It's the End of April!

by - April 29, 2017

What up, my peeps? I'm doing a wrap-up post this month, the first one I've ever done, so bear with me if it's awful. It will likely not live up to your expectations.

(And, no that was not by any means just an excuse to use that gif. XD)

Music this Month

I got Hamilton for my birthday (!!!) and I've been listening to it NON-STOP. Hahaha. Get it? Help me out here, Hamilfans. You got that reference.

Then I also have been listening to lots and lots of TheFatRat. Yes, I know, I know. But you should check them out. They do electronic music and it's lots of fun.
And last but not least (this has not been a music heavy month, guys. I'm sorry!) I discovered that there's a Broadway musical of the Scarlet Pimpernel, which is only one of the best books I've read this year. And I was like, "Um, yes."
It definitely doesn't measure up to either the book or the movie, but it's still really really good. Especially the songs "Falcon in the Dive", "Where's the Girl", "Prayer", and "Into the Fire." Yes, I really like musical theater soliloquies from amazing bass male singers. Why do you ask?


I've made some serious progress on my Goodreads challenge for this year in the first quarter of the year (guys. April is a fourth of the way done. What will we do.) And I've read some seriously good books this year so far.

View Review Here on My Blog! This was a really good book that I got free from Baker Books for review, and it was totally worth it, unlike a lot of review books.
I finally got around to reading the Hunger Games trilogy this month and my oh my. The first book was meh, the second one had me standing on the roof screaming the Alicia Keys "Girl on Fire" song at the top of my lungs, and the third one crushed my soul. I have a review of Catching Fire on the same page as the one for Messy Beautiful Friendship, where you can read my very professional opinion of it.
Technically, this book is last month's.... But I don't care, because it was so. Good. I haven't read a lot of good classics lately (I read Les Miserables last November-December, but that doesn't count as a good one... I was dead when I finished it XD) but Pimpernel completely made up for it. SO GOOD. And the movie is better <3
SO GOOD, GUYS. SO GOOD. Check out Jonathan's review, k? He says it all. And then go buy this book because you need it. I promise.
There are some other good books I've read so far this year, but we'll go on now to


I did a big post on movies earlier this month.... and I haven't seen any new ones so far since writing that one. Although I plan to before too long.
But I have to mention Rogue One, because my sister and I watched it a couple of days ago for the fourth time and it's still amazing. Never gets old, no matter how well you know the twists.
You guys, I think I'll be Jyn for Halloween.


So this is it, right, the part you've all been sitting here waiting for. *tries not to sweat*
I wrote a total of 28, 364 words on The Wacky Factor before giving up on it, which is still pretty good because it's 28,364 words I don't have to write later. Then I edited the first five chapters or so of Watched and wrote a few extra thousand words in The King's Daughter.
I shall now give you....
*gulps and tries not to be terrified because they're probably awful and spoilery and not at all witty but whatever*

 William nodded. "Opal’s in bed.”

“Already?” Mr. Alltote groaned and guided Melinza’s elbow out of his stomach. She pulled it out of the way, cheeks growing pink as she realized that she had been stabbing him with it. “She’s usually the only one up when I get home. What’s up with that?”
“Church is tomorrow,” William answered promptly.
“And she wanted to be rested for church?” Mr. Alltote’s tone was incredulous. This was unlikely. Opal never rested for anything, even though they went to church every week.
William chuckled. “More likely she wanted to be rested to see Henry.”
Silence reigned in the room for a long moment where Melinza tried to figure out what a proper reaction to this statement would be.
William cleared his throat. “Sorry. That was an inappropriate thing to say.”
“It’s okay,” said Mr. Alltote. “I’ve often felt that way myself.”
Mrs. Alltote gasped and smacked him on the shoulder. She missed and hit Melinza’s shoulder. “Oh, I’m sorry, honey!”
“Don’t make me call the cops for child abuse,” William warned.
“Good grief, child! Put a filter on your tongue!” Mrs. Alltote scolded.
There was another pause, before she added, “But you’re right. I’ve never understood how anyone could be attracted to someone with a million piercings and tattoos and such.”
Mr. Alltote started to respond to this.
She smacked him again. “You, sir, are a case in point.”
(He has tattoos and plug earrings from back in his reckless youth.)

"Do you have your pepper spray?” asked Bryce, reaching for Melinza's backpack, which he thumped into her lap so hard she winced.
    “I don’t have any pepper spray, dude!” Despite the fact that he was entirely in AP classes, his brain hardly functioned in terms of social life.
    “Oh. I was talking about your hair.” Bryce got back to work on his math.

She eased the pot to the ground and looked up at him, leaning against the wall like he’d never moved. “Why are you helping me?”

     He shrugged. “My dear princess, I don’t know what you think I’m doing, but it is not helping you. I am helping myself. If I am pleasant with you, I get benefits, because you don’t hate me and want to kill me every time I walk in the room. However, I must also please my father and my other superiors, because then they don’t hate me and want to kill me every time I walk in the room.”

     She choked and covered her mouth with a hand to conceal the fact that she’d almost let herself laugh. What was wrong with her? “Is that – an issue?”

     He nodded, his face the picture of solemnity. “Oh, Princess Esma, you have no idea how dangerous my friends get when I don’t make them happy.”
~The King's Daughter

So, total word-count for The King's Daughter so far is 87,224 words written, and Watched has been edited. Or at least, the first five chapters are completely rewritten XD


  • Easter happened. And I blogged about it.
  • Easter was also my birthday! Happy birthday, me!
  • I got Facebook. :)
  • The pro-life organization that I am a part of accepted me into its Stevens Fellowship (@Students for Life) and I get to go to their headquarters for a weekend by myself and it will be awesome :D
  • I finished reading the book of Revelation, which has been one of my goals for the year.
  • I started reading Jeremiah.
  • My best friends and I went to dinner - BY OURSELVES. #Milestones
  • I finished the dissection unit in biology. ICK. It was awful (especially when I had to dissect a pig with two boys as my partners XP) but it's OVER NOW. Praise the Lord.
I think that's about it! I hope your month was wonderful and that the month of May is the same. :)

So what do you think of my snippets? Do you want more? Have you seen Rogue One? Shall we fangirl about it? Is this post super long? Please give me feedback on this post - I'm still trying to figure it out!

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    Oh this needs to be investigated. I LOOOOOOVED the books and the movie.

    Ummm....did you know that it's really hard to see the Watched excerpts? The text blends into the background *sadface*


    1. Thank uou, I'll do my best to fix that. Sorry! *bites lip* See, it's not meant to happen!
      And yes you should. It is so cool. There is a little bit of very mild language, just warning you, but nothing too bad.

    2. YAY! These are really cool, can't wait to see the full thing one day :)

      BTW, I answered your writing tag:


    3. Oh, I'm glad you liked them:)
      And yay! You did the tag! It's awesome!

  2. Rogue one is amazing!!! I can total understand why you've seen it so many times! And congrats on how much writing you've managed to do this month, even a 100 words is a success and a small step the the right direction, several thousand is a massive step!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Arabella. Isn't it SO GOOD THOUGH? I totally agree that it's the best Star Wars since Empire.

  3. ROGUE ONE IS AMAZING. I want to be Jyn every day of my life. XD

    And those snippets are SO GOOD!!! I want more. :D

    1. ME TOO. She's just too wonderful.

      Awww, really? I'm flattered. :) I will do a snippet post at some point in the future probably. :D

  4. YESS THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. <3 Glad you liked my review!

    ALSO YOUR SNIPPETS THOUGH. *epic high five* those were so awesome! keep up the great work- your novel sounds pretty fantastic. :D

    1. Haha, you're welcome! You pretty much summed up my feelings about it. :)
      And awww, thanks! Those are particularly good snippets, so the rest of it may not be that good... but I'm glad you liked it :)

  5. YAY SNIPPETS!! :D *gobbles them up* These are soooo good! I'm especially curious about The King's Daughter now. :)

    1. Thank you, Madeline. You're always so nice :) And that one is one of my favorite WIPs, so I'm glad you like it!

  6. Oooh, a monthly wrapup post. These are always fun! ^_^

    YOU READ THE HUNGER GAAAAMES!!!!!!!!! It's one of my top, TOP favoritest series of EVER. The first book is actually my favorite! Lol. But I love them ALL. But allll the feels. *clutches heart*

    I have been meaning to read The Scarlet Pimpernel for YEARS. And still haven't. SHAMEFUL. I've got to do that one day!

    OH, OH, OOOH. SNIPPETS!!!! AND THEY'RE SO FUNNN. Bryce sounds like a mess. XD And I totally laughed out loud at the poor guy who has to work so hard to make sure no one kills him when he walks in the room. XDDD That was great! You should most definitely share more snippets sometime!

    How fun Easter landed on your birthday. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a good one. ^_^

    Ewwww. You had to dissect a pig, and with two boys??? YOU POOR THING. Thank goodness it's over!

    This post was not too long in the slightest! I think this post was shorter than like...ALL my posts. XD (And I'm the one leaving a monster comment here.) I think your first wrapup post was awesome.

    I do hope you have an amazing May! ^_^

    1. They are, aren't they? I meant to do one last month but I was a brand-new blogger then so I forgot.

      It was really good. I want to see the movies, but my dad's not ready for me to yet :P But it's good, I'll get around to it as soon as I can. AND YOU MUST READ SCARLET PIMPERNEL. It won't take you long - it's an old classic, but it's not painful to read.

      Awwww, thanks. The overwhelming vote seems to be that I should, so I suppose I will at some point :) But don't tell anyone XD

      THANK YOU! I love my birthday and Easter, and the fact that the two landed together was amazing. There were like forty people at our church, it was amazing. That's huge. :( But it was really a great day.

      And yes, I am so glad it is done. *has nightmares about dissecting pig for ten years* But, we did get an A on the lab report, so that's wonderful.

      I love your posts, no matter how long they are :) And please, keep leaving monster comments. Your comments are the best :)

      Thanks! You too!

  7. Your Easter post was AMAZING!!! Love the snippets, too. The characters sound hilarious. Oh my word, you didn't like dissecting the pig?! It's so interesting (although I do understand that lab partners can make or break an experiment) Wishing you an even better May!

    1. Thanks, Brianna! It was interesting, but it's hard to focus when your partner is literally stabbing the pig in the nostrils XD

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! *gives you cake* You finally read the Hunger Games, YAY!!! I knowwwww, the last book crushed my soul too! BUT IT WAS STILL SO GOOD. AND THE WESTLEY GIF YAASSSS. Eek, dissection. All I've done is an earthworm so far... And I nearly broke down in the middle of it. NOT excited for future dissections to come. =/

    1. *munches cake* I loved the Hunger Games. Catching Fire is one of the BEST BOOKS I'VE EVER READ. Seriously. I read it in like three settings. It was so good.

      And Westley. I love him. So much. :)

      It's awful. The worm is actually the worst one, in my opinion (besides the pig, that is... Ugh.) But the frog and fish and crayfish and other stuff are a lot easier to see, so you'll have a much easier time with it (hopefully). :)

  9. I haven't read The Hunger Games yet, and I'm quite disappointed in myself. XD
    I love your blog layout, by the way. The way that the words seem to glow is quite interesting! :D (I just found your blog....)

    1. Oh, yeah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
      *glitter cannon*
      *hands you cake*

    2. Sorry I'm so late responding to this! Aw, thanks! I love this layout too!

    3. Oh, that's fine! :D


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