the captain of the guard XD

    But this post was hilarious, great idea XD

    1. Heheheheh I love these so much <3333333 So great. This post was hilarious and I'm so glad we did it!!!

  3. OH. MY. WORD. I looooooooove this idea! This was too, too fun! I find it hilarious that you ripped the majority of these ships. Apparently yours and Nicki's characters don't play nice. ;D I love it!

    This was seriously the best!

    1. I LOOOVE IT TOOOO!!!!! It was so much fun to put this together and I enjoyed writing it so much ;) Nicki and I had so much fun writing these posts and our characters are all such nasty little pricks that this was fantastic <3 I'm so glad you enjoyed!


    I love this collab so much! There are some very interesting ships here. XD

    1. NOOOOO protect the poor innocent baby <3 <3

      I LOVE IT TOO!!!!! xD

  5. AAAH! This is such a cool idea!
    I think it'd make more sense it I knew your characters better, but I have the memory of a goldfish and can barely remember my own characters...

    I'm tempted to steal this idea, but I think most of my writer friends have *ahem* nicer characters? And mine are a bit...stabbier.

    1. Thanks! That's totally okay. Nicki and I were trolling each other and if you got a couple of laughs out of it, that's awesome ;)

      Yeah, that's definitely a problem xD Super fun.

  6. Seriously, this whole joint point thing is GOLDEN. (Can Sarah and I steal your idea???)

    But your reactions are priceless. Your family is probably wondering what all the screaming was for, lol

    1. You should totally steal it! I'd LOVE to see that!!!!!

      Yes, I'm sure xD I think I scared my dad to death.

  7. I loved reading this! Very interesting LOL. Now you've got me interested in your characters, Faith!

  8. Sooo...I don't know hardly anything about any of your characters, and absolutely nothing about Nicki's, but I'll try to state my thoughts by the pictures and see how they match up with yours...

    In my opinion, Cass and Dirk look good together. LOL So yeah, I'd ship em.

    Esma and Cedric look good together, too, but he looks so...tough...and Esma looks like a little dreamy baby who'd get her heart broken because of him. Not okay.

    Kariana and No. No. Kariana doesn't strike me as the sort to get emotionally attached to a whole bunch of people.

    Eira and, no.

    Mel and Ravven??? Heh. No thank you. Both look like they'd kill each other at the drop of a hat.

    Keo and Jaye just look like a NOOO to me. No.

    Clarence and Chelsea??? 100% dude.

    Lucas and Well, possibly.

    Rishatta and Alicia??? Ha, no way. No way Jose.

    And last but not least Derek and Elisabeth...well, sure. They look like they'd be able to pull it off!!

    This was certainly a bunch of fun, Faith!!! (And most of my opinions were the same as your's. LOL)

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |


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