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by - March 05, 2022

 It has been a LONG time since my last life update. Like...years, I think. *checks blog* Not since...my 2020 wrapup post. oh my I don't know what to do with that? With how old I am? I am elderly.

I blog mostly when I have something to procrastinate on. Rn that involves my massive research paper. I will finish it. I have to have it done by midnight. But right now, I'm sitting at the kitchen table like I used to as a child, an IKEA bowl of cereal and a mug of coffee at my side, surrounded my textbooks. I am here. I have realized: There is more to life than deadlines. I will get this paper turned in on time though because I actually do care

So here it is. A photo dump (of memes) and also some lyrics and some life things.

i stared up just to see//with all of the faces, you were the one next to me//OneRepublic

i once believed love would be black and white//but it's golden (like daylight)//taylor swift

catch me floating in circles in my fishbowl//TOP

i spent a long time//substituting honest with sarcastic//and i cursed my tongue for being mean//Halsey

she goes at the break of dawn, the rays fall on her dress//she used to be a silhouette deep in the heart of stone//The Gray Havens

Life Updates:

-I am a declared history major! And soon to declare my minor in literature ^_^ my school is teaching me SO much about history and how to write well, and I really think it's having a very good effect on my fiction writing as well.

-Planning for the future is SCARY and I'm still working on it. But I truly believe that God has never failed and won't start now.

-Sometimes, I find, the best thing to do when you feel overwhelmed is to grab a pad of sticky notes and start writing everything you can think of that God has done for you. The list will ALWAYS be longer than you expected.

-Working on some long-term health issues--it feels very hopeful to know that there might be solutions. I've also discovered that it's better to listen to your food allergies than to force yourself to suffer through them for the theory of liking the food.

-There will always be more things to do than there is time in the day.

-Love is a wonderful thing.

-Cherish your friends, y'all. 

Some favorite songs recently.

And finally...I'm working very hard on a little secret project. I'm flying through it and making immense progress, but I'm not going to talk about it until I get to a point where it's done. But here is a snippet (to prove that I'm still going, haha...)

I have been cursed with knowledge.
There is not a dream any night, but there could be a dream upon any night. My dreams are like an assault, a frontal attack on my sanity and my heart. I am helpless to hold myself back against the knowledge of a threat. I will always fight for the helpless, the weak, the needy, no matter where I see them. It is why my father says I will be a weak king.
But seeing people in my dreams…
I thought it was a fluke at first. That when I saw one of the palace’s chambermaids bloodied and bruised, it was simply a nightmare from having brushed into her in the hallway. I never expected to see her looking just as she did in the dream when I saw her that afternoon.
Nor did I expect, the following night, for her to appear again and beg me for aid.

That's about all I've got for now. I may pop in again before summer, I may not. We shall see.

Either way...tell me about what's going on with you ;)

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  1. love this. you know my life so I won't bore you here <3

  2. Awww, it was lovely getting an update from you! Congrats on being a declared history major!!! I'm so proud of you, girl! Prayers for you, friend, as you continue to pursue God's amazing plans for you. <3

    (Also that first meme about the puzzle and cat made me almost snort coffee onto my computer screen so thank you. It's so accurate though. XD)

  3. Faith! It's a long time since I've been here. <3 There's a kind of nostalgia in coming back to your blog and realising you and it have aged, isn't there? Not bad, just different. I hope your paper deadline went well, and that you're enjoying your studies! (History and literature sound like an excellent combo!)

  4. I do a lot of things when I have something to procrastinate on (including blogging), so I can relate! But it's really good to "see" you!

    Congrats on declaring a history major! That plus a minor in literature sounds like SUCH a fun way to spend college. :)

    "I've also discovered that it's better to listen to your food allergies than to force yourself to suffer through them for the theory of liking the food." Oof, yes. I've had multiple allergic reactions while at college (and I don't know about yours, but mine are anaphylactic) because I wasn't being careful/didn't want to take the time to check/whatever, and...I need to just take them seriously. XD

    That snippet! :O I. Love. It.

  5. "Saturday" is basically my 24/7 vibe.

    So good to hear from you, Faith!! Congrats on declaring major and minor! Those both sound AWESOME. <3

    How can your snippets never fail to break me? HOW??

    Sending you all the hugs!

  6. "Planning for the future is scary" #relatable

    Congratz on declaring a major and minor! That's super exciting! And your snippet sounds intriguing. Can't wait to hear more!

    I've gone back to do some deep editing work on an old project, while drafting a new one to keep my creative juices flowing. The old project is a medieval fantasy; the new one a contemporary romance. So two very different genres, haha, but I'm enjoying both and they're going well overall!

    Always love hearing from you!



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