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Greetings one and all! I originally had a different post planned for today, but after seeing this one over on my favorite Christine's blog, I decided that I was going to do this challenge.

It originates over at the blog of Lianne Taimenlore <-----(follow this link for the original post), and I LOVED it! Who doesn't love a chance to squeal over all their favorite fictional couples, after all?

So with that...let's jump right into this!

(Book covers in this post credit to Goodreads; gifs are from Giphy. The fanart was found on pinterest. I own none of the art shown here; all credit to the owners.) 

1. Original Chocolate Heart--The OTP that started it all

My mum says she has no idea what this would be for me, but I'm thinking maaaaaybe Duchess and Thomas O'Malley from The Aristocats? I feel like I remember being very, very angry that they had so much standing in the way of their happiness. But basically, old Disney animated couples. Beauty and the Beast and Lady and the Tramp rank pretty high here too.

Tell me this isn't sweet

2. Dark Chocolate--the OTP with the most drama

Oh, goodness, that's a hard one, now isn't it?

We're going to go with Eanrin and Imraldera from Tales of Goldstone Wood. If only they weren't both so obstinately stubborn! That moment in Shadow Hand was far from sufficient. *glowers*


3. Caramel filled--the OTP that's simple and sweet

I know, I know, it's not necessarily canon, but we're going to go with Rey and Finn in The Force Awakens. They're just so little and cute and that forehead kiss at the end--ADORABLE. I squeal.

My babies 

4. Raspberry chocolate: The Forbidden Love OTP

Honestly, I'm not really a fan of this trope? It irritates me. xD But...I can make a case for a couple of such ships, and so...let's go with Winter and Jacin from The Lunar Chronicles.
Jacinter by taratjah
are they not precious?!

5. White Chocolate: The odd OTP you still manage to love

Ummm...we're going to go with Fiyero and Elphaba from Wicked (the musical, thank you very much. I haven't read the book and I have heard Things Regarding the Book that make me hesitant to do so.) But they're my FAVORITES, and their love duet is one of the pinnacles of musical theater, imo. 
Not the best gif, sorry...but this is a musical, remember...xD 

6.  Peanut Butter Chocolate - The OTP everybody and their sisters ship

Is this even a question? Obviously Jude and Cardan of Holly Black's The Cruel Prince. Jude is literally my favorite and I adore her so very much. And Cardan, while he's a TRAIN WRECK of epic proportions, is also awesome. Normally I'd be all over this for toxicity, but I think the story itself is very much aware of that, and oh well. xD 
Cardan, Jude The Cruel Prince
This one made me laugh SO HARD

7. Cherry-filled: The OTP you fear no one knows about 

My precious Inkheart babies, Mo and Resa. Yes, I know they're the parents. No, their ship is no less important just because they're already, ya know, married. I know a lot of people who were all in for Meggie and Farid in Inkheart; the only real ship I had in the whole series was Moresa. Please and thanks. XD
Mo and Resa- didn't think I could hate Mortola more until here---- but Resa gets her voice back!! :)
This was literally the only picture of them I could find...whoops. But THE BABIES THE BAAAABBIIIIESSSSS

8. Chocolate with almonds: the fun and nutty OTP

Nick and (Lady) Cordelia from The Beast of Talesend! These children! I've still only read the first 2 and I desperately want more, but I already ship these fools with all my heart. I will slam their faces together if I have to. They need to get. Their. Act. Together. Now, preferably. xD 
I love them SO MUCH

9. Chocolate with Coconut: the OTP who came from different backgrounds

Sarai and Lazlo Strange from Strange the Dreamer are the definition of different backgrounds. She's a hated, blue-skinned girl living in secret inside a floating stone statue (yeah, really) with the ability to inflict nightmares on anybody she wants. And then Lazlo is the sweetest cinnamon roll librarian in the world--one of my favorite things is that he wants SO BADLY to hold a grudge against the guy he hates, he just can't. So presh. So refresh. <3
*quietly squeals*

10. Mint Chocolate: The OTP you'll love til you die

I agonized over this one forever, but I think the only answer could be Leo/Lionheart and Rose Red/Varvare in Veiled Rose and Moonblood. The babies! They're so precious! I adore them with all my heart, and I'm still salty that we got cheated at the end of Moonblood. There had better be another book where they get their closure, the way Shadow Hand hinted (and if you think I was reading that last one solely for the Leo cameos and brief mentions of Rosie, you are 100% correct.)

11. Orange Creme: The OTP you never expected to love

This position definitely goes to Luka and Yael in Wolf by Wolf. She's a spy and basically shapeshifter who's out trying to save the world from Hitler and the Nazis (oh, and she's a Jewish concentration camp survivor). And then there's Luka, who's the Reich's golden child and a professional motorcyclisst (I'm 90% sure.) I don't usually dig star-crossed bad-boy romance, but oh, this one was SO MUCH GOOD. <3 

12. Salted caramel: the OTP that worked the most on their relationship

Leith and Renna from Blades of Acktar! I mean, think of all those two had to go through in order to be together. They're such mature people about it, but THEY SUFFER SO MUCH MY WORD. *hugs the poor babies tightly* 

13. Chocolate covered raisins: The young OTP you know will work out someday

I have several of these, actually? But I'm going with Lucky and Lincoln from the Hard Pan Trilogy. I used to hate that they were crushing like that when they were eleven. But now that I'm old and jaded (hee hee), I just see them as such sweet innocent little babies and they BETTER get married someday <3 

14. Chocolate jalapeno: the OTP that can't be together but you ship it anyway

I promised myself going into this that I would NOT ship my own characters on this tag, because JUST TOO MANY SPOILERS OKAY?! And also, that's not fair to the other characters I know and love. But I have to mention my own babies Derek and Kariana here. There's so many times when I'm writing and I just want to bang their heads together and scream "What is wrong with you two?!" at them until they get together. UGH UGH UGH. 

But, since that's cheating...we'll go with my other massive non-canon ship, which would be Aragorn and Eowyn! I mean, I'm glad they both ended up happy, but...I STILL SHIP THEM SOOOOO MUUUUUCH okay?!

are they not cute? She was good for Aragorn, man, and he was good for her. You will not and cannot convince me otherwise. 

15. Ferrero Rocher: the best dressed/best-looking OTP

Sir Percy Blakeney and Marguerite, of course! (ala The Scarlet Pimpernel) No one can call them out for their fashion choices, and Sir Percy is perfectly qualified to do so to others. Oh, that scene in the movie makes me cry tears of joyous laughter.
Related image

16. Chocolate covered coffee bean: the energetic OTP that keeps you on your toes

Dante and Alicia from A Certain Sort of Madness! I mean, Alicia's the energetic one who just sort of drags everyone else, including Dante, along, but...SHE HAS THE ENERGY OF TWENTY MEN. *dies of exhaustion*

17. Chocolate dipped strawberry: The OTP that's just absolutely adorable

*raises lighted match*

*holds it above head, lifted over a huge pile of dynamite labelled "opinions of angry fangirls"*
*takes a deep breath* 

*this is why I hate love triangles* 


*drops the match and flees*


18. Chocolate with nougat: The OTP that's full of fluff and nonsense

What is this "fluff" you speak of? I do not read "fluff". *sighs* But, since I'm expected to provide one of these... we'll go with Elle and Darien from Geekerella. That book was cute, okay? I don't read contemporary and I don't like romance books but I still gave it four stars. So...yeah.
or insert any Gail Carson Levine characters here because they're usually pretty cute without baggage

19. Chocolate with walnuts: the OTP with the bumpiest relationship

YES, I KNOW WE ONLY HAVE ONE OF THEIR BOOKS IN OUR HANDS SO FAR (but the second one comes out TOMOORRRRRROOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW! *squeals*), but even so, I think I can easily give this award to Kestra and Simon from The Traitor's Game. I ship them so hard it's not even funny. MY CHILDREN. If Jennifer Nielsen hurts them, so help me...
*screams forever because THIS BOOK*

20. Chocolate butterscotch: the OTP with the best banter

This one is going to have to be a tie between two because I simply must work Howl and Sophie in here someplace--whatever would we do without them? But I also have to mention Cedric and Elisabeth, one of my favorite ships of ever, from Nicki Chapelway's Winter Cursed and A Winter Dark and Deadly. Their sass is legit the best thing of ever. Cedric could win the Sarcasm Olympics (and probably has).
going with the movie because easier to find stuff from the movie

also look the new cover has both of them!!!!! much excite!!!!!

So anyway...THESE ARE MY SHIPS! Are you shocked? Are you bewildered? And remember, this linkup is still going for a little while longer, so be sure and join it during February! It's SO fun :D (also torture but we can't have everything)

Chat with me! Who are some of your favorite OTPs? Which of mine were the most surprising vs. least surprising in your opinion? Do you agree with me that Aragorn and Eowyn were made for each other? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Hehehe . . . (Team Sophitz for life. XD) But I still agree, Team Foster-Keefe is very cute!

    I love this post! I’m just sad that I haven’t read most of these yet. SOMEDAY . . . although the Traitor's Game is near the top of my list at this point. 🤞

    1. Wait a second *rereading* WHADDAYA MEAN, DEREK AND KARIANA AREN’T HAPPENING???? BUT. BUT. I SHIP THEM! NOOOOO! (There is still time to reconsider this . . . ;) )

    2. Well, enjoy it while it lasts! (Y'all are goin' DOWN...*mumbles something about bad matches and societal norms*) Just kidding...I love you guys too xD XD XD

      YES! You must read the Traitor's Game--it is literally one of my favorite books. <3 <3 <3

      *awkward coughing* *really hard awkward coughing*

  2. We need to make a Sarcasm Olympics. We really do. (Also, just bought Winter Cursed and AWDaD on ebook, so can't wait to read those!!!!) (Yes, my TBR is suffering horribly. I've had to move my pants into my closet and now use the bottom dresser drawer for books I haven't yet read and have been stocking up on over the years...)

    1. YES WE DO! And ooh, I hope you enjoy them! They're so good :D

      TBR piles are a pain. They really are. XD But that sounds like the sort of thing I'll have to do eventually...


    What a fun post! I really enjoyed reading it and was tickled pink to see that not just one but two of my couples made it on the list! <3

    I know for a fact that the first fictional couple I shipped were Daphne and Freddy from Scooby Doo. I'm not even ashamed, I ship them to this day.

    I have to agree with you that Eanren and Dame Imraldera are definitely the most painful couple to ship because they give you so little closure, but they are also perfect for each other so it's worth it XD Jacin and Winter were so cute, I love that picture of them.

    I wanna read Keeper of the Lost Cities so badly but my library only has Flashback and I'm mad...

    Also, YASSSS, I ship Aragorn and Eowyn so hard. I mean, yeah, they also work with the people they eventually end up with, but I think that they were better with each other.

    Awesome post! It pleased my shipper's heart.

    1. *chokes* Ummm....well....basically, they're just friends? I mean, I have other reasons but I don't feel like going into them? *chokes harder*

      Well, your couples are sheer brilliance! ^_^ I love them SO MUCH <3

      That's hilarious! I never watched Scooby Doo (my mom hated it, I think), but I totally support you in that XD

      THEY'RE SO PAINFUL! I need them to get together...but my heart is broken about the lack of GW books in the future. ANNE ELISABETH STENGL HEAR OUR CRYYYYYYY. And aren't they?!

      Ugh, that stinks. They're pretty fun! I enjoy them :D


      Thank you! ^_^

    2. Daphne and Freddy!! Ah, I think they were my first ship, too!

  4. YOU DID THE LINKUP. Yaaaay!!! I was so hoping you would. I love when you talk about your ships. Hehe.

    Yes to literally ALL the classic Disney animated couples. I totally shipped Duchess and Thomas O'Malley too! They're so DIFFERENT and I love it. IT WORKS. And just all those classic couples. Disney was the master at them. Still is!

    Eanrin and Imraldera!!!! WHY CAN'T THEY JUST ADMIT THEIR FEELINGS? It's been like a millennia! MY WORD. Talk about being stubborn. UGH. And what hurts even MORE is that AES said she's not writing anymore Goldstone books for the foreseeable future and just ACK. Couldn't she have just given us ONE more where Eanrin and Imraldera and Leo and Rose Red get together? PLEASE. BECAUSE I AM DYING. *sobs for a thousand billion years*

    Oh my word, that pic of Winter and Jacin is just adalkjdf. The precious babies! Although Jacin was never my favorite. *cough, cough* But Winter now. MY GIRL. <3333

    Okay, so apparently I really need to read The Cruel Prince??? Because Jude and Cardan sound hilarious!

    Nick and Cordelia REALLY need to get their act together. Yes. Another stubborn couple. >.>

    So...Aragorn and Eowyn. Eheh. Admittedly, I DO agree that they were really sweet and could have totally worked together, but I just can't ship it too hard because Aragorn loved Arwen so, so much. AND, then Faramir entered the picture and DJLJFLSJDLJF. Eowyn and Faramir are like one of my OTPs. So I was very pleased with how everything turned out. But yeah, I'm not going be one of those people who are like HOW DARE YOU SHIP ARAGORN AND EOWYN. Lol.

    And OF COURSE Howl and Sophie make it into the banter question. They are the masters. XD

    GAH. This whole post made me happy! I'm so glad you joined in on the tag! :D

    1. OH WAIT. I forgot to comment on the Derek and Kariana thing! HOW COULD I???

      But but but...they CAN'T be together? CAN'T?! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I AM SCARED.

    2. Hee hee, glad to hear it. I thought this maybe would be interesting only to me. xD

      YES!!! They're so strangely shippable! XD

      THEY NEED TO JUST CAVE AND SAY IT. And yes, pleeease just one more book? I personally do NOT find it fair how all the Shadow Hand and Dragonwitch people got their happy endings but my babies did NOT. I mean, I love the Dragonwitch people! But I love the Moonblood people moooooore. *sniffles*

      Jacin was never my favorite either! But I still ship it. Because ADORABLE. XD

      I mean, I don't know that hillllaaaaarious would be the first word I would use to describe them...more like "ready to stab each other in the face as often as they want to kiss each other." Their way of telling each other that they love each other is funny, though, because they seem to think that "I hate you"="I love you." XD

      NICK AND CORDELIA, GET IT TOGETHER. *whacks them both with books of spells*

      I mean, I love Eowyn and Faramir too! But at the same time...I don't know. In the movie, I didn't feel like Eowyn-Faramir was developed enough and in the book I felt like Aragorn-Arwen wasn't developed enough. So...I don't feel like it's a win either way, and I love the two of them together. xD But yeah, I also won't be one of those bash-the-canon-ships people (because I LOVE EOWYN AND FARAMIR! I've just never really been a fan of Arwen, I guess?)

      YES THEY MUST!!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!!!!! ("There's black dots crawling before my eyes!!!" "Those are spiders.")

      THANK YOU! And I'm glad I found the time to do it ^_^

      And...hee hee. Let's just say...they can't? And leave it at that? *coughs*

  5. Excellent choices! I need to read Strange the Dreamer. Percy and Marguerite!!!
    Cedric and Elisabeth are hilarious!

    1. Thank you! Yes you do AND AHHHHHHHHH!

      Aren't they?!

  6. Oh!! All your answers are so great, Faith! This was so much fun to read!!

    Duchess and O'Malley!! <3 Ah, such nostalgia! I also love Howl and Sophie. <3

    Sometimes I love Jacin, sometimes I hate him. It's just how it is. I also haven't seen a drawing of him that I like. I don't know, I'm picky.

    The way I feel about Derek and Karianna is the way I feel about Finn and Rey. If you look up "best friends" in the dictionary, their pictures would be there. It is just so sweet and makes me so happy, but a romance would ruin it. So, I love them the way they are. (On the other hand, Esma and my favorite character ever HAVE to be together. No buts about it)

    I never liked Eowyn and Aragorn because I never have liked Eowyn. I don't know what it is about her. With Faramir I can stand her, but not with Aragorn. I just need to re-read maybe. I can see why you like them, though!

    1. Thank you, Clare! :D

      YES! They're so cutely nostalgic <3 And aren't the two of them the BEST?!

      I agree. Jacin is such a weird character--so lovable and yet I hate him xD

      THANK YOU! I ship Rey and Finn, but in a really low-key sort of way--like I don't like the idea of them with anyone else, but I'd also be very happy if they were to stay besties forever. <3 They're so precious. AND I'M SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME! XD Derek and Kara are one of my ships for sure, but...they cannot get together. It would be wrong, frankly. XD (And I can make no comment on that particular comment. Lol.)

      Interesting! I'm mostly going off them in the movie.

  7. Holy moly, I got major nostaligia with the Duchess and O'Malley pairing :) I'm pretty sure I shipped them as a kid too.

    I so agree that the Blakeneys are the best dressed couple. Though I suppose that goes without saying since they are the fashion setters of England.....

    I kinda shipped Eowyn with Aragon first too...but I found Faramir to be much better for her in later years. I also couldn't get Arwen out of my head either....she's an unforgettable elf and so I can understand why Aragon couldn't be with Eowyn.

    Awesome post, Faith!

    1. Aren't they precious? <3

      Yeah, I forgot about that! But they're SO BEAUTIFUL.

      Valid point. Personally, I don't like Arwen or find her a particularly interesting character, but oh well. xD

      Thank you! <3

  8. EEP! I love that Marguerite and Sir Percy won best dressed!! Haha!! <3 Also, this whole tag was super fun to read!!

    And YES to all the Disney animated couples. Thomas and Duchess don't get enough love, I think. Also, couples like Kida and Milo. I would say I'd go down with that ship, but considering they're in Atlantis... the irony is cruel.


    1. Yes! They're just such wonderful fashionistas xD

      YES! They're so underrated. And I actually haven't seen Atlantis...*hides in shame* I've heard many, many good things about that couple, though!

      Lol, okay ;)


    Great post!! I second soooo many of these! Jacin + Winter? YES. Kestra + Simon? HECK YES. And I'm DYING to read Howl's Moving Castle and Goldstone Wood! :D

    This tag is amazinggggg. <3

    1. ISN'T IT PRECIOUS?! :')

      I thought you might xD Especially Kestra and Simon. The precious children. AND YOU MUST! Howl and Goldstone Wood are both SO GOOD. <3

      Isn't it?! <3

  10. OH MY WORD Mo and Resa YES. <333 AND YES FOR EANRIN AND IMALDERA. And I do agree that Aragorn and Eowyn were cute together; but I ship Eowyn and Faramir to much to agree with you about shipping them together. XP I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree. Also, Leo and Rose Red. <333

    1. *too XD
      Also, I FORGOT. YES FOR REY AND FINN. <333
      (Do you hate Reylo too???)

    2. MO AND RESA! Yay, someone else who agrees with me on that!!!!! And that's totally fine--I know it's an unpopular opinion. At least Tolkien agreed with me for a while. *rolls eyes*

      YES REY AND FINN! Yeah, I despise Reylo with a passion. It's so abusive and manipulative and I don't understand why people like it. (I mean, maybe aspects of it? And I know where they're coming from? But nah no thanks.)

  11. Wait. People actually liked Farid and Meggie togehter?! I thought that whole relationship was stupid and toxic and manipulative. Like, ugh!! No. Just no.

    1. Surprisingly, yes! I didn't like it myself. :/ I have a loooot of problems with that relationship...I like Meggie and Doria way better. He's a nice guy. xD

  12. Yes to Rey and Finn, and Winter and Jacin!!! <3 I don't know a lot of these other ones, but they sound really good!



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