It's the End of June!

by - July 01, 2017

Like, wow, you guys. Just wow. How is half the year gone already????

It's been a VERY eventful month for me, and July promises to be the same! I can't wait for some of the adventures in store. :)

But this is a recap post, so, without further ado, I present to you...


Red, you guys. Red. I love them so much it's not even funny. And don't be fooled by the terrible cover art... The music is just plain amazing.

Yes, I've been listening to this album too much. Yes, I kind of view it as a guilty listening pleasure. It's... interesting, I guess? I really like several songs, namely "Centuries", "Immortals", "Jet Pack Blues", and "Fourth of July". The rest of them are kind of meh. But ya know. Spotify for the win. I can listen to all of them for free.

I also did a post on my favorite encouraging songs, which is through the link :)


 Oh boy. The books are taking over. I'll give you three or four... but there are so many of them! 
Review on my blog up in the book reviews section! This was a very interesting book about the Silent Years in Egypt. A fascinating time period that no one has really covered much... from an interesting point of view... with a Christian worldview.... featuring Cleopatra and Mark Antony? Yes please. *huggles book* Four stars!

This beautiful book. Oh my stars. Five stars, and I reread it as soon as I was done with it. I might have to give it its own review post on here soon. Such a gorgeous book of beautifulness. My only complaint was that it was too short. 

Look at Faith, reading whole trilogies in a month! I did it back in May with the Hunger Games and now I knocked out this whole trilogy in June. My little sister insisted on calling the last book "the Emerald Kiss." It's not called that. All in all, a meh trilogy, with a solid three star rating. I wanted to give the last book more, but... yeah. It was a good read that I probably won't be re-reading.

Also I did two blog tours!

*goes to visit tech support (aka Dad)* *returns* 
I would definitely suggest you buy those books! I won a fantastic giveaway over at Allison's website, receiving a free copy of The Reluctant Godfather, and it's such a sweet little book.


Lots of good movies this month. I'll give each of them a couple sentences. Not many of them are new, so I won't be doing a big movie post anytime soon, but I'm planning on watching a bunch of movies this July and so... yeah. Mwah ha ha. You will soon be subjected to a big post on movies again.
I saw this one in the theater with two of my really good friends, and it was so beautiful. I loved Gal Gadot's performance, and the World War I setting was so great. I did a weird ramble inspired by Wonder Woman earlier this month. Follow the link XD 
Up to now, I've only been a Tony Stark girl based on what I've seen in the Avengers. Now, I finally watched the first and third Iron Man movies (yes, I skipped the second, and yes, it was intentional) and... I am still a Tony Stark girl. Sorry, Steve Rogers folks. :P

I really enjoyed the book version of this, but there was SO MUCH LANGUAGE. I may re-read it, someday. I'm really tempted to now. I don't really want to wade through that again though. The movie was ALMOST as good as the book (the story of the book was still better though) and featured far less language. My younger sister actually watched this one with me. So, yeah. I'd say this was a pretty good one. 

That's right. The show is over and I am a blubbering mess. The end of Season Five... my goodness. I wanted to die. It was so bad and painful... especially when you know that Episode Three is coming. :O I hated this show and yet loved it so much at the same time. And my friend with whom I was watching it immediately turns around and puts on Lego Ninjago, so... we're watching that now. Change of mood much? I don't know. 


I don't know if y'all remember back when I did a post on my writing schedule for the rest of this year? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Disregard it, okay? At the moment I'm just trying to finish Watched. And I am dying. It's killing me slowly. I've also started my Snow White retelling for the Rooglewood Press contest, and... yeah. Someone send help.
I'm also doing Camp NaNo. Still working on Watched. Lord have mercy.


“So, tell me the truth. This is, like, the ultimate question. Do you or do you not like Oreos?” asked Lucas, staring intensely at Jeannie.
    She laughed and brushed her hair over her shoulder before kicking a large rock that lay in her way; it rolled to the side of the walkway with a resounding clang. “I don’t actually know. I haven't had that many of them. I mean, I love the vanilla ones, but not the chocolate ones.”
    “You have got to be kidding. The chocolate ones are the real ones, HELLO!” Lucas slapped his thighs and turned to Melinza. “How are you friends with this person?”

The woods oozed darkness all around Silas as he reined up his horse. He tried not to shudder but failed as he sought for the one thing that could be his salvation: shelter.

          The tree overhead spattered rain on his face and he gagged. “Wherever shall we go?” he shouted over his shoulder.

          Through the rain, hooves cantered to him. Cattail, the old captain of the guard who had considered himself banished with his prince, reined up beside him. “Your Highness, I believe we’ve found a path,” he said, wiping rain from his face.

          Silas sighed. “Not ‘your highness’ anymore, Cattail. Don’t you recall?”

          Cattail ignored him. Per usual. “Nathan is from around here. Follow me back this way.”
~The Snow Maiden

What do you think of my lovely snippets? Please tell me you're intrigued. And I'm sure you're wondering why I am not working on Wings. TBH, I am too. Watched takes precedent right now. :P I will be getting to Wings ASAPossible, though, so... 


  • Lots of renovations on my house. We're getting doors and floors replaced all over the place and the floor needs grout and every time somebody says "grout" this is what comes to mind:

  • So yeah. 
  • The little girl who's been staying with us is going to a different host family, so prayer for her, please. 
  • I got to visit with my best friends quite a bit. That makes me very happy. I'm technically an introvert, but... I love people. #Paradox #ExtrovertedIntrovert
  • It's ice cream season here in New England and I'm loving it.
  • Some of our friends from North Carolina visited and it was great to see people from home. 
  • I'm preparing for some travel coming up! I'm going away for a weekend ALONE and it'll be my first time flying completely alone. *gulp* Prayers appreciated!
So there you have it! My month in a nutshell!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a dystopia to write. Peace out.

How was your month? Are you being swallowed in your attempt to undertake trying NaNo this month? Someone send help! Chat with me in the comments!

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  1. Fall Out Boy is my guilty pleasure too! I secretly like their song Uma Thurman the best, even though I know it's not the greatest in lyrics or in message :/ ... but Immortals and Centuries are my favorites too! It brings me back to when I was twelve and Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco was all I ever listened to, so it brings a sense of nostalgia. :)

    1. I can move mountains I can work a miracle work a miracle whoa keep you like an oath (may nothing but death do us part...)

      Yeah, sorry. It's such a fun song though. XD

    2. It is super fun! I like to walk around shouting it at my house, it annoys my family to death!! :P

    3. My family puts up with that every day!

  2. I'm not doing NaNoWriMo, but I do have goals for this month on my writing. Of course, a lot of life changes as well. Good news is my diploma came in. *jumps up and down* Your month sounded busy. I'm sorry things with the little girl didn't work out. God has a plan.

    Your snippets. I need more! *faints from the need of more snippets* Your writing sounds awesome. As a fan and writer of dystopia, I'm excited. I totally get the lots of projects thing. I have lots of projects. Last time I counted it was 35, but I know that number's gone up to at least forty.

    Centuries and Immortals are awesome songs. I love both of them. My brother likes lego ninjago. My favorite character from that is Lloyd because of inside jokes. Cartoons are awesome. I like watching Race to the Edge on Netflix with my siblings. Its a How to train your dragon cartoon between the first and second movie. It's darker than the other cartoons were and has good suspense. I recommend it.

    Anyway, hopefully July is fun for you. I'm hoping to get a job soon, but I pushed of getting a driver's license until now, so now I have to work on that first. Sorry for the long comment. I tent to ramble, lol. God bless.

    1. Yay! Graduation! (You're ever too old for How to train Yout Dragon.) good luck with that job!

    2. Thank you! Catherine (Farm Lassie) told me the same thing with Httyd. I just like the characters and the movies are funny. I just don't watch a lot of T.V. We don't have cable. We just have netflix and hulu, which was an awesome decision my parents made because we can't stand going other places now where commercials are.

      I'm excited to get a job. Honestly, I want to run my own business. I want to be my own boss at some point. Then I can work on my own schedule. That means more writing time.

      Graduating is kind of weird. Enjoy high school while you can. It really goes by fast once senior year hits.

      God bless you! <3

    3. That's awesome! I will probably not be an entrepreneur, but to those who will: good luck!

  3. Wait, half the year is gone? But 2017 only just started!
    I keep hearing about The Girl Who Could See, and Egypt's Sister looks interesting.
    I especially like that first snippet. Lucas is awesome!

    1. Feels like the year flies by too fast. It felt like the year started yesterday. I keep hearing about The Girl Who Could See, too. I want to buy it soon since its a self-published book.

      God bless.

    2. The Girl who could See was EXCELLENT. The Ebook is two dollars or something and the print copy is six or so, so I would definitely recommend it. Egypt's Sister was really good too.

  4. I'm doing Camp, although I'm not doing so good this first day-- I feel like passing out asleep after traveling for five hours straight, agh. YES FALL OUT BOY'S ALBUM IS AMAZING. I love "Centuries" and "Immortals." I hope your writing process for your Snow White retelling goes smoothly!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Ick. I know the feeling- we've travelled for about twelve hours straight in the past and it stinks to high heaven. XD Good luck!

  5. Oh my word what an amazing bunch of movies and books!! Those book covers are amazing, and YAAAAAS FOR WONDER WOMAN AND IRON MAN!! I binge watch the Iron Man movies so much ;) #TeamIronMan all the way! And I love him and Pepper - they're my OTP <3

    I'm also DYING to watch Wonder Woman! I'm so desperate to watch it it's not even funny.

    Hope you have a lovely July!

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. It was so good. And yes Tony and Pepper are the best.

  6. I'm a Tony Stark girl too.
    He's just....more sarcastic and funny.

    Why did you skip Iron Man II?

    1. We were binge watching and didn't have time to do all three, and I've heard that the second is the worst. My friends brother confirmed that, so... we skipped it. :P I'll still watch it someday though.

  7. I canNOT believe 2017 is halfway over. Like how? HOW? HOOOOWWW???

    That Egypt's Sister book looks really interesting. o.o I've never heard of it before, but now I want to give it a try sometime! And I desperately want to get my hands on The Girl Who Could See. I've only heard good things! That's a shame you didn't like The Winner's Curse books. I've been wanting to try those. They seem so liked by everyone. I'm not so sure. What was the cleanliness level? Was there much language or sexual content? If you don't mind me asking.

    Iron Man used to be my faaaaaaavorite superhero. But Captain America is trying to shove him over in my heart. I think I like them equally. Lol. I saw the Iron Man movies loooong before the Captain America ones even existed, and Tony just amuses me so much. I love his character arc. Buuuut, if I had seen the Captain America movies first, I might like Steve more. I DON'T KNOW. I LOVE THEM ALL! *flails*

    I'm sorry writing is killing you! D: But but but...YOUR SNIPPETS. They're so good! The Oreo one had me cracking up! XD And The Snow Maiden sounds so intriguing. Keep it up! These stories NEED to be written. YOU CAN DO IIIITTTT!!! *waves pompoms*

    You are so brave to go in an airplane alone. o.o I've never even been in an airplane PERIOD. You'll definitely be in my prayers! I hope traveling will be absolutely wonderful, and that your whole July is epic! <3

    1. I actually got an ARC of Egypt's Sister, and I don't remember its release date :/ So... yeah. But it was really good, especially content-wise. The Girl who Could See was AMAZING. As for The Winner's Curse... language was minimal, never getting above the d-word and the a-word. The sexy stuff was kept at a minimum until the last book, when there was some awkward implied stuff but blessedly nothing explicit. There was quite a lot of violence, and one character is implied to be gay, which made me a little uncomfortable, but nothing came of it so it seemed like it was just thrown in for the sake of being there.

      Haha, I saw Cap first and STILL like Tony better! XD

      Aww, thank you so much. I'm going to try! I WILL FINISH THESE BOOKS DADGUMMIT.

      Thanks for the prayer!

  8. Ooh ice cream SEASON!?? I think a whole season should be dedicated to ice cream for sure. In fact, 4 seasons should be. *nods* ALSO GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR WRITING WOOOO!! I did a lot of writing this month, but still lowkey hope to join in Camp NaNo at the end of the month. I'm having a sister visit so I don't want to write while she's here.😜 And I LOVE The Book Thief book and movie. <3 <3 So so super good and well made. I also really enjoyed The Winner's Curse and was like "eh" the first time giving it 3-stars...but then I reread it and adored it and ended up giving the entire trilogy 5 stars. 😂😂
    Hope you have a great July!

    1. It's a beautiful thing. But then we don't get any in the winter. :( Thanks for the good luck wishes! Good luck to you too. Your novel writing speed is #Goals.

      Thanks! You too!

  9. LOVED those snippets!! <3 Hope you have a good July! ^_^

  10. I've been with family, writing, and just resting after months of agony.
    Lol, on a serious note, prayers for you on your trip. I hate planes by themselves...never mind being alone on one. You'll be fine!
    It sounds like you've had an eventful month. :) Good luck on your dystopian.
    God Bless! <3

    1. Thank you! I hope i'll survive this anyway :P

  11. RED is such a good band. Have you heard Pieces? It's one of my favorite. OMG I LOVED WONDER WOMAN!!

    1. I've listened to it a couple of times. All their stuff is amazing, so.. yeah.


    2. Yes, I love Red their stuff is just amazing.

      UGH YES. Wonder Woman and Spider-Man Homecoming are like my favorite two superhero movies.

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