Some Christian Bands I Love

by - February 01, 2021

Hello guys! If you're like me, maybe it's a struggle to find quality Christian music. Well, today I'm here to share some of the songs I really like, along with five Christian bands I love. 

Andrew Peterson

Writing from the depths of his soul, Andrew has always been an inspiration to me, even though he writes songs and I write books. His fantasy series was my life in middle school, and I have always wanted to write something that evokes the same sort of deep emotional responses in others that his songs and his stories do in me. Andrew's songs, like no other, get me throwing my hands in the air in the car and singing along. I think his music was the first time I cried because of the worship experience. Check it out if you haven't.

-High Noon
-Maybe Next Year
-Behold the Lamb of God (the whole thing)


Wake Low
A band consisting of Andrew Peterson's three kids, this one just has a beautiful, unique sound to them, sort of like folk combined with lo-fi. They only have one album, but this album is special to me because every stream's proceeds are donated to International Justice Mission, which combats worldwide slavery.

-Green Light

Scott Mulvahill

Put together excellent vocals, strong lyrics, and the unique sound of an upright bass, and you have something magical. Scott only has one album so far, like Wake Low, but he's released a couple of EPs, so there are options for him, too. I love his music.

-Top of the Stairs
-The Lord is Comin'
-Gold-Plated Lie

Shane and Shane

Between covers, hymns, and original songs based on the Psalms, the overwhelming Biblical messages in Shane and Shane's music just make me joyful. Singing them in church is especially wonderful.

-Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts)
-He Will Hold Me Fast (cover)
-Is He Worthy? (cover)


I've only recently gotten into listening to Passion, but goodness gracious me they're fabulous. I love the concept, I love their music, I it. I wanna go now someday if it's ever possible. 

-Even So Come
-Way Maker
-Build My Life

Some honorable mention songs:

The Blessing by Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe, etc.
Too Good by Jess Ray
Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns
Famous by Skillet
Flawless by MercyMe
Scars by I AM THEY
10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

Give me YOUR recs! I wanna know all about what you listen to and your favorite worship music. Have you heard of these bands (I know everyone's heard of Passion, but the rest of them are smaller)? Chat with me!

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  1. I've heard of all of these (thanks to you 😘)

    lovely post. I would say my favorite Christian music comes from bands like Skillet, the older Flyleaf music, and I really really love some of Josh Wilson's music. Especially his song, Carry Me.

    I love this post so much. 💕💕💕

    1. sidenote: I love how we both planned music posts without the other knowing and happened to choose the exact same week to post them. like we're that set of best friends 😜😂😘💕

    2. I love Flyleaf! And Carry Me ;)

      Yessss always the best feeling tbh. I love you boo <3

  2. Oh man, I need I listen to ALL of these! I've been meaning to listen to more of Andrew Peterson's stuff for AGES. And I didn't even know his kids made an album. How precious! Shane and Shane are others I keep meaning to listen to more. These days I rarely listen to lyrical music--it's mostly just instrumental, study type of music while I'm working on things. I totally need to get back into the lyrical stuff! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Oh, and for recs Owl City is MAH BOY. Buuut you probably already knew that. XD (Seriously though, he does gorgeous versions of hymns. His "In Christ Alone" gets me teary-eyed every time. <3)

    1. ACK YES THEY DID! It's one of my favorite albums and I LOVE them. Shane and Shane are amazing and I hope you get inspired by this music!

      (Dude I didn't know Owl City did hymns!!! I MUST LISTEN)

  3. I love Andrew Peterson! I didn't realize that his kids did an album--I will definitely have to check that out!

    My favorite Christian music artist is Audrey Assad! She's technically a Catholic artist, but basically all of her music is about the internal journey of faith, so I would recommend it to most people interesting in Christian music, whether they're Catholic or not. :)

    1. You do! It's one of my favorite albums right now!

      Ooh, that's awesome! I've listened to a few of her songs, and I LOVE them.

  4. I . . . don't really listen to a lot of Christian music? Which is sad, because it's something I really want to get into, but I just don't know where to start. XD This post was SUPER helpful, though! I've heard lots about Andrew Peterson, and although I knew he had a music career, I hadn't heard too much about his songs. But I'll definitely check them out! :D

    1. It is SUPER hard (especially because what they play on the radio really isn't the best music out there?) I hope you like these recs--I have some spotify playlists too that you'll probably find if you stalk me xD

  5. I didn't know Andrew Peterson's kids did stuff together! I knew Skye has some music of her own and Aedan has done some stuff, but that's awesome that they have a band! I'll have to check that out.

    Some of my favorites are Jeremy Camp (top of the list), MercyMe, and Rich Mullins.

    1. All three of them together are SO amazing. Their music is just...a work of art *chef kiss*

      I love all three of those!!!!

  6. *sees Andrew Peterson* *heart is happy*

    Have you tried The Gray Havens ever? AP is my very favorite musician, ever, period, but TGH actually somehow manages to come close?? Which is a really hard thing to do but they manage it. They're masterful storytellers. And they have really good production. And just... wow. You need to try them ;)

    (Also HOW did you pick 3 AP songs? Just 3? My siblings ask me which one my favorite is -- since I talk about him so much xD -- and I'm like *scrambles* maybe this one? or no, no, that one! I think my very favorite is The Power of a Great Affection... or His Heart Beats... or High Noon... or, or, or...

    1. Andrew Peterson is just...a king xD

      YES I've been getting into them recently! I was introduced to them years ago, back when I was a hard rock girl over folk, but I LOVE it now! Ghost of a King is my favorite of their songs right now ;)

      Well, to be fair, listing "Behold the Lamb of God (the whole thing)" as a song /is/ cheating xD but YESSSS WHAT EXCELLENT PICKS! The Power of a Great Affection is one of my favorite worship songs.

  7. Andrew Peterson, yess! I knew his kids were musical, but I didn't know they did an album together.
    Although I like good lyrics, I also enjoy Christian instrumental, with artists such as Taryn Harbridge and Josh Snodgrass.

    1. I think it was fairly recent--they announced it on the Behold the Lamb of God livestream ;)

      Ooh yes! I've been really into Christian lo-fi lately.

  8. I love Passion! And Andrew Peterson. I haven't listened to the others yet. I'll be sure to listen to some of their songs.

  9. I just created a Spotify playlist solely to listen to this music. :) Of all of these I've only heard The Blessing. My favorite worship artists are For King and Country, MercyMe (especially Even If <3), Lauren Daigle, and Casting Crowns.


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