BLOG TOUR: A Certain Sort of Madness by Nicki Chapelway (with Interview!)

by - October 12, 2018

Hello, my dear friends! Today I want to introduce to you once again my dear critique partner and friend Nicki Chapelway! She's about to publish her next book, A Certain Sort of Madness (you can find my post from the cover reveal here), and has given me the honor of interviewing her for her blog tour. So, let's dive in!

Insanity is catching…

Alicia Hareton is crazy. But that’s nothing new. Her insanity is inherited from her mother, just like her magical abilities and her blood ties to the strange and alluring world of Amar. She’s spent her life on Earth and yet Amar has always called to her, an intoxicating melody that she cannot ignore. Returning to Amar would put her life in danger, but Alicia has never let such technicalities stop her before.

However, when her mother is captured due to her reckless actions, Alicia will do anything to rescue her. That includes trusting her grumpy, sarcastic imaginary friend, who claims he doesn’t know her and doesn’t seem that imaginary anymore. Or that trustworthy. Together, with the help of her cousin and a band of misfits, they partake in an extremely ill-advised heist on the faerie court in order to find a way to defeat the most powerful mage in all Amar, who also happens to be Alicia’s grandfather. But not everything in the faerie court is as it seems, and soon this unlikely group find themselves fighting for their lives as well as the lives of those they love.

In a world of madness and magic, the lines between lies and loyalty are blurred and sometimes the only option you have left is to let the insanity loose.

About the Author: 
Nicki has been writing since she was eleven years old. She published her first book A Week of Werewolves, Faeries, and Fancy Dresses at the age of fifteen, one year after she finished writing it. She enjoys reading, writing, swimming when she can, and fan-girling (in other words: obsessing over other peoples' stories almost as much as her own). She also enjoys watching TV, her favorite movies and TV shows include: Doctor Who, Avengers, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Nicki currently resides in Ohio with her family of eight and two dogs, Rylie and Zoey. She is now working on the next books in the My Time in Amar series- when she's not distracted by other stories (both hers and others'). You can contact her at

I'm lucky enough to be good friends with Nicki herself, and she was wonderfully gracious to me with my lateness on sending her questions for this interview. I tried to come up with some more unique questions, so we'll see how this goes. Read on for the interview! 

Interview with Nicki Chapelway

Faith: What is your favorite thing to do outside of writing (and no cheating and saying reading)? 

Nicki: Dang it, I was totally going to say reading. Um... I'm going to have to say watching TV, because I love movies almost as much as books. I also enjoy coloring but that's more of an off and on kind of hobby.

FT: If you could play a musical instrument which one would it be and why? 

NC: Probably piano, because it's so elegant. Plus, it's the instrument we actually have at our house and it just sits there. Mocking. Me. Always asking the question, "Why can't you play me?"

FT: Laptop stickers: yay or nay? 

NC: Considering I had to Google it to even figure out what it was I would say probably nay... but I'm a big enough fangirl that I'm tempted now. I am severely tempted.

FT: Which of your characters is the swooniest? (I'm cruel, I know). 

NC: Okay, wow, you are cruel. Yeesh, this is so hard right now. I love all of my male characters for different reasons, Easton is so sweet and kind and generous, Dante is a sarcastic cinnamon roll, and out of my male characters Cedric is the most like me in a cute little anti-hero way- but I'm going to have to go with Dirk, who is a character that I have yet to finish the story of, but he's always been my favorite. And I long ago decided that if I could bring any of my characters to life and marry them, it would be him.

FT: Favorite genre to write besides portal fantasy?

NC: Eh... can I say high fantasy? Or is that too close? If so, I also love writing retellings (fairy tales, classics, etc.) and Sci-Fi is fun, though I haven't written a full book in that genre.

FT: If you had a thousand dollars what would you spend it on?

NC: I would probably save it the best I can, cracking it out to buy the occasional soundtrack or book that I want, but the majority would probably go toward publishing expenses: book covers, actually hiring a professional editor, marketing... etc.

FT: Favorite Bible verse and why?

NC: I've always been a fan of Psalm 23, especially the fourth verse because I was a fearful little girl, scared of pretty much everything and then some and that verse always comforted me.

FT: What's something you would say to all the aspiring indie authors out there?

NC: Know your options, I self-published because I thought that was my only option to getting my book out there, and while I don't regret doing it, I still would have liked to have known what was I was doing. Which leads into my next point, learn your trade. Just because you're not traditionally publishing doesn't mean that your book can't be as good as any traditionally published book.

Thank you so much for joining me today, Nicki! And I hope you're all interested in reading A Certain Sort of Madness--give Nicki a follow on Goodreads to keep up with its upcoming release! 

Have you read any of Nicki's books yet? If not, YOU BETTER. XD 

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  1. Sadly, I haven’t read any of Nicki's books yet, but I want to read them SO BADLY.

    Great interview! I can’t wait for A Certain Sort of Madness!

  2. I want to read this book so, SO bad! It sounds 1000% up my alley. I MUST GET IT.

    This interview was a blast to read! Thank you girls for sharing! <3

  3. Ooh--this book sounds like something I would love. I'll have to check it out!

  4. I would LOVE to read one of Nicki's books!!! They look really fun. :-D

  5. I need to read this, great interview!


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