Writing Goals 2020

by - January 13, 2020

Hello lovely readers! A new year means new novels for this crazy writer. So...l am here to share them with you all so you have an idea of what I'm doing for writing this year (because IMPORTANT xD)

I'm not trying to make a schedule here, because I have NO CLUE what's going to be happening in my life this year and when I'll be doing anything. But!!!! Here are my writing plans/goals for 2020!!!!

(pics are all just random aesthetics from Pinterest. I own nothing. All rights to the original creators.)

-Finish Not the Chosen One. My urban fantasy-mafia-dragons-snark standalone, which is mostly done but hasn't yet been finished. It needs to be. Badly. So...WE WRITE IT. This year MWAHAHAAA

-Finish Watched. I recently dug this old book out of the recesses of my computer and read through it, and WOW. This is actually way better than I remember and I want to finish it xD It's a Christian dystopian novel set in Washington DC about thirty years in the future.

-Make a plan of attack for rewriting The King's Daughter. I've been doing so many rounds of edits, and honestly...what this story needs is really just a good solid overhaul and rewrite.

-Work on the PROOOOJJEEEECCCTTTTT that no one is allowed to know about right now (all I can say is it's a group effort and has three contributors and will be fantastic if a plot can ever be found)

-Start work on two new trilogies:
>This Dark, formerly known as the Super Secret Project, an alternate-history World War II novel
>Holding Up the Sky, an entirely new project that you'll hear more about next month *smirks*

-Get published on Havok at least two more times (with stories written in 2020--my story coming in February that I wrote in 2019 doesn't count, haha)

-Brainstorm for my future project without a name that will be BRUTAL when it happens mwahaha

-Participate in both Camp NaNoWriMos because thanks to college I'm doubting I'll be able to do the actual November event.

-Take on no more than two critique projects at a time. I love to critique, but it stresses me when I have like fifteen in my google docs at a time, so...reduce, people. Reduce quantity and reduce stress.

-Probably do the Go Teen Writers 100-for-100

-Come up with a writing schedule in college so I can keep doing it consistently

I'm ready for winter.

And I think that's it!!!!!!

What are your writing goals for 2020? Comment below and let me know! And if you're in college...do you try to juggle in writing? 

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    Good luck on all your goals - especially figuring out that writing schedule in college! You got this! <3

    1. IKR *screams forever* YES!!!! SO EXCITEMENT

      Thank you!!!! and same to you!

  2. I just want to hear more about all of these!!! Especially Holding Up the Sky and This Dark!! You've got this, it sounds fantastic! Write, write, write!!! ;D

    1. Thank you! <3 I can't wait for you to read them!


    You have another Havok story coming in February?? Dude so do I! I feel like our stories always come out really close to each other. xD I can't wait to read yours!!

    Oh man, that totally stinks that you might not be able to do NaNo this year. *cries for you* But I'm sure you'll rock those Camps, and everything else you have planned for this year! You're insane but it's fine. xD Good luck!! <3


    1. I am so excited about that one *flails softly*

      February 6th!!!! :D And I can't WAIT for yours!

      Yeah, but it'll be okay. I might see if I can make it happen, but I'm not counting on it is all xD I'll be taking a full course load in school. But camps will be AMAZING!!!! :D

  4. I think I remember you talking about Watched a while ago. Isn't it nice, though, when you pull out old drafts and realize they're not as bad as you thought?

    Your goals are all so awesome! I hope the best for you.

    1. YES! It was several years ago, but ya know. It'll be fine. And that's just the best feeling :D

      Thank you so much, Sarah!

  5. SO MANY EPIC THIIIIINGS. GIRL. I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT. I usually have two big writing projects for the year--one for NaNo and one for not-NaNo. How you write like a GAZILLION words a year AND edit AND everything else just... TEACH ME YOUR WAAAAYS.

    Okay but also? These all sound like such great projects!!! I am SO excited about Not the Chosen One. It just sounds like the most amazing thing. Oh, oh! I remember you talking about Watched back when you first started blogging. :O EEP. How special you want to revisit it! And oooh, what is this secret project? Color me intrigued! PLUS two new trilogies? *SHRIEKS* SO MANY LOVELY FAITH THINGS COMING INTO EXISTENCE. Can't wait to hear moooore!

    Cheering you on all the way as you dive into this awesomeness. You're gonna ROCK this year!

    1. I don't even know, man xD It just happens. But also your projects SLAY so... :D

      I am too!!!! And yes, all of these books are exciting me so muchhhhh. I'm ridiculously excited to have found that I have story ideas outside of Pentegreens because I'm always paranoid that I'll wash out without that series. ;) Thank you!

      Thank you so much, Christine! <3 You're going to rock this year TOO!

  6. Hopefully 2020 will be the year of SUPER COOL PROJECTS!!! We all got this, yah?

  7. Best of luck with all these goals, Faith!! I'm always flabbergasted by the amount of writing you're able to do. xD

    Writing has definitely been a challenge for me in college. I kid you not when I say that last semester, I legit did not touch any of my manuscripts. Like, any. At all. But I was also taking the maximum courseload and doing five shows in the semester. People say you're busy in college, but it can be hard to process that because you look at your schedule and think "Well, look at all these gaps in between my classes" or "I barely have any class on Fridays," but you're like . . . living on your own for the first time ever. An astonishing amount of time is taken up by things like laundry. Feeding yourself. Keeping house. Getting from place to place. Plus work, if you have that, which many do. It's easy to think you'll have a lot of free time, but then you get there and realize you really don't.

    I think what I've learned is that you have to actively make time for your writing even more than in high school. I went down from a maximum courseload to an average one this semester. I'm limiting myself to 2-3 shows instead of 5. Part of that is just so that there are times when I'm NOT doing things and I can relax more, but a lot of it is also to leave room for my own personal creative projects. I realized that being able to work on them is way more important to me than powering through my major in the shortest possible time.

    I've been using this site called WriteTrack lately that's helped me a lot. I'm too tired to try to write a hyperlink code right now lol so here's a standard link: https://writetrack.davidsgale.com/. For some reason, having an external source keeping me accountable to my daily goals works a lot better for me than just having my own brain yell at me if I fail lol. It's also super easy to adjust your daily goals on there, so it's been great for me because I can change my daily goals depending on how much class I have each day. Different things work for different writers, of course, but I just thought I'd drop this resource down here in case it might be helpful :)

    Anyhow, to wrap this all up, I wish you luck with these goals, I can't wait to see what you write, and if anyone's capable of writing the next great American novel while juggling 8 jobs and 10 classes, it's probably you ;)

    - Eleanor

    1. Awww, thanks, Eleanor! I'm excited about all of these projects too ;)

      Yeah, definitely. I'm expecting very, VERY little free time xD I'm planning to take almost a full course load my first semester too, so...xD we'll see how that goes.

      That totally makes sense and I wish you the best of luck in figuring that out! Balance is hard for all of us to find, but I think you're totally capable of finding it ;)

      Ooh, that sounds so cool! I'll have to look into it.

      Thank you so much! You're awesome. And awwww, you're just too nice to me xD <3

  8. Wow, that's crazy ambitious! I love the titles for your projects though. Particularly "Not The Chosen One", lol.

    For me, I'm going to get "Faithless" published, write Part One of the third installment in my fantasy series, finish "The Snow Dragon", and hopefully one other new manuscript that I haven't decided on yet. We'll see what actually happens!

    Happy (belated) New Year!

    1. Thank you! I love that title a good bit myself ;)

      Ooh these all sound so good! And I'd love to read them!

      Thanks! Happy New Year to You too.

  9. THAT'S A LOT. HOW ARE YOU SO AMAZING??!! This inspires me to get back into my, erm, very much neglected projects. *wince*

    Yes to all of these. I want all of them NOWWWWW.

    1. I DON'T EVEN KNOW MAN xD But your projects are even MORE amazing so ;)

  10. That's a lot of goals, but at the speed you write I think you'll finish them all.


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