Great Christian Fiction: The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson

by - July 20, 2017

Faith cannot do intros.

Now that that's out of the way:

Hello, everybody! Today's post is inspired by binge-reading some truly stellar Christian fiction and my firm belief in the lack of truly good, moving Christian fiction. For a while now I'll be doing a series on good books and series that have Christian truths, Christian beauty, and a real presence of God, while maintaining a level of true quality. I can think of a few of those just off the top of my head, but we'll start with just one for now:

The Wingfeather Saga!

There's a lot of things that make this series one of my all-time favorites. {See: my domain name. Avast! The Florid Sword am I! } For one thing, it's just really well-written. For another, it invades my feels and makes me cry. (Note: I don't cry about books. Like, ever. Not once. But these ones... my poor heart.)

So here we go. A few little ways the Wingfeather Saga is amazing. 

  • It features a cast of unforgettable, fully-developed, very HUMAN characters.

Look, Jack- the kids in this one are beyond real. They squabble like siblings (hint: they are siblings), but that doesn't grate the way it can in some books. Janner, arguably the MC, is such a real person, and I love him. His humanity shines through at every step. He's always there for his younger siblings, no matter how much he may gripe and complain about it. Tink/Kalmar, his younger brother, wrestles with inner demons that are very relatable, while still fantastic enough to keep this book securely in the world of fantasy. Leeli, their little sister, is very much a little girl thrown into things too big for her, and while her struggles and humanity is a little less developed than her brothers', she's still an incredibly well-done character.

And the cast of supporting charies! From Nia, the kids' strong and quiet mother; to Peet the Sock Man, a loony bin who may hide more beneath the socks on his arms than anyone realizes; to Podo, the kids' ex-pirate grandfather; all the way to the Stranders of the East Bend and the guildsmen of the Hollows, the characters are as real as the world they inhabit. Which leads me to the next point...

  • The world is built from the ground-up. It makes sense, it's very well-developed, it's just plain amazing. 

Skree. The Dark Sea of Darkness. Glipwood Township. Torrborro. Dugtown. The Ice Praries. Ban Rona. Go ahead and get all your groaning over the cheesiness of them out now, okay? Please. 

They're real places. There's obvious culture everywhere in the world of Aerwiar (I know that name is kind of stupid, but there's a reason for it, and while it's silly, it MAKES SENSE). Different groups of people live everywhere. The world-building is incredible. 

  • The emotion. My stars. If you need something to smack you in the feels, this is the series for you.

The first book in this series is kind of a silly, ridiculous children's book, which is part of its charm IMO. But the second one launches so many emotions and feels onto you that you will not be prepared for it, no matter how much someone tells you. And by the third and fourth books... just don't. Even. Go there. I like my heart burned and bleeding, please. Especially when the characters do things that you scream at them for, and then do something that makes you just sob your little eyes out for them. Someone help me because I am drowning in these books. If you couldn't tell.

  • A slight disclaimer:

If you can't get into the first one, I understand. It's kind of childish. It's not got a standard tone for epic fantasy. It occasionally forays into the superfluous. The stuff that I mention above is not as prevalent. BUT push through it.

Because by the second book, Andrew Peterson has found his niche. While he excels at writing funny songs (Matthew's Begats, Alien Conspiracy, and Loose Change, as a few examples), he also writes songs that are some of my top favorites of ever. Music that makes me long to go home, that makes me cry and feel emotions that I didn't know were there half the time (because when it comes to music and such I am an emotionless piece of lettuce. [I.E., Come Back Soon, Three Days Before Autumn, and Don't You Want to Thank Someone.])

The same holds true with his books. Humor and emotion run hand in hand throughout this series, and while the first book may not show that as much, the later three definitely do.

Please, if you're looking for wholesome Christian fiction, go try these books. Part of the reason these characters are so real is that they have real trials and struggles. When they are faced with decisions they frequently take the wrong path. Then they deal with the consequences of evil that they chose. It's real, it's human, and it's sometimes uncomfortable to read about. But in Janner, Tink, and Leeli, their mom and grandpa, and their friends, we see ourselves.

And the Maker watches over all of them and ordains everything that happens.

Buy it on Amazon

Buy it from the Rabbit Room (AP recieves the most money this way)

I hope I've convinced you to try these books if you haven't already. If you have read them: What did you think? Are they not beautiful? What other Christian fiction do you think is satisfactory/well-written? Any predictions on where I'll go next with this series (read: suggestions because I'm flying blind here)? 

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  1. OKAY. I AM SUUUUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS. I love how you're going to be featuring good Christian fiction. I'm always on the lookout for wholesome books to read. THIS IS GREAT!!!

    My gracious, I've been meaning to read these books for the LONGEST. I have the first book, but I'd like to somehow acquire the others before I start reading so I can read them all together. (I always try to read series together when I can. Mainly because I have the worst memory ever and HAVE to read them close to one another lest I forget what happened in the previous book...) BUT THESE JUST SOUND SO GOOD. It seems like everyone I know raves about them. So yes. I MUST READ THEMMMM.

    1. I think we all are :) I'm always eager to find good reads like this!

      They're so good. I totally agree, it's useful to have them all on hand. They're terrific. Every single one of them.

  2. YES THIS SERIES IS SO GOOOOOD. <3 Your reasons for liking it are on point, too. *nods* Also I'm TOTALLY AGREED that book one is a little bit childish- my siblings and I actually didn't really like it at all, and we almost didn't finish the series. (tbh my twin brother and older sister STIIILLLL HAVEN'T FINISHED THE SERIES XD)

    1. JONATHAN! Hello! I've missed you!

      It definitely is. CONVINCE THEM TO DO IT ANYWAY! They don't know what they're missing! *cries*

  3. Was that a Duck Dynasty reference, Jack?
    Okay, I've heard of these books and I'll be honest that I don't like when something seems too childish. That's why I haven't looked into them. But, it sounds like a lot of people like them.
    I am on the lookout for more wholesome books. My TBR list is growing. I love that you're featuring clean books. :)
    I'm trying to do the same, but my book fund is low. I am low on funds at the moment.
    *cough* I'm cheap *cough* ;)
    Anyway, great post. God bless you! <3

    1. The first book is a little bit so, but they are middle grade, not YA, so I think that's part of it. They're so beautiful XD Thanks!

  4. This... is the last straw. Now I'm not just interested in this series - I AM DESPERATE to read it!!!

  5. The Wingfeather Saga!
    I remember first being drawn to this series for the titles, which promised quirky humour and adventure. While I admit that I rolled my eyes a bit at the 'little boy humour' of the first part of the first book, I was quickly won over by everything else. I'm quite devoted to the series now, and am eagerly awaiting being able to get my hands on the last book. I'm seriously considering buying this for my church library.

    1. Oh, yeah. As he's still trying to figure out his niche even throughout the book. Sad. :( Have you not READ the fourth one yet? O_o You must read it. Now. XD


  7. I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVEN'T READ THIS BOOK SERIES, let alone have only heard about it for two weeks! Guess who's heading to their library tomorrow to check out the saga...

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  8. I have been meaning to read these ones.

  9. I SERIOUSLY need to read this series! Two of the characters made it to the top five in the Epic Hero category for the Silmarillion Awards!! THAT HAS TO MEAN GOOD THINGS. :D

    1. You totally need to read them. They're genuinely amazing.

  10. I have heard SO MUCH about these books since joining the blogging world. *slaps library* *b/c it has HARDLY ANY of the books young Christian bloggers rave about*

    Jem Jones

    1. My library is the same way so believe me I KNOOOOOOOOWWWWW. It's so frustrating. They're definitely worth the buy, though, although they're pretty expensive.


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