Despair and Destruction

by - June 01, 2020

How much of this is true? I asked once.

What are the facts? I once wondered.

Now I realize the truth: it doesn't matter what the facts are, not in a world driven by the media and by fear and by culture. It only matters what people think.

And the thing is that hearts and minds are the hardest things to change when what you have is truth.

We started out nervous about a new virus, but then the media stepped in and took the hints of fear and fanned them into blazing wildfires. And now people are being chased off beaches for daring stand still to look at the sun. Christians could get in serious trouble for singing out loud in church. People who don't wear masks will be denied service in stores.

And now there are riots in the streets, riots that are the results of furious simmering anger that has now risen and flamed up to a boil. Anger that's been ignored until it's too late.

This country is getting to a point of no return. A point where if we aren't careful, we'll descend into anarchy and madness and brokenness that will take years to recover from.

This world is broken.

We have to remember that, and we have to know, for a fact, that we have no chance without God. Call me whatever you want for it. Everyone seems to think that Christianity is a thing of the past. God isn't going to help us. We're lost as a society.

That's what they all say. But here's the truth: even if we don't know what God is planning, what he's doing, we can find peace in his promises.

Shouting on social media isn't going to do anything for you, nor is it going to change the world. Agreeing with people when it's popular isn't going to change anything. There is nothing about Jesus that the world wants to hear when it is in despair, because it doesn't want to hear that it has to look at something outside of itself. 

The world wants to find solutions within itself.

But the only true solution is Jesus. 

And we would be wise to remember that.

In the darkness, in everything we've done, in everything wrong with this world, there is still hope. There is Jesus. There is God.

He is good.

In all things, he is good.

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  1. <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much for writing this - it was exactly what I needed to hear after everything going on the past few days/weeks/months. (wow, this really has been going on for a while, hasn’t it XD)

    1. <3 <3 It's been such a disaster of time and I'm so tired but HE IS STILL GOOD <3

  2. This is so true, and so important to remember. God is the one Who we should focus on in this time, no matter how much the world wants to focus on social media and outrage. Thank you for putting yourself out there and saying things that need to be said <3 <3

  3. <3 You're amazing, my love. I love you so much.

  4. "The world wants to find solutions within itself.
    But the only true solution is Jesus."

    There is not enough air in my lungs to scream "YESSS!!!" to this as long and loud as I want to. What a beautiful remind in the face of such darkness. No, we don't have the answers, but Jesus does, and through Him we can conquer all.

    Thank you for sharing, you beautiful soul. You always speak such powerful truth. <3

    1. <3 Thank YOU for the encouragement, Christine. It means so much <3

  5. Yes to everything in this post. Faith is the only thing that will bring us true healing, and wow, have we got a lot of hurts to heal.

  6. A friend asked me, "What do you think will be our point of no return?"
    I said, "When people like us lose our dignity to stand against tyranny."

    It's sad. I hate it. But it's coming.
    And the only thing, one, to save us through this is all, is He who you mentioned.


    1. Only He can save us. And only if we turn back. And it breaks my heart. And all we can do is pray.

  7. This is gorgeous! Just reading this made me feel calmer. <3 You have such a loving heart!

    1. <3 Thank you so much, Clare. I appreciate it a million times over.

  8. Amen! Jesus is the ONLY solution!!

    1. Amen. I'm praying that more people see that and turn to him.


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