A KIND OF DEATH: An Anthology that Published Multiple of my Friends????

by - November 01, 2019

A princess who makes dangerous bargains with the afterlife. A man desperate to save his wife, no matter the cost. An uber driver for the undead.
Death, whether real or metaphorical, comes for us all. Yet it is not always the end. And in the depths of grieving can be the promise of hope and redemption.
The tales and poems in this anthology explore the depths of love, loss, and transformation. Whether in a reimagined folktale or a modern urban fantasy, A Kind of Death features a fine balance of tragedy and comedy, but always with a hint of wonder and hope.
As this anthology concerns matters of loss (all handled tastefully and without graphic depiction), certain stories might prove challenging for sensitive readers. Recommend reading with a hot beverage and/or a packet of tissues.


Accckckkk you guys I am so excited to be bringing you the blog tour for Uncommon Universes Press's A Kind of Death! This anthology looks so good--both hard and amazing--and I can't WAIT to read it.

I was actually supposed to do a review of it, haha. I have the ARC and everything...and then my kindle went on the fritz and I COULDN'T READ IT. So I still have it...I just need an alternate way to READ it. Because I really really REALLY want to! I just haven't had the chance yet *sobs*

But I know my sweet friend Savannah Grace has a story featured in here, and a couple of other people I know from Instagram, and I can't wait to read their stories *beams from ear to ear* It's going to be so good.

Also! There is a giveaway! And today is the last day you can enter that, so you should definitely enter if you haven't yet:

Can't wait to read this book!!!!!! Have you checked it out yet???

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic anthology! Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. This sounds like such a great anthology! I'll have to see where I can find it!


  3. I got the arc of this! And I cannot wait to read it!!!


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