The Lilah Music Challenge: HOLD ON TO YOUR HAIRSPRAY

by - May 04, 2018

I have done it. I have taken this challenge by Mary-Kate and answered all 65 questions. Thanks to Ivie for tagging me to do this challenge XD Seems like a fitting way to break my hiatus, doesn't it? (And yes, I am officially back now. YOU SHALL NOT ESCAPE ME.)

Here are the rules because WHAT IS FUN WITHOUT THE RULES?????

-Link back to MK, because she is apparently the queen of all. 
-Or link back to Lia/Lilah's post because it amused MK. 
-Go comment on MK's post that you did the tag so she can read it and laugh all over again. 
- Answer the questions... wait, that's a rule? So if it isn't a rule, you can do the tag without answering the questions??
- Tag your friends so they hate you. (Muhahahahahah)

1. What is one song on the radio that annoys you?

Look What You Made Me Do. (Sorry not sorry)

2. One song that you love and sing along to every time it comes on the radio?
Centuries by Fall Out Boy

3. Favorite and least favorite genre of music
Favorite: ALTERNATIVE/Indie-punk. 
Least favorite: R&B. Just....nah. 

4. Last song you listened to
At the time of writing this, Undone by FFH, but that will have changed many times by the time you read this. XD 

5. A song you've been listening to a lot?
Even If It Hurts by Sam Tinnesz, and Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy.

6. Favorite music video?
Ours by Taylor Swift, I think. 
I don't always love Taylor Swift, but this video....magical. Heartbreaking. I love it.

7. Are you listening to music right now? 

8. Favorite romantic song? 
At the moment? Call it What You Want by TS or Rewrite the Stars from Greatest Showman.

9. Last song you cried during?
Auschwitz-Birkenau by John Williams...I think. Or maybe Say Goodbye by Skillet. That one always gets me....for personal reasons.

10. Last song that made you laugh? 
Oh sheesh, I can't remember.....Hostiles on the Hill by Bad Lip Reading, probably? 

11. A song you like in a different language?
....does Fantine's Arrest from Les Mis count? They say some French words...

12. Favorite summer song?
Fourth of July by Fall Out Boy.

13. Road trip song?
Willow Tree by Chris Sligh.

14. Put yourself to sleep song?
For some reason, it's Don't Let me Down by Fleurie. 

15. While you read song? 
Don't have one :P

16. While you study song? 
The soundtrack to Inception. (I know it's not really one song, but I love that soundtrack.) Or my FOB playlist. That's the best <3

17. Last song on your playlist? 
I added Call it What You Want to my OTP playlist for my book (which is secret, so don't you DARE go looking for it.) 

18. Song that makes you want to dance? 
It's Time by Imagine Dragons, or Neon Lights by Demi Lovato.

All the King's Men by The Rigs

20. Instrumental Song? 
Flight of the Silverbird by Two Steps from Hell, or Time from the Inception soundtrack. 

21. A song with a color in you love it or hate it? 
Red and Black from Les Miserables! And yes, I do love it...mostly for the "Who cares about your lonely soul?!" line. 

22. A song that means a lot to you right now? 
Fix You by Coldplay or Maybe Next Year by Andrew Peterson. 

23. Favorite Disney song? 
Oh boy...if I say I can't think of one, please don't lynch me. 

24. Favorite Disney princess song? 
*glances around furtively* *pulls ski mask on* *climbs a mountain* *screams from top of mountain*



25. Disney song you hate/dislike? 
I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book, or Can You Feel the Love Tonight from Lion King (this one I am sorry for. :( ) 

26. Favorite Disney soundtrack as a whole? 

27. Take your favorite season and make a playlist for it...has to be at least 5 songs long. 
Autumn is my favorite season...let's say:
-Immortals by Fall Out Boy
-The Older I Get by Skillet
-Shine Your Light on Me by Andrew Peterson
-This is Me from the Greatest Showman
-Shut up and Dance by WALK THE MOON. 

28. You've heard of comfort food...what are your comfort songs? 
Shine Your Light on Me by Andrew Peterson
Praise You in this Storm by Casting Crowns
Whatever it Takes by Imagine Dragons
The Kids Aren't Alright by Fall Out Boy

29. Winter song that is not about Christmas OR a typical Christmas song? 

30. A song with food in it?
Alien Conspiracy by Andrew Peterson

31. Music you listen to while cleaning your room? 
Sam Tinnesz. :) 

32. Songs for each of your top two favorite holidays? 
Easter: His Heart Beats by Andrew Peterson
Christmas: Carol of the Bells by Lindsey Stirling or Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

33. What movie/TV show theme songs can you sing? 
And the themes for any little kids' TV show you want to name. I have a two-year-old sister. 
And The Weekend Whip for Ninjago. ;)

34. Song not about relationships, boys, or anything super sad or serious? 

35. A Folk tune you like? 
Anything by Andrew Peterson. 

36. Songs that always get stuck in your head....even if you only hear a line or two?
Shake it Off by Taylor Swift 

37. Workout Playlist?

38. Wedding playlist?
My OTP playlist that is PRIVATE, thank you. 

39. Do you have a song that reminds you of one of your OTPs? (Not Reylo, please. *gags*)
Even If It Hurts is the song of my writerly OTP...
Bookish OTP? I don't know, I have too manyyyyyy....

40. A song that you feel different about now that you've seen the music video? 
Ready for It? by Taylor Swift or anything by Fall Out Boy or Evanescence. Basically I avoid their videos. :|

41. A song you would recommend to everyone?
Don't You Want to Thank Someone by Andrew Peterson!!!!

42. A song you don't like telling people about so you can horde it and make it "your song"? 
Praise You in this Storm or Tell Your Heart to Beat Again by Danny Gokey...because there's so many people who complain about those songs, but they were the ones that got me through ridiculously hard times and I wouldn't be who I am without God's using them to bring me closer to him. 

43. A song that makes you want to go out and do something crazy/adventurous?
Rise by Skillet

44. A song that is super catchy, but you don't like it because you don't like the meaning behind the words or just don't like it? 
Look What You Made Me Do. (again, sorry-not-sorry)

45. A song you listen to while you're pretending to listen to someone talk?
Whatever the song that's stuck in my head happens to be. 

46. A children's song you like? 
Ugh, can I say none????

47. A lullaby you would sing to your own children?
On My Own from Les Miserables.

48. A song that is your "theme song"? 
I have a playlist for that...

49. Favorite musician?
Andrew Peterson, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, Sam Tinnesz, Skillet

50. Favorite book about a musician?
A Song Unheard by Roseanna White

51. 5 favorite musicians and your favorite of their songs?
Ahh, I just listed them above!
Andrew Peterson--Don't You Want to Thank Someone or Always Good
Fall Out Boy--(at the moment) it's Just One Yesterday
Imagine Dragons--Walking the Wire
Sam Tinnesz--Even If it Hurts

52. Favorite music blogs? 
Mine! XD 

53. An unknown/lesser known musician? 
Sam Tinnesz, Zayde Wolf, or Ruelle!!!

54. Favorite radio station?
I don't listen to the radio.

55. What musician do you listen to the most?
Right now? FOB. 

56. Rihanna or Beyonce? (You can't say neither.)
Beyonce--but only because of some inside jokes with my friends, and that scene in Dr. Strange. 

57. Listen to a song by Justin Beiber (or any musician you don't like) and write a paragraph-long review on it. 
Pass XD 

58. Last musical you watched? 
Listened to Les Mis today, at the time of writing XD 

59. A musical you've never watched but really want to? 

60. If you could only pick one musical to see on Broadway, which would it be? 
Les Miserables, if I could get front-row seats. Imagining some of the best singers in the world blasting One Day More from so close....CHILLS. 

61. Favorite musical score from a movie that is not a musical?
Inception or Wonder Woman. 

62. Last musical you belted while walking around your house? 
Hamilton. To my family's chagrin. 

63. A song from your favorite musical that you hate/dislike? 
Say No to This from Hamilton. Blargh. 

64. Favorite song from the Greatest Showman soundtrack?
This Is Me. <3 <3 <3 <3 

65. Do you have any musical merch? 
Lots of Hamilton merch--right now, I'm wearing a T-shirt that says "My Thoughts have been replaced by Hamilton Lyrics." And some Wicked merch too <3 

Wow. I hope you all enjoyed reading this post--I know I had a ton of fun writing it!!!!! If you'd like to do this challenge, consider yourself tagged ;) Now, chat with me in the comments about any song I've mentioned here!!!!!!!!

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      There's just SO MANY GOOD SONGS!!!!!!

      Thank you! <3

  2. *claps* Great answers! I knew every song you mentioned, you have impeccable taste!
    Yes to all the Fall Out Boy and Sam Tinnesz!

    1. That's so cool! Your taste is excellent too ;)

  3. Welcome back, Faith!

    Not being up on the Pop world, I haven't listened to many of these songs....

    Great tag!


    1. Thank you so much!!!!

      I'm not really into too much variation amongst my music, so I feel you on that....but they're all excellent songs ;)

      Thank you!!!!

  4. CENTURIES BY FALL OUT BOY, YES! That song is actually the theme song for my current WIP. ;)

    I love how many times you mentioned Skillet. It's nice to "know" someone else in the blogosphere who appreciates them too. <3

    THE GREATEST SHOWMAN AHHH I LOVE THAT MOVIE. I'm planning to do this challenge once I'm off hiatus, but idk how to choose just one favorite song from that soundtrack.

  5. Why do people complain about Praise You In This Storm?? O_O That song is so powerful and beautiful!

    LOVE THIS TAG!! I see a lot of songs and artists that I really like! Ruelle, Skillet, Sam Tinnesz, aaahhh! Also.. *adds more Fall Out Boy songs to my mental list of music to listen to* XD

  6. Wow, you and I like a lot of the same artists! I enjoy Immortals by FOB. And finally! Someone else who sings the Weekend Whip. XD

  7. Loved your answers! I honestly haven't listened to many of these artists, FOB and Taylor Swift being the exception.


  8. My word...this is likely the largest tag-thing I've ever seen. 65 questions! And I hear this is the abridged version?
    Ah, Les Mis! The seniors of our local home-school theatre group will be doing that one next year. I wish I could join them!
    I hope you get the chance to see Newsies some day. I saw it two years ago, and it was well worth it!
    Awesome to see all those Andrew Peterson songs getting some well deserved attention!

    1. Oh...and if you feel like doing another tag:

  9. ^^^^^ YESSSS TO EVERYTHING YOU SAID ABOUT PRAISE YOU IN THIS STORM. I absolutely love that song and can't fathom the idea that some people don't like it. *violently shames everyone who doesn't like that beautiful piece of mastery*

  10. *headdesk* I meant to post my above comment in response to Lila Kim's comment...

  11. Wow, that's quite the tag. I think my answers would be a little different than yours, but we have a lot of similar stuff too. Like the Ninjago theme song. Also, did you know you can watch Newsies on Netflix?

  12. Rewrite the Stars, Say Goodbye, Centuries, Ours, so many songs I recognize!!!

    Flight of the Silverbird is one of my favorite epic ones!!

    Same for Rise! It really makes you want to march on and DO SOMETHING!

    And yes, Praise You in the Storm and Tell Your Heart to Beat Again are really, really impactful! They're written for specific times, I think, and if you're not in that time, and you're focused on the "cheesiness" in Christian songs, it can be easy to miss the deep good that those songs are doing.

    Also, I'll have to check out THREE DAYS BEFORE AUTUMN by Andrew Peterson since we're supposed to fight you for it. ;)

    This is an awesome tag! I'm afraid I don't have the patience for 65 questions, but maybe I'll answer a couple during some of my Melodic Monday posts.



    And Call It What You Want To is one of my favorites...

  14. I might steal this tag, just because I love talking about music....but I mostly listen to bluegrass, so I'm not sure how many people would enjoy reading my answers....

    Didn't recognize many of the artists you mentioned, though I do listen to Andrew Peterson and Imagine Dragons now and then (plus the occasional Les Mis song...)

    HOWEVER I do sometimes blare Immortals. (The only Fall Out Boy song I know, lol)

  15. Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE bands!! :D

    Oh my word, the Seagulls song...That song is sung around my house more often than I care to admit... XD

    That scene in Doctor Strange was honestly just the best. That whole MOVIE is just the best, in my opinion. XD

  16. I love music so much and I want to reply to every song that you mentioned, but then I might as well write a blog post myself.

    You have MOSTLY good music taste lol. Also we listen to 95% of the same music! So go you. XD

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