2019 Goals Revisited and 2020 Goals Established

by - January 09, 2020

2019 Goals

1. Keep up with my writing goals--NO

hahahaha no. I am a pantser and I pantsed this year within an inch of my life. I had a whole schedule and everything, and broke from it to write a novella, edit two books, rewrite a book with a hardcore outline, and pants a 119k NaNoWriMo novel that I thought was going to be the end of me. The Super Secret project was not written. My Rooglewood project was not even touched. RIP me.

2. Reach 500 Instagram followers--YES

Yes! I actually got to 600 ^_^

3. Start a ledger--YES

This kind of fell off while I didn't have a job, but now that I have one again I'm doing my best to wrangle it. If only my paychecks were consistent...

4. Pray outside a Planned Parenthood/abortion clinic 10 times.--PARTIAL

*counts on fingers* I think I did that three or four times this year. It wasn't as many as I'd wanted, but it was better than last year. It's just SUCH a drive to get to the two we have.

5. Get my license--YES

YES YES YES!!!!! March 2019 saw me an official licensed driver.

6. Work out 3 times a week.--NO

HAHAHAHA NO although Brookie, my BFF, and I are working on this together. I have two different sets of dumbbells now and a personal trainer app and I'm making a point of getting on the treadmill when I can.

7. Make a college decision.--YES

Done! I am now in the Patrick Henry College class of 2024. (Now to PAY for college...hahaha someone help me)

8. Tell my friends how I really feel.--YES

This is a harder one, but the fact that I've found friends I can trust has definitely contributed to making this easier on me.

9. Read the Bible in a year--PARTIAL

I got through September on my reading plan! Does that count? xD

10. Sing like no one is listening--SORT OF

I've embarrassed my sisters in shopping malls so many times this year and I keep finding myself singing at work, and I'm pretty much always singing with the microphone at church these days, so I'd say yeah. At least in the literal sense. I'm still kind of self conscious but I am TRYYYYINGGGG, I really am.

11. Break a habit--NO

This wasn't specific enough, haha. FAIL.

12. Tell someone about the Gospel--SORT OF

Well...does the four-year-old I talked to at VBS count? xD 

13. Stay under allotted daily time on phone--NO

*coughs wildly* No.

14. Discover new music--YES

*currently jamming to oldies* *scream-sings to Journey* Is this new music? No. Is it new to me? No. But I like it so...yeah xD Basically I just stole all of Nicki Chapelway's music and she stole all of mine so...we're good.

2020 GOALS

1. Get onto a workout regimen

Thanks to my boo, Brooke, I've found some free workout apps that don't require equipment or a gym membership, and I'm excited to tackle trying to make that a daily part of my routine. This is going to be the year I actually make getting into shape a priority.

2. Save $4,000 for college

Possible? I have no idea. But I am going full time over the summer, and I'd like to be able to put at least a dent in my tuition, because right now...it's looking nasty.

3. Survive semester 1 of college.

The most lofty goal here by far. Will I survive? Who can know. But I'm willing to try...

4. Do at least 3 Students for Life events

*sighs* My involvement with my Students for Life group has been abysmal lately, but before I go to college, I want to get at least three events in. We're going to finish high school strong.

5. Go to accepted students day at school and maybe find a roommate

This is a big goal because it involves another road trip to Virginia *dies*, but I think it'll be fun and I'm excited by the prospect of meeting the people I'm actually going to spend 4 years of my life with!

6. Budget every. Single. Month.


7. Get involved with Students for Life at college

Pretty self-explanatory *shrugs*

8. Send out at least three queries

We'll see about this goal, since none of my books are currently in a shape that will allow for a good pitch, but....I'm writing a couple of new stories this year, and hopefully those will be strong enough to query by December or something.

9. Get on a writing schedule.

No more of this 10k one day, 0 words for the next three. I'm going to be consistent and have actual goals to work toward if it kills me.

10. Create an income plan for college and for paying off college

Loans exist, y'all. It's a bummer, but that's why I have a job. So I need a plan for paying this stuff off.

11. Start singing lessons

Will I do this? Who knows! But my college has great rates for music lessons and I'd love to learn to sing, so...this makes the list.

12. Consistent sleep schedule

HAHAHAHAHAA this is the least likely thing on this list

13. Calendar blocking

I wanna know WHEN I am doing stuff and have a TIMETABLE with scheduled downtime and family time because GUESS WHO NEEDS THAT

14. Stick to my written TBR for fiction reading

I actually made a TBR for 2020! Goodbye to mood reading! This is insane! 

That's it, folks! What are some of your 2020 goals? Do you think I'm crazy? (Because I am, no need to spare my feelings).

Also, I'm going to be on more of a schedule for blogging in 2020! I say this as I post from a Thursday rather than a Monday, but my goal is to post every Monday with some sort of actual streamlined content. There will be writing tips and tricks, life updates, conviction posts, and writing updates, in general, so I hope you'll stick around for some of that! Consistency is key here.

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  1. *screams* Faith, all of this is so exciting!!! You've got this, girl!!!!

  2. Such awesome goals!! You know we're behind you all the way! <333

  3. Good luck, Faith!!! You got this! (and good luck with the workout thing - that’s awesome of you and Brooke to do) <3


    1. Thank you!!! <3 (Yeah! I'm pretty excited about it :D)


  4. Best of luck in accomplishing all your goals, Faith! I'm starting college in the fall as well and it's a bit daunting--but definitely an adventure!

    So cool that you're involved with Students for Life. :D

    1. Thank you! And ahhh, good luck to you on your college as well! It's going to be terrifying but WE GOT THIS.
      Thanks! <3

  5. YESSSSS GO FAITH!!! These goals are epic and I know you've got this <3

    College eek. It's gonna be insaaaane. Honestly I'm more concerned about surviving scholarship-hunting and all the pre-semester paperwork than the actual moving out and starting a new life part... BUT ALL OF IT IS SCARY. And exciting. And it's going to be such an adventure.

    1. Thank you luv! <3

      I know. I'm terrified of the whole process honestly? But I think it'll be okay. Part of it is that I'm moving 11 hours from home, haha...*chokes* *dies* but it's FIIIIINE

  6. BOO, YOU'VE GOT THIS YEAR IT IS YOURS TO CONQUER!!! I'm so proud of you for setting goals and I hope you know that even if you don't reach all of them, you are making real steps to everything you want to do. Love you so much!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much boo <3 <3 <3 I love youuuuuu and you're the bestest and ahhhhh all the hearts

  7. Ahh, these goals are all AMAZING!!! You've totally got this *cheers* <3

  8. That is so awesome that you took the time to pray in front of an abortion clinic! I admire your passion so much.

    I feel your pain with the money/budgeting goals. *cries with you* WE NEED A SEPARATE JOB JUST TO BUY COFFEE. But I feel good about my goals for saving/sensible spending this year, so if I can do it so can you! *cheers you on*

    AND DUUUDE COLLEGE. Let's just crawl under a rock instead, yes? I keep saying I'm planning to start this summer but I haven't gotten the nerve to sign up yet. And I need to SOON. *dies*

    Your goals are awesome and I believe in you!! Good luck! <3


    1. Thank you! <3 I need to do it more, honestly.

      I AGREE SO MUCH. If only my side hustle paid me *sobs* YES!!!!! WE CAN DO THIS

      Agghhhh college will be the end of me and I hope you can survive signing up because IT IS WORTH IT OKAY xD

      Thank you so much luv! <3

  9. Ahhh YES all the goals!!! I hope you can smash all your 2020 goals. <33
    (And yes that four-year-old totally counts. XP)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you can too!
      (Okay good I thought so but alsooooo *sobs*)

  10. *screams* *more screams* *actually screaming forever*
    SO. Good job and I LOVE your goals. Also the praying outside Planned Parenthood one was definitely one of my top favorites!!!! (Working on doing that over here in NZ sometime!!)
    Annndddd.... *coughs* it sounds as if your goals for 2020 are basically (if successfully pulled off) a life make-over.
    *cheering* YOU GO GIRL!!!

    1. *joins you in screaming*
      THANK YOU!!!!!! (And I hope you can! It's hard and heart-wrenching but rewarding.)
      It would be and that terrifies me but I need it, dude xD
      THANK YOU!

  11. OH MY GRACIOUS, GIRL. You're going to be doing such big things this year! All these college plans are epic and I AM JUST SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! You're diving into big, new, scary things, and I KNOW you're going to rock them all. I hope 2020 proves to be the best year ever for you. Cheering you on all the way! <3

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty scared but also excited by the challenge and it's going to be great :D

  12. This are amazing goals!! You can totally do it!!!

    If you're looking for help in the life organization area, I totally recommend checking out Amy Landino on YouTube if you haven't already. She has TONS of useful videos on that and she's totally hilarious. She's the reason I created a morning routine and started calendar blocking. I seriously can't recommend her enough.

    1. Thank you!!!!!

      Ooh, that sounds amazing! I'll look her up :D

  13. AAA sounds like you have a big year coming up!! Best of luck with your goals, and especially college! You're gonna kill it!

    (also YESSSS to calendar blocking: it's savEd my life! I should get back to it, hahaha)
    Hanne || losingthebusyness.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you so much! And you absolutely will kill next semester!

      (Ahhhh yes. Definitely need it xD)

  14. Congrats on completing so many goals! And good luck with the new ones!


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