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 Hello friends! Look at MEEEEE posting again mwahaha. College is starting to grind to a halt, but first it’ll probably run me over like a steam engine, so this maaaaay be the last post y’all see from me for a couple of weeks. We shall see. I’ll definitely have one every week over Christmas break ;) (which starts at Thanksgiving…) 

Or will she >:) 

But for now… today I decided to do a random collab with my bestie Brooke who is remarkably accommodating xD 

Muhahahahha hello >:)

She also has exactly one emoji.

I only have one USEFUL emoji, to be exact. >:)

*insert eye roll* anyway… we’re just going to ramble today! I would pretend to be professional but we all know that would be a lie and I’m just not that kind of person. So today LET’S GO CRAZY and also see how many parentheses I can use in one post (it will be many (more than usual (which is terrifying)))

Oh dear lord. xD She does use a very terrifying amount of parentheses lately. Also neither of us are professional soooooo

Lately? This is always (March 2017 readers where you at???)

Dude yes, I know that’s how you blog XD ←— *has more than one emoji* SO TODAY we thought it would be smart to have us ramble, and idk what will be revealed today. But it will be entertaining to say the least. 

Well, let’s start with this! I’m starting to break out the Christmas music. (Call me a heathen, but this is 2020, so it’s fine this time. I wouldn’t normally do it.) Thoughts???

*Heathens by TOP plays* honestly I was the queen of no Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but I am currently also listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra sooooo it’s 2020 and we can do whatever we want. 

2020 is just… a time tbh. xD (and that’s all I’ll say about that). I’ve been listening to my Christmas playlist on spotify, and currently drinking my tea in my dorm with just Christmas lights on and some lamps. It’s amazing. The aesthetic is just...brilliant.

I want that aesthetic ngl. Seriously, you are the most aesthetic person I’ve met. Wow. Just you do you boo and you do it well ;) 

I am NOOOTTTTTT *sobs* 

Yes you is. <3 

Oh my woooord *sobs harder* anyway, I thought it might be fun to think about some GOOD things that have come out of 2020. LIIIIIKE MY NEW FAVORITE BOOK SERIES, SHADOW AND BONE! (She’s groaning, she KNEW I was going to come back to this…) 

I’m your best friend, of course I did xD but guysss, we did a buddy read for all of Shadow and Bone and someone, not gonna name names or anything *cough* Faith *cough* beat me to reading all three?? She’s super fast, y’all. I don’t know how she does it. (She be a QUEEEEN) but that series is amazing. Faith is marrying Nikolai. We had to decide who got him, BUT then I discovered The Raven Cycle and decided to marry Gansey. I WANTED Ronan Lynch but SOME OF YOU will know why that can’t happen. *sobs*

You and Gansey would do better together though! You’re the compatible ones, you and Ronan are similar and you would fight.

That’s true. I am just gonna say it here and now, I pegged Gansey as an INFJ and I did an internet search. Turns out I was right. Proudest accomplishment ever. But GUYYSS GANSEY IS JUST ACCCKKK *heart eyes* *swoons* Ronan is a bit too much like me, except I don’t cuss like he does. That and one other reason. *httyd2 reference*

*we proceeded to have a private chat, really good, we were both wheezing, too bad y’all missed it. Maybe next time ;)*

Yes that was actually hilarious oh my word xD But going back to S&B because I have to...read it. Read it, please. I will probably do a solo post on it sometime. Thoughts?

*chants* do it. Do it. Do it. 


Ohhhhh look who’s using the emoji now -_- 

ANYWHOOO, since we’re rambling and winging it, let’s see if I can read your mind >:) ask me questions about Shadow and Bone, concerning your opinions, and I’ll see if I can answer them muahahaha

Oh gosh… This could be fun.

Who are my favorite ship(s)? (There are 2 ;))


Jkjk she would never.

She might kill me for that. Rip words in her soul. Muhahha. Okay seriously though, you ship Mal and Alina, then Genya and David. EASY. 

Do not EVER insinuate such a thing again >:( 

Kidding, kidding. (she’s not kidding)

That is correct xD

Muhahahah I know >:) NEXT QUESTION, MATE!

Which book of the three is my favorite? >:)

I would say book three, Ruin and Rising, because the ships are soaring. 

And you would again be correct! Next...hmmm… which of the Iconic Moments is my favorite? 

OOh there are so many that you love so dearly. But… if I had to pick just one… it would be when Alina [spoilers]

Yes that is correct xD For those of you who can’t see that… if you’ve read it, it’s the climax of book 3. But Alina and Mal’s first kiss will forever be one of my favorite moments in book history.

Yesssss. Can we just talk about how I could STILL ship Nikolai and Alina. That is… if I didn’t ship him with you of course. 

He is MINE thank you xD I don’t need a real man when Nikolai exists.

Accurate. xD All right nowwww I’m going to ask YOU three questions about my preferences in The Raven Cycle. Muahaha. And you have to see how well you know me. >:) 

Who is my top ship in the series?

Gansey and Blue *NODNOD*

Yessssssss my children!!! I love them. What Iconic moment (so far) is my favorite. (I’m only in book two guys.)

Hmmmm… we shall go with the glitter scene with throwing people out of windows ;)

YES. Oh my word. Noah and Ronan are my boissss. Yes. And FINALLY… What is my favorite friendship/sentimental moment from the book? >:)


Um...no. try again. xD 

Uhhhhh…. Well. That. That is a good question. The… uh.

I’m stuck you got me



*sobs* Yes. The you and me scene of the book. *sobs harder* Yes. That’s my favorite scene ever. 

We’re going to call that the end of this collab for now, but we will be back sometime soon with another of these! I hope you have as much fun reading this as we did writing it! Leave us some comments below so we can see them >:) and we will BOTH respond.

I will respond faster than she does >:) because I’m faster at that muhahahaha

-_- that’s all folks!

Stay amazing!

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  1. This made me so happy to do, boo. I love when we do things like this. I can't wait to do part two later muhahahaha. So much fun, and totally smart of us to do late at night. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    I love youuuuuu so much!!!! you're the bestest. <3

    1. Yes we MUST do part two >:) This was SO fun.

      I love you too!!!

  2. THIS. COLLAB. WAS. PURE. EPICNESS. It made my Monday morning infinitely better. :D

    *when it's been so long since you read the Raven Cycle that you forget that Blue and Noah kissed and you get shook all over again* XD DREAM ME THE WORLD IS SUCH A GOOD LINE OH MY WORD *FANGIRLING*

    *nods* those are fantastic husband decisions, 110% approve



      yes they are! <3 <3

    2. YAY! So glad it was enjoyable ^_^

      Yesssss that was stunning xD and YESSSS *flails forever*

      Good they are officially ours then *nods*

  3. XD You guys are hilarious and I'm glad to see that you are still laughing! Now, I haven't read either of those series, and want particularly planning to, but you miiight have changed my mind. ;)

    1. >:) that's how we are haha.

      I will warn of some content, but the writing for both is just beautiful ngl. The Raven Cycle has more content than Shadow and Bone I think.


    2. We have an excellent time xD

      Yes, content levels are in there for sure, but if you can get past that, definitely recommend!!!

  4. love this post! :) DREAM ME THE WORLD is my FAVORITE line from the series (which is saying a lot bc i legit have raven cycle calligraphy quotes all over my room). it's just so beautiful *sobs*.

    GANSEY IS ADORABLE AND I LOVE HIM. also now you're making me want to reread the raven cycle (for the 5th time sshhh)...maybe over christmas break (eyes the 470+ pg book i have to read for macroeconomics *sobs*). ♥️


      I 12/10 support the reread. You have to have some fun reading mixed with school reading am I right?? >:)



      Yesss please reread it! It will be WORTH it.

      Ganseyyyyy *sobs*

  5. Aaaaah this was such a fun post! I want to see more of this for SURE, and maybe I will try it sometime with one of my friends?

    You are not alone in using excessive parentheses...that is my realm as well. XD

    I now need to go read The Raven Cycle (except it's taking FOREVER to come in at the library!)

  6. OH MY GRACIOUS YOU GIRLS ARE MY FAVORITE!!! I was grinning so hard through this entire thing!

    So, erm, I may start listening to Christmas music the day it turns November 1st. I won't listen to it earlier than that (usually). But the second November is here? CHRISTMAS MUSIC ALL DAY ERRRRYDAY. I literally have it on right now. XD

    Alas, I have not read the Shadow and Bone books OR The Raven Cycle. BUT I WANT TO. And you're both making me want to even MORE. So yes, it needs to happen!

    Thank you both for sharing those dose of happiness! It definitely brought a smile today! <3

    1. oh my gosh I might cryyyyyy!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

      hahaha I support Christmas early muhahah.

      You should definitely read those!!

      so happy we could make you smile today!! <3


      We stan Christmas music in this house *nods*

      SHADOW AND BONE IS JUST THE BOMB THAT'S ALL THERE IS. And TRC is... phenomenal *sobs*

      YAY!!!!!! :D

  7. "She also has exactly one emoji. /I only have one USEFUL emoji, to be exact. >:)" Y'all are hilarious and amazing xD. (and all the Raven Cycle love in this post made me a happy little puddle)

    1. haha thank you xD <3 <3 <3 you are AMAZING too!!


    2. She does have one useful emoji xD

      Thank you for readinngggggggg so glad you enjoyed!!!

  8. Love this! Doing collabs with your bestie seems like a blast.
    I need to read the Shadow and Bone series, I love Raven Boys.
    Guess Gansey and I had more in common than I thought with the Infj thing. XD

  9. Oh my goodness, you two are hilarious! This post was pure gold and I REALLY want to read these books now! Can't wait for the next collab! ^_^

  10. wow what a wonderful collab. I love how your friendship really shines through. best friends are always important and crucial to life. I know mine definitely has been there for me through a lot and it's always very nice to see other best friends who do the same. lovely post. I look forward to seeing more from you.

    ~ r.e
    a thousand broken words

  11. I ADORE this ramble. It is so fun and cool. <3
    SHADOW AND BONE. Mal and Alina, David and Genya are the best ships. And the climax from book 3 is AMAZING. And honestly I think that book 3 is the best of the three. Haha, I basically agree with you. Isn't Mal and Alina's first kiss in book 1, in the forest? If it is, that scene is so good. *dies from feels*
    *Gasp* I can't believe she joked about shipping the Darkling and Alina. He's so creepy and he honestly scared me. Stay away from my Alina. He deserved what he got.
    Oh, Nikolai is a pretty cool character, I like him a lot, but only as long as he stays away from Alina. Haha, I 100% on the Mal team.
    Also I read the Shadow and Bone trilogy in 2020 too!
    I know it is clear that there will be a part 3, but part 3 please and thank you!! <3


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