the Great Mind

by - August 08, 2022

 There's a fundamental flaw in creation science.

We point to a natural wonder of immense, staggering beauty. "Look," we say. "Look at this creation. No natural process could have created this. It must be creation. Only creation could be so perfectly planned."

And that is where we stop.

We do not allow science and the natural world to point us back to what Dorothy Sayers calls the "mind of the Maker." Creation has a creator; creation exists to glorify her Creator. We have eyes that can see the world around us BECAUSE we serve a Creator who gave them to us.

And often we don't look to him. Because there are no words. How can anyone ever express in WORDS, these mere collections of sounds and letters, how great the mind of our God is?

It's so easy to look at our small lives and think of God as small. This is why it is so important to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty he has made. It will all reveal something of God's nature in the nature he made.

When I went to the Grand Canyon, I walked to the very edge. I looked down into pink and orange depths, rocks so big they defied understanding. My mind had to shrink the canyon in order to understand how immense it truly was. It looks infinite, immeasurable. And yet the only word I could conjure upon seeing it was, "Oh."


Far too easily, we fall into this trap of thinking God is small like us. We live small lives in small worlds with small people, and we do not know what it means to look up. Then we go to something so much bigger, and it all translates into sense.

The God who made the Grand Canyon is infinite. He cups that in his hand too. It is tiny to him.

And yet it is not the crowning achievement of his creation. No canyon, no mountain, no planet even. Not even a star is his greatest creation. He made those first.

No, his crowning achievement is you and me, the human race, our broken flesh and mortal bones. We are  broken and small but he has not abandoned us. He has not left us to ourselves. He loves us.

THIS is the God we serve. 

Note: I'm sorry for being so very all over the place when it comes to my blogging :') I'm trying very hard to get back on a schedule, but it's difficult with how busy I've been. I'm working on all of that, though, and I'm hoping to get back on it with y'all soon. Peace! 

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  1. What a beautiful post, Faith! It's such a good reminder. I also can struggle with seeing God as "small" in my life but going out into His creation is always a good start to remedying that. I definitely had a "God is so BIG" moment while driving through the mountains on a cross-country trip last summer...the God who made these HUGE rock structures became MAN. Like, wow. XD

  2. This is SO good!!! All praise to God the Creator of all creation! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


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