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Hey guys! So I know technically I'm on hiatus....but since this was the last of the Beautiful People memes, I wanted to participate! So. Prepare for lots of writerly info about MOI!!!!!

A huge thanks to the lovely Cait and Sky

What is your favorite genre to write in?

Fantasy, for sure, but also just speculative as a whole. I have recently found that I have a massive love for alternate history, and I have a couple of time-travel plot bunnies too. 

What book (a real actual published book!) do you think your characters would benefit from reading?

Can I just steal Skye's answer and say "The Bible"? 

No? Okay. For Pentegreens, it would have to be "The Five Love Languages" because they all really need to learn how to communicate. Every one of the characters in that series could benefit from taking some time to learn how communicating with love works. Because they're all such a mess and need hugs, basically. Except some of them can't handle hugs. *glares at histories and standoff-ish-ness*

Favorite piece of dialogue you've ever written: 

EVER? Oh, sheesh, you guys are pretty much asking for massive spoilers....I can't give you my MOST favorite, but I'll try to find one that I really like as well. 

*searches manuscripts for something good* *EVERYTHING good is either some sort of inside joke or a spoiler* ARGH!!!! 

I know I've shared this one in the past, but it makes me here's the extended edition (from The King's Daughter)

“I need to report to your dad, Esma,” Derek said. He yanked his helmet off and tucked it under his arm. “Is that good by everyone here?”
“Only if you’ll make me some food afterwards,” Kariana snapped. “I’ve lived off of nothing besides poisonous mushrooms for the last month and a half.”
“If that were the case, you’d be dead.” Clarence led the way up the road; Esma followed, keeping his back directly in front of her. “I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to live off poison for a day, let alone a month.”
“People survive off poison. If it’s all they’ve got, it’s what they’ve got. They eat it.” Kariana stuck out her chin in his direction.
 Clarence snorted and held up his hands. “Well, excuse me.” Esma could not see his face, but knew that he was trying to act really offended when in reality he was trying not to laugh.
 “I need some tea.” Kariana clutched at Derek’s shiny and metallic arm. “Derek, make me some tea.”
“But it’s like eighty—”
I NEED TEA!” Kariana bellowed. Derek stepped away from her, his eyes growing so big that they could have been bulging out of the sockets for all he cared. “I’ve been away forever and I need tea.”
“Fine, fine, I’ll make you tea! Sheesh!” Derek flung his head back before straightening with a perplexed expression. “Wait, why do you want me to make you tea? I thought you told me not that long ago that you absolutely  hate my miserable excuse for tea and that your brother would string me up from a curtain rod if he ever tasted it.”
“Well, he would,” Kariana said. “But you’re my friend. And when friends have been out in the wilderness for a really long time and have had no tea whatsoever for two entire months, they make each other some tea, no matter how horrible it is.”
Clarence snorted.
“And you, sir!” Kariana whirled on him and he realized his mistake, just a little too late. Esma covered her mouth with her hand to keep from laughing out loud. “I don’t know what you think you are doing, but have you ever tried to survive two months without tea? I don’t think you understand how grave the situation is here.”
“She could die,” supplemented Esma to back up her friend, and also because she was enjoying this conversation and wanted it to continue. Her friends had been away for far too long.
“Kara, I’ve made it my whole life without tea, and I’ve had no repercussions whatsoever.” Clarence shrugged.
“Oh, you’ve had repercussions! You’re just so stupid that you don’t notice them.”
“Whoa, Kara! That was low.” Derek swatted at her. She sidestepped to avoid it.
Clarence pretended to act offended. “Oh, and let me guess. My stupidity would be completely fixed if I were only to drink some of your magical tea. Remedy right there. Problem solved.”
“I mean, sometimes I treat patients with tea…” Derek said.

What did your character want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?

Esma wanted to be just an ordinary woman with a husband and kids and a house to take care of. Unfortunately, she's the princess, so...instead, she gets to be queen someday. Bummer. 

Kariana wanted to become a spy, and became a spy--sometimes. Most of the time she hangs around the castle, claiming it's because she's a "royal bodyguard," but mostly because she's spending time around her adopted family (the Pentegreens). 

Derek wanted to be general of the Misue army, and he's actually on his way there now--but he's only a captain and needs to go through about five more ranks before he can even think about being general. So bummer for him. XD 

Other characters? Spoilers, darlin'. Either that or they ARE adults and I'm not sure what they wanted to be...or they're kids and have no idea where they want to go with their lives. So. *shrugs*
(I'm answering most of these questions for the Pentegreens, by the way. If I need to, I'll bring up Watched or Ink Storm; but mostly it'll be The King's Daughter). 

Favorite character names?

General Burashna, for sure. I'm not even sure where his name came from---it just kind of wrote itself into my notebook when I realized I needed a new villain, and while the character himself has changed a TON over the years (in his original incarnation, talk about a cliche, cardboard bad guy....SHEESH) the name is still awesome (at least IMO.) 

Over in Watched, though, is Bryce Osgood. I'm not sure why--I just happen to love Bryce's name. Okay, and  his character....he's just my favorite little cinnamon roll guy <3 

What makes your character feel loved, and who was the last person to make them feel that way?


In my current WIP, Kariana and Derek got to have a heart-to-heart about their lives and stuff in my last chapter, which was very good for both of them. They deny needing any kind of affection at any time....but it's not true. XD 

Everyone else? Ummmm.....this is not their happiest novel. So. *grins sideways* 

Favorite character you've ever written?


That is all. 

Or maybe Briallen from Ink Storm, because she's not really me, but she brings out a serious streak of writer problems and writer's life type stuff that makes me just really happy. Because I've always felt like there need to be more writers in the book world. 

If your character were permanently leaving town, what would they refuse to part with? What would they throw out?

Esma would throw out all her stuff, her castle, and pack only enough food for about three days, in all likelihood. As long as she had the people she loved, she'd be okay. 

Rishatta, on the other hand, is a bit more of a pack horse. He'd need books, mostly. Books and journals and food and water and a ton of other stuff that nobody really sees the practical use of.

Basically, he likes to cart things around. 

Everyone else travels pretty light, forming connections, not attachments. 

Favorite tropes to write!

Enemies to friends; enemies to lovers; villains to heroes; the lost sheep being welcomed home; someone who thought they'd never be enough proving him- (or her-)self; really close hands-and-feet best friendships; the snarky science geek; the shy girl with the pen attached to her pen; adopted second families....I could go on XD

Which story has your heart and won't let go?

Is there really any question? XD 

But then there's also the Super Secret Project, which I shall hopefully be sharing more of VERY soon (it's taken a backseat to writing as much of the Petegreen series as I possibly can this year, which is probably okay, but it still makes me sad because I can't WAIT to get cracking on that beautimousness) and which holds my heart in a different way. 

Favorite relationship between characters you've ever written?

Martin let go of her [Esma] and swung over to seize Bernathel by the waist as she passed by. She scowled for a moment before softening as though she’d realized who it was. Her gown was crimson, the color of flame, and it cast a warm light on her pale cheeks. A strand of her hair had come free from her elaborate braided hairstyle; Martin brushed it away from her face. His hand hovered there beside  her ear for a moment.

Bernathel rolled her eyes, leaned in, and kissed him.

My king and queen. I absolutely adore the two of them; I have another pairing (spoilery) that I rave to my critique partner Ry about pretty much ALL. THE TIME. But I think Martin and Bernathel are my OTP. <3

Toni Morrison once said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” What are the books that you want to see more of, and what “holes” do you think need filling in the literary world?

I genuinely believe that there is a need for more good YA fantasy that is also Christian. That's what I write, for the most part, although some things (like the Pentegreen series) are more straight YA than Christian. However, one trend that I've seen more and more of in the YA market is that character morality is moving more and more in the direction of "everything is shades of gray; no black, no white, no good, no evil." Relative good and evil rules in the world of YA fiction.

And of course, this is realistic. No one, in reality, is truly good, truly evil. But that's what fantasy is for--showing us the light in the darkness. Showing how evil may seem like it's way more powerful, but in the end, good will triumph, no matter how much of an underdog it may seem.

That's what I strive to write. Good triumphing over evil. Hope in the midst of evil. Light in darkness.

Also I'd love to see some mainstream books that feature:

  • Christians that AREN'T bigoted intolerant fools but just live their faith the way Jesus intended
  • Conflicting viewpoints explored where both sides come to an understanding and they don't exactly agree but they don't kill each other either
  • Homeschoolers

Favorite pinterest board/ aesthetic for a book? 

Here's the link to the pinterest board for the Super Secret Project (TM) that y'all don't really know anything about yet....just because it's rather more organized than the other ones. XD
(and because I can't figure out how to embed's the link. XD)


Favorite time periods and settings to work with?

I write fantasy, y'all. I make up my own doggone time periods. XD 

But, if I'm going to write historical/contemporary/real world stuff, it'll be World War II era. Alternate history. Little known true stories. I love ALL the WWII stuff. 

When people are done reading your book, what emotions do you want them to come away with? 

Hope :) 

So, I hope y'all liked this post! Probably a little bit all over the place, but then, I've never claimed consistency. XD Chat with me in the comments! Do you have any suspicions about the Super Secret Project? Are YOU sad that Beautiful People is ending? :( I sure am! Talk to me about all the things, guys!!!! (Also: If you're doing Camp NaNo, how is that treating you?) 

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    I think I might get a pinterest soon. I want to do some boards for my books.

    I can't wait for you to publish. I'm going to be first in line because I NEEDS YOUR BOOKS, OKAY???!!!


    1. WELL THANK YOU! (about what, specifically? The pinterest board? XD)

      THANK YOU! I have a ton of other ones, but they're all such aesthetic messes that I didn't care to share any :P

      YOU SHOULD! It's so awesome, honestly ^_^ Only problem is that it sucks a lot of time....oh well.

      THANKS!!!!!!!!! That makes me so happy, Ivie, thank you thank you thank you. :D I'm hoping to finish some of these books very soon.....and then seek publication....except I'm going to go traditional, most likely, so that'll take a while :P I have a couple of stories I'm planning to self-publish so that'll be fun to hold y'all over while you wait for the real good stuff ;)

  2. GIRL!!!! TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm working on bleaching my teeth so I've gone A WEEK WITHOUT TEA!!!! (and there's raspberry leaf tea, a brand new box of it sitting in the kitchen...
    YES!!!! CLEAN YA FANTASY!!!!!!! I want so bad to see some LOTR quality fantasy come out... Have you ever read any Nicole Sager stuff? Her Companions to Arcrea books are AWESOME!!!!! (The Arcrean Conquest is awesome, but the CTA are even BETTER!!!) SHE JUST CAME OUT WITH CLEFTLOCKE THE THIRD!!!!
    Also, if you've never read any Rachel Starr Thomson stuff, you need to. Start with Seventh World Trilogy (the first book is free on Kindle).
    Your stuff looks AWESOME!!! I want to read it!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tea is the best, it really is. That sounds horrid :( THE AGONY......

      I haven't read any of those authors' books! Thanks for the recs, I'll have to check them out! :D


  3. Yes, you can! Lots of characters need to read the Bible or be hit with one. XD
    That snippet is glorious! I have Kara's relationship with tea, that made me laugh!
    Yes to Christain YA and homeschoolers, we need stories about homeschoolers!


      Thank you....I love it very muchly XD

      I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. Someday I'll write a contemporary featuring homeschoolers...but in the meantime I just have to whine about the fact that there don't seem to be any, because I don't write contemporary. XD

  4. WAIT!!! Beautiful Books is ending???? Like...they're never doing anymore linkups ever again???? *screams* I never followed or participated in the linkups, but I did steal the questions for my own personal blog sometimes, so that's sad...

    YES CLEAN YA FICTION! I'm all for that, we 100% need more of that in our world.

    Honestly, I really like the concept of gray morality and gray characters. One of my all-time favorite gray characters is Teresa from The Maze Runner. I talk about it all the time, but I can't help it; Teresa is amazing. She makes mistakes and chooses the wrong path sometimes, but what makes her feel real is the fact that she does what she thinks is right, and that's something I really like and admire in a character, regardless of whether or not they made the "right" choice.

    1. I know! I rarely did them either, makes me sad :(

      I AGREE I AGREE! RebelliousWriting for the win, y'all. <3

      I definitely agree with you! I'm all for loads of gray characters--I write a lot of them and I love seeing them. I just mean that I really like it when you can find a clear good side and a clear bad side. Different from, say, Pirates of the Caribbean or Six of Crows, where it's basically bad guys versus worse bad guys and no one is in the right. I'm ALL OVER gray characters. ^_^

  5. Oh my stars, that dialogue though.... “Oh, you’ve had repercussions! You’re just so stupid that you don’t notice them.” << I'm dying. XD XD

    1. Thanks XD I laughed pretty hard writing that scene.

  6. Bryce Osgood really does just roll off the tongue. Tis a wonderful name.

    AND YOUR DIALOGUE!!!! <3 <3

    1. Well THANK you!!! I think so too. ;)

      <3 <3 Thanks

  7. THIS IS SO GREAT. I actually laughed out loud while reading the tea excerpt. That would be me with coffee, so I 100% relate. She really could die.

    And the tropes list and your holes list! Almost all of those are either my favorite things or things I really want to see, so as soon as you publish stuff, I need to know. I love your goal of bringing hope through fantasy, and I think it's really important that people begin to see more of that.


    1. In all honesty, that's my relationship with water....XD She really could, I agree. It's not a small problem. *glares at Clarence who doesn't understand this*

      I DEFINITELY will do that! That's always been my goal, I think...I just see such a lack of it. <3

  8. Two months without tea? I'm fairly sure I'd die, too.
    I love the lost sheep being welcomed home trope- I love it in real life as well as fiction.
    "-Conflicting viewpoints explored where both sides come to an understanding and they don't exactly agree but they don't kill each other either
    -Homeschoolers" a book with these two things would be just amazing!

    1. I think I might, too....XD

      Agreed! And when it happens in real life....all the heart eyes. <3


  9. Great answers! "The Bible" XD


  10. #representation!!!!! Ummmm, YEAH. PLEASE.

    And that snippet with the tea....that is me (and MK).

    I am really sad that BP is ending too. *cries*

    Camp...Well, it's better than it was last year. I got laid up with sickness and injury which took away half the month, but am improving by the hour and hope to get a decent amount written before Camp ends.


    1. HECK YES!!! I agree so so much :P

      Hee hee...well, I'm glad. XD

      *sobs* I knowwwww.....

      Bummer.... :( I'm glad you're feeling better!!!

  11. Briallen YES!!!! I loved her so much!!!! (Actually, I loved that whole story, tbh...)

    I really want some tea now, though. Hmm...

    We don't talk about this round of Camp NaNo...

    1. Ahhhh, thank you so much!!! That makes me so happy to hear ^_^

      Maybe it's a sign and you should have some ;)

      Oh boy....*crosses fingers* You've got this, Julian!!!

  12. GET THAT GIRL SOME TEA. O_O Lol, I love that snippet so much. <3 <3

    Also.... eeeeeek!! I love your answers. I am, like, FLAILING right now.

    And I totally second all the things you said you want in mainstream books. I want to see more of that stuff so bad too. XP

    1. I love that part XD She's my favorite.....

      THANK YOU!!!!!! And yes, get me so hope and light. <3

  13. I'm so glad you briefly took off hiatus to do a BP post! I looove these posts so very much and I can't believe this is the last one! *SOBS*

    Aaaahhhhh!!! YOUR SNIPPET. I can't with your characters. XDDD Kariana is just the best.

    I also love the name Bryce! It's such a fun name. And Bryce Osgood has an epic ring to it. I love it!

    "Enemies to friends; enemies to lovers; villains to heroes" <---YESSSSSSSS. I can't believe I didn't think of these for my own post. I LOVE THOSE. There's such awesome character arcs and twists that can be done with those tropes. I can't get enough of 'em! Actually, I love ALL the tropes you mentioned. Sometimes tropes are awesome, I don't care what other people say!

    Ooooh, now I'm VERY curious about this Super Secret Project. *wriggles eyebrows*

    YESSS to everything you said about holes we have in the literary world. Good vs. evil, some GOOD Christian and homeschool representation, being conservative WITHOUT it being portrayed as being dumb and "innocent" (UGGGHHH). Just YES YES YES!

    "I write fantasy, y'all. I make up my own doggone time periods." <--- Totally me! XD Reality is just no fun at all!

    Thank you for sharing this! I always love reading about your stories. I just can't believe BP is finished. *sniff, sniff*

    1. I know! I can't believe it either, I'm going to miss them so much. :'(

      THANK YOU! She really is, I love her. XD

      He's one of my favorite babies, actually.... <3

      THOSE TROPES. So much love. I actually use a ton of them in pretty much all my books ;) ;) and I love to read them (at least when they're done well. None of these hideous nasty toxic relationships. XD)

      I'm hoping to be able to have something to share about that one very, very soon! :D

      Conservatism portrayed honestly would be the BEST, thanks. XD People are always talking about representation and saying I get plenty....I beg to differ, honestly. :P

      No it's not! I spend enough time in the real world--fiction is my escape! Let's do fantasy, y'all! XD XD

      Thank YOU for reading it! I can't believe it either, really.....I'll miss it a ton. :(

  14. HEY FAITH!!!
    Sorry I haven't been on your blog in a while! We are moving, so life has been insane and stressful. :-Z
    Your stories are sounding amazing. I can't wait to hear more about them! I love the snippets. <3


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