We Cannot Divide.

by - July 20, 2020

Human rights. A virus. Eating in restaurants. Treating people civilly when they dress differently from you.

When did it start being divided strictly down a party line?

We're all being played, being drawn in and confused, and we play along. They are the enemy, hisses the news, whether they're pointing to red or to blue, and we hiss right along with them, sharpening our claws in the direction of the other side. Sides, sides, sides. Our states are colored on the map, colors bleeding into each other, blotting out the minority and showing that your opinion doesn't actually matter--you better hope you're living near lots of like-minded people, or your voice changes nothing. It's a year divided by 4, and so everything gets devoured by politics and more politics.

And it aches.

We're splitting in factions, splintering down the middle. If civil war came right now, which doesn't seem as unlikely as it once did, it wouldn't be a war of two armies--it would be hundreds of tiny sub-groups fighting over city blocks.

If you speak up, you're wrong. If you stay silent, you aren't bringing out justice. If you wear a mask, you're submitting to an unfair government. If you don't wear a mask, you're endangering the entire country.

Stop dividing

If you don't get involved in every single social cause with everything you have, you're not doing your part. If you say nothing, you're left with a sense of unease, because that...that probably is wrong.

Everything is wrong.

It all feels wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong...


We are the body of Christ

a body cannot work entirely without all of the parts

we must come back together

instead of dividing

let's love people, the people in our immediate circle, the people we can see and touch and feel, and start a ripple effect

let's train our children someday to be good people and break the cycle and love all people the same

let's fight against injustice and stop making excuses, while also looking at things with a clear mind and not pure outrage

let's join together

stop dividing



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  1. Wow. I just.. wow. You are 100% right and i hope people wake up and realize this.

    1. I hope they do too. It feels like such a broken record, but people need to stop fighting and realize that we're all human and there is a level of brokenness we can't defeata on our own. Thank you for reading <3

  2. You are so right. The party divisions are not good for our country...we need to learn to see more about people than what their politics are. And also, assume that people are trying to do what they think is good!

    1. The party divisions are SO exhausting. And I agree entirely on that *sobs*

  3. Your beautiful words have struck the heart of the matter again! Yes, yes, yes. We all need to unite and be one together! <333 Thanks, girl.

    1. Thank you, Clare! *sobs* We do need to and it just HURTS that no one will. Argh.


    Yes, girl, YES! This has been on my heart for a good while now. It's just SICKENING how right split down the middle we are about e v e r y t h i n g. From big to tiny nonsense. Just whyyy? We're ALL human. We ALL have emotions. We ALL have souls. Why are we so nasty to each other instead of just loving one another? For some reason it makes people feel good about themselves when they get all riled up in a debate and tear people down just ???? What is this argumentative, divided world we're creating?

    We absolutely need to stop dividing and just LOVE. To love the people around us and start that ripple effect, just like you said.

    This post is so needed right now. Thank you for sharing! <3

    1. *joins you in screaming amen*

      I KNOWWWWWWWW WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO AWFUL? People are so cold and cruel and it just...it's frustrating and I desperately pray it ends soon.

      YES WE DO. Social media isn't the answer. The people directly around us are.

      Thank you for reading! <3

  5. AMEN. We may never fully agree because life is full of so many ambiguities, but we need to remember where we are united: in the love and worship of Christ!! 💗

    Good post! 💗

    1. YES. We stand in him and that's the ONLY sure foundation.

  6. boo,
    I'm sobbing. This is beautiful. I love you. This is perfect.
    I love you so much <3 <3 <3

  7. Very good. The division is outrageous. I've been seeing a civil war in the works for several years though. What we are witnessing isn't new or sudden. It's the effects of something long coming. Of fear and selfish desires ruling for far too long. Keep writing, girl! Keep thinking, and seeing, and speaking!

    MB: keturahskorner.blogspot.com
    PB: thegirlwhodoesntexist.com

    1. No, I agree with that, but I will say that it has escalated far more quickly of late than it has been. Thank you, Keturah <3

  8. 100% agreed! All this anger and division does absolutely nothing for anyone. We need peace and we need solutions, and the only way either of those happen is if people stop yelling as though the other person is the enemy and recognize that we're all in the same boat, we're all on the same world, and we need to see these issues from all our perspectives in order to decide how to move forward. Great post!


    1. Yes agreed entirely <3 The disunity is terrifying. I can only pray that God will restore.

  9. Interesting point! It's true that division affects all of us and sometimes we need to see the other perspectives to understand why they see the world that way.

    Loren | Plaid + Sugar

  10. Thank you for using your platform to speak positivity and truth!! These are words we all need to hear right now. <3

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