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by - September 12, 2022


It's in the mid-70s where I live, and I saw a singular tree starting to change a couple days now we're going to break out ALL the fall vibes, everybody! I can't wait to share some more stories and about my plans and life. But in the meantime, I'm going to create the ultimate list of Fall Books.

We can't deny that there are some books which go better with another season. So here's a list of books full of colors, cozy sweaters, warm coffee, pumpkin, and the color orange. 

Dorian Gray//Oscar Wilde

I don't really know why this is an autumn book to me, but I think it's the wild and fiery aesthetic--goth artists and a deep dive into the depths of human nature's darkness and ugliness. It just feels autumn-y, a fall of man and the descent into winter, but it's got such an unquestionable vibe that I can't make this list without it.

Wuthering Heights//Emily Bronte

I promise these won't all be classics, but goodness--the falling leaves aesthetic is strong with this story. This one pairs beautifully with a cup of warm chai and a view of falling leaves in the rain. It's tragic and dark, but the ending is wonderful. This book is best read if you get rid of any preconceived notions and take it for what it is--the tragedy of toxic family cycles, and the beauty of deciding to break them.

Caraval//Stephanie Garber

What's more autumn than an enchanted circus/carnival vibe? "Almost everything, Faith," you might say. I don't know--I've always associated autumn with carnivals, because of the county fair and the fact tha those colors are best with crisp fall air and apple cider. Hence why I recommend this book. If you're a fan of magic and circuses, check this book out.

Charlotte's Web//E.B. White

This might be a children's book, but is there anything with more of an autumn kick to it? The county fair scene gets me. I absolutely love this story--it's such an important part of my childhood. Living in New England, where the book is set, makes me able to visualize the fall scenes so beautifully--the trees are all so beautiful. If this was a childhood favorite, fall is the perfect time for a reread.

Inkheart//Cornelia Funke

I don't think this book is set in the fall, but enchanted books! Books where the characters come to life! The entire series is worth a read--it's been one of my favorites for years. The characters are all bright and colorful like fallen leaves, and the story is a wonderful example of the war between good and evil.

An Enchantment of Ravens//Margaret Rogerson

This is a book about the Fey, featuring artists, magic emotions, and a Fey prince who can turn into a raven--what's not to love? Oh, and the male lead is the Prince of Autumn, so the whole book has fall, colors, and falling leaves. It's the best of vibes, and even better if you're holding a PSL in one hand.

the Raven Boys//Maggie Stiefvater

This book is set during the fall semester of high school, so it's obviously absolutely perfect for this list--hauntings, exploration in the beautiful fall mountains of Virginia, rich boys, academia, the works. It's one of the more Halloween-esque books on this list, but Maggie knows how to tell a beautiful story and weave the vibes in.

The Scorpio Races//Maggie Stiefvater

Another one of Maggie's--what can I say? She's just too good. This is the November book of my dreams. It makes me want to eat a November cake and go watch the horse races. Beach-in-the-fall vibes are also something not enough people write about. You can go to the beach in the summer, yes, but it hits different when you have to wear a jacket and avoid the water. This book is the feeling of the beach in a sweater, spread out into one story.

Here's the list, folks! I hope you enjoyed. If you know of any other books worth a read for fall specifically, let me know in the comments!

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  1. we stan Richard Campbell Gansey III and Sean Kendrick in this house 😌

  2. love this! cannot wait to reread the raven boys & scorpio races - they truly are the perfect autumn reads! and always have to reread a harry potter book, as they are the epitome of autumn for me :))

  3. "It's in the mid-70s where I live, and I saw a singular tree starting to change a couple days ago"- yes this is me, I will grab whatever I can of fall and RUN with it as soon as I possibly can. xD Anyway, this is a great list! Books with fall vibes are my FAVORITE. I just wish there was more time in the fall to read all of them! :')

  4. Love al your choices, I just bought The Picture of Dorian Gray. I'm excited to read it.


    That is all.

    This is a great list! The Raven Boys really does have that perfect, spooky, Halloween vibe to it.



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