We Need Your Words

by - May 23, 2022


Remember the last time you read a 5 star book?

Maybe it was the last book you read. Maybe it's been a while and you're in a disappointing streak. (If not, we've all been there, so it's probably still memorable.) But recall that last book, the one that made you feel something and want to just immerse yourself in the story.

Think of the last time you were sad a story had to end.

There's hope in stories that we can't find in the real world. To paraphrase J.R.R. Tolkien from one of his essays, when you read a story, you're seeing the same dragons you're fighting in real life. But fairy tales give you the knowledge and the confidence to slay the dragon.

All of us have read stories like that--stories that slay the dragons and help us to fight another day. Maybe you've got a mere handful--maybe you have dozens. But you do have at least a couple stories that are special to you.

So now, consider for a moment: every one of those books was once a document on someone's computer or a manuscript under their pen, a story that they had to decide to keep writing.

Every one of those books was a story that they had to push through edits and go through doubt and wonder, at least a thousand times, if it was worth it. 

And yet, after all the steps, all the times it would be easier to stop, they still decided, executively, to push through. Their books got published. Their books got put into your hands.

And their books were able to help make your life better.

Your story will, someday, do the same thing for somebody else.

Think about that--your book, a 5 star novel on someone's shelf. That they're taking pictures of for Bookstagram. That they're listing on their top ten books of the year list.

Your book could be someone's favorite novel, the one they go to when they're scared or sad or alone, the one that they hold close to their hearts in darkness.

It could be the story that saves someone's life.

So keep writing, dear one. We need your words. We need to know what He gave you. Last week I talked about how God gives you words, and gave you the stories that you're writing. So now I encourage you--be bold to write it. And keep going.

We need your words.

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  1. I so needed this reminder today!!! Thanks for the lovely post <3


  2. Aaaahhhh this is so beautiful and a topic close to my heart. In fact, I have a post with MUCH the same message going up on my blog next Monday! So look at us, having the same thoughts at the same time! I love that. Proof that it is TRUE and needs to be said. You are the only one who can give the words on your heart, and we need those words. YES! <3


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