Summer Writing Finale Part 1: If the Sky Falls

by - September 07, 2020

Well, the end of summer is upon us. It has been an odd summer, but a good one, full of a lot of life changes and a lot of other Stuff that I won't go into here. I'll have another post coming about it later, most likely ;)

But for now...I wrote a LOT this summer and I'm here to share about my two main WIPs!

This post is about If the Sky Falls, the second book in the Players' Trilogy, my current book that I'm planning to pitch sometime (EEEEEP)


Daverby swore to get his lost love, Emery, back from the monsters that stole her—but when there are dozens of unexplored worlds out there, finding her might be harder than he anticipated. With Talia at his side, he voyages the portals, relentlessly seeking Emery—but there’s a Hunter after Talia, a Hunter who will stop at nothing to make her answer for her crimes.


Desperate to get her voice back, Lissa makes a deal with one of the monsters—her voice will return to her, but only if she can convince one of the Players to fall in love with her. Setting her sights on Tarek, the leader of the surviving Players, she plunges into their midst on a fool’s errand—learn music, win his heart, or forever become the slave of monsters.


Drex lost his youth and freedom to save the world of Adonta, but he and his father know that this is only borrowed time. They must find a more permanent solution before it’s too late. The word of power is the only answer—but Drex is running out of time, and his heart would rather explore his new feelings for Dulcinea, the lost Player, than save the world.


Surrounded by monsters, the mercenaries and the Players must unite, or fall. But they never expected so many enemies—or for it to be so difficult to find a solution.The sky is falling… 


  • 213 pages
  • 58,020 words
  • A million characters
  • Five girls who wouldn't ever tell you how they really feel
  • Five guys who want to make it better but do Not Know How
  • Some monsters
  • Some nightmares
  • Fun times
  • Escapes


(The following very adorable illustrations are by Lisa Elis!!!) 


I will be your lover//fighter//harder//higher//I wanna fight for love//SVRCINA
fierce//hiding secrets that hurt more than he'd ever admit//once a ruler, now a pauper//had his priorities wrong and look where it got him//accidentally popular and has a million friends//INTJ


Into the silence you sent me//into the fire consumed//you thought I'd forget//but it's always in my head//STARSET
artist//pretends not to care but Does//mind games//spends most of her time asking questions//Wants to escape but can't//reality is whatever I want//INTP


Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful//will you still love me when I've got nothing but my aching soul//Lana Del Rey
Hi I would like to die in peace//leave me to my misery//except wait I can't handle that idea//loves people very hard//eats far too much//magic is overrated, he says as he uses magic//ENTP


We just gotta stop the flood before we lose it all and drown from fear//but let me tell you, I'm ready to fly//Natasha Blume
tears//music//the weight of the world is a very heavy and immense thing//wishing for someone to love her//it's okay//it's fine//anxiety just bit me//ISFJ


When you're out//loneliness it crawls up from the ground//it's what you feel but can't articulate out loud//Bastille
brooding is my one hobby//like literally I play the piano for a vocation but i just brood//one broken hand isn't enough let's break the other one too//having friends is overrated//ISTJ


So say the word and I'll be running back to find you//A thousand armies won't stop me I'll break through//STARSET
Music fills my soul//some are sick of it but not me, I'm still in love//there's real joy and real love out there somewhere//everything will be okay//but first it's gonna hurt a LOT//INFP


Don't look us right in the face it's like staring at a burning sun//got teeth like razor blades and you know that we're out for blood//Sam Tinnesz
murder and death//just kidding I don't like either of those things//relax and stop screaming it's fine//I'll take the first watch//sleep//just kidding I haven't slept in ten years//INTJ


He reached down and picked up a tiny box. “What is this?”
“I’m not sure.” Dulci frowned and leaned in to consider it. It was a rectangle, small enough to fit in his hand, but clearly heavy. He flipped it over, and in the center was a small metal crank.
“Well, bottoms up.” Drex twisted the tiny crank with his free hand, leaning against the shelf to keep from falling, and then turned the box over.
Nothing happened.
Dulci took it from him, flipped it again. Nothing.
She frowned. If it had a crank, it surely did something. She turned it back over and opened the top of the box.
And music poured out.
Dulci gasped and set it down, quick, but the music didn’t stop. It poured out like a waterfall—a song that she didn’t recognize, something she didn’t know, but beautiful. It tinkled like the bell over the door, soft and sweet.
They could get arrested for owning this.
Dulci found she didn’t care.

Tarek sat at the piano banging as hard as he could with his bleeding left hand. His right hand had always been the one that gave him trouble, but today, his left hand ached almost more than the other. It was bleeding, too, his fingertips so swollen and broken from hitting the keys so often that they were streaming blood. Kerby had passed out over his flute a few days ago, just run out of breath and fallen to the floor in a heap. The music had all stopped for a moment, and everyone had gasped.
But somehow, the sky held firm.
Eventually, they were going to run out of strength. He already knew it. Tarek tried to line his shaking right hand up over the keys, because who cared at this point if people saw it? His pride didn’t matter when compared to the fact that everyone in this room, everyone in the world, would die if they stopped playing.

“Emery, for the love of all blood, put your sketchbook down!” Mother pushed back her auburn hair, put her hands on her hips, and stared down her nose, shaking her head.
She couldn’t move. Her fingers were locked around the pencil, staring down at the sketch once again. The sketch of the boy she didn’t know and didn’t recognize. More a man than a boy, but… she still could not get him out of her head after all this time.
“Who’s that?” Mother raised an eyebrow.
She shrugged. “I… I don’t know.” Better that than to say he was the boy haunting her dreams, the man she could not quite see, the one who lurked just beyond the edges of memory.
Mother bent down and shoveled several loads of dirt into the wheelbarrow. Father dealt with the fields for their profit, but the garden was Mother’s job, and their only source of food during most seasons. “I need your help, darling.”
“I can’t stop.” She rose slowly and set the pencil down. Even still, she could not finish the drawing. Today his nose was wrong, but sometimes it was his shoulders, sometimes his neck. Sometimes his hair just did not line up. Every day she tried to draw him.
Every day she failed.

“If there’s one thing I don’t like, Dulcinea, it’s witches.” Daverby was pacing on the other side of a room, holding a book in front of him. Dulci bit back the urge to mention that he was holding it upside down.
“What do witches have to do with that book?” She didn’t usually try to poke at him, but right now she had nothing to lose, and the music was gone, and she wanted to just let go.
“It’s a book about witches!” Daverby shook it as if that would make the words more clear. “It’s very annoying.”
“Dave, that book is about the wild plants native to Isondata.” Dulci turned back to the piano and reached for the keys. Just a single chord, repeating over and over and over and over until her heart could bleed a little less. She had to use it as a bandage, tying herself shut after the bleeding and uncontrollable pain.
Daverby groaned. “Fine. Fine. Who am I fooling?” The next second the piano bench rocked as he thudded down at her side. Dulci flinched. She didn’t stop playing, but her dislike for Daverby flared into the music and she let a dissonant chord or two make it into the song.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, keeping her voice gentle as much as possible.

Another life goal to check off: Getting arrested in the wrong world.
Daverby paced laps around his cell, grumbling loudly under his breath. Oscar, sitting on the cot, watched him with interested eyes.
“Is this a normal thing you do at home?” he asked after a few minutes. “Walk circles and yell curses?”
“What, you don’t do that here?” Daverby glared at him. “It’s a rather stimulating activity. Gets your mind off your surroundings.”
“But you’re only talking about the fact that you’re stuck here.” Oscar squinted.
Daverby went back to pacing without another word. If someone didn’t want to tell him about this, fine. If no one wanted to get him out of here, fine. He’d get out of here sooner or later, whether he had to do it himself or not. He’d told them his only contact was a Jeremiah the Gatekeeper in Adonta, and when he’d mentioned that he was from Adonta, everyone had fallen back, whispering.
“You are arrested for helping fugitives,” droned the magistrate when they stood before him, and Daverby fought not to roll his eyes.
“I didn’t realize they were fugitives,” he said. Like that would improve it.


This post ended up being WAY longer than I anticipated, so the one about my second WIP will have to be a second part xD But I hope you enjoyed this little look into my world of Adonta and the music that keeps it alive!

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  1. HOLY HECK THIS LOOKS SO GOOD. If Tarek hadn't stolen my heart before, HE DID NOW. *crying* *wants to hug him* but anyways this series still sounds like one of the best stories ever and I want to read it so badly <3 <3 <3

    1. THANK YOUUUU ACKKKKKKK I'm so glad you like the sound of it! Tarek is my LAD mwahahahaaaaa

  2. ALLL THE STARSET YESSSSSS. I love this book. I love this book. I love this book. I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!! *sobs* It's amazing. You're amazing. I have called both Drex and Dulci, they are mine now. Lissa too. Mine.

    I love this so much, boo. You're going to do amazing pitching these. If no one picks them up, I WILL BECOME A PUBLISHER THE WORLD NEEDS THESE!! <3 <3 <3

    1. MUCH STARSET XD XD and yes you can have them. <3

      ;) excellent that's the kind of assurance everyone needs.

  3. Hm now that I look again my picture of Lissa kinda looks like Lila 🤔😂

  4. *pterodactyl screeching* ME LOVE. ME LOVE. ME LOVE. I CAN'T WAIT TO READ THIS!!!

    Those drawings are ADORABLE! The one of Tarek is my favorite. :D


      Lisa is so talented! and I love that one ;)

  5. Have I mentioned recently HOW MUCH I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS CONCEPT??? If an agent and publisher doesn't pick this one up, WELL. My entire faith in the publishing industry will be destroyed. This story just...AGH. IT SOUNDS SO UNIQUE AND AMAZING AND THESE CHARACTERSSSS.

    I still think Daverby's my favorite, just from the snippets and things I've seen. He seems great. XD But they ALL sound precious and like one insane squad!

    Also that snippet where Tarek is playing the piano in so much pain. SO INTENSE. GAH. Why do I feel like these stories are going to destroy me??? (I'm so ready.)

    Thank you for sharing this utterly epic goodness! That is awesome you've been writing so much! YOU GO, GIRL!

    1. I AM SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT ACCCKKKK. I hope it does get out there someday! We shall see.

      Daverby is MY BOI and I love him with all my heart *hugs him* and yes they are QUITE the squad.

      He kills me *sobs*


  6. I cannot even express how much I need to read this. (also as a side note every time I see the title I think of the Adele song Skyfall XD)

  7. Not keeping up with blogs has meant I've missed hearing about THIS for months, and that is just not on. xD

    "Five girls who wouldn't ever tell you how they really feel//Five guys who want to make it better but do Not Know How" - those are EXACTLY the descriptions to pull me in, I love those kinds of characters! And keeping up the sky by music - ahh! Thanks for sharing this with us, Faith <3

  8. *drools over literally everything in this post*

  9. They all look so cute! And yesss more snippets!!


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