Keeping a Schedule During Quarantine

by - April 27, 2020

(I'm writing this from a week and a half in the future, praying that this post will be entirely obsolete by the time it gets to you.)

(Note: it isn't. Oh well.)

It's been a wild couple of months, hasn't it? Time no longer has any meaning. It's like we were all saying we wanted time to slow down and then COVID came and slapped it all the way back to .25 speed. Wild times. Anyway...

Since I know you're all tired of hearing the word, I will try not to make a big deal out of it, and I'm hopeful that this post will help you even if it's not during the Dreaded Q! Today I'm sharing some tips that have helped me stay on a routine and have a schedule during quarantine, and I hope that you'll find it helpful too.


Look, I'm as big a fan as anyone of sleeping in. I love to get up at 9am on certain days. But that, friends, is the key word: ON CERTAIN DAYS. 

I got so frustrated with being unable to rip myself out of bed in the morning. I'm the most productive in the morning, so I need to be able to get up, but it can be hard for me to wake up. So I started doing one simple thing to change my whole morning routine <----CLICKBAIT TITLES

I sleep in the top bunk bed in the room I share with my sister, so every evening, I put an old flip phone with alarm capacity on the desk across the room. Then, in the morning, I have to get out of bed and cross the room to turn off the alarm--and once I'm down, I don't want to go back up the ladder to my bed. So giving yourself something specific to do as soon as your feet hit the ground in the morning is extremely helpful.

I also bribe myself to get out of bed: a mug of herbal tea, a guaranteed hour of uninterrupted prayer time, the knowledge that I'll be able to get an early start now. That may not be what everyone needs, but an early morning prayer time and then an early morning workout is just the ticket for me.


I know we're all forgetting what day it is. But if you have a planner, that stress is alleviated. You make a list of everything you want to do in the day, check them off, rinse, repeat.

Planners stress a lot of people. But the thing about them is that it's so easy to personalize them that they shouldn't scare you. You don't have to have a homemade bullet journal--I don't (although I will forever admire people like Emily Grant and Nicole Dust who have gorgeous bullet journals and can actually keep up with them). You don't even have to use a Passion planner--I love those, but they can be a lot to keep up with. It's all about what makes you more organized.

Abbie Emmons, on her YouTube channel, highly recommends using Google Calendar to create blocks of time to do certain things. I know some people just make daily to-do lists and check things off. It doesn't have to be complicated, but having a plan for your day is NEVER a bad idea. Just don't make it so solid that if something comes up and a wrench gets thrown in the time table, you can no longer function.


I'm not using this as a plug for "learn something new during quarantine!" I know this is a tough time for everyone. If, however, you have the ability to spend some of your time at home doing something you love, take the opportunity.

We are bloggers. We are writers. We are artists.

For me, working on my official WIP has been very stressful lately. I've been writing all over the place-some flash fictions, a new novella, some edits. But even on days when I'm working (aye, I am an Essential Employee(TM)), I'm making time to put down some words, draw some pictures, play some music. I'm not trying to do everything in one day, but whichever things I can do that make me feel refreshed and feel hopeful...I do them. Your art is an opportunity to find an escape and some peace.


Of course, no schedule should over become so valuable that you lose your sense of sanity. In the end, Jesus is the only thing we can truly depend on in this life. In the midst of a worldwide darkness, only he stays the same. So it's an important truth that right now, we must choose to depend upon him even when the darkness is so tight it feels suffocating.

Use your art as an escape. Keep supporting small businesses. Don't lose track of the time--make it count, even at home.

But let's remember: Jesus is the only one who can truly save us from all of this. He stays the same. He is dependable, and he is closer than he seems.

Run to him.

What's something you're learning during quarantine? And more are you doing right now? I know this is an incredibly stressful, dark time for so many of us, and you're all in my prayers <3 Talk to me in the comments--I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. I've been getting up at my normal time, even though I don't have to go to work. It's nice, and helps me feel more prepared to accomplish whatever tasks I need to do for the day.

    Also, I'm a to-do list kinda person. My BJ is basically lists. No pretty art (cuz I can't draw) but lots of crossed-out stuff!

  2. Fantastic tips! I always drag myself out of bed for coffee, or because my cat wants out of the room. She's super loud about it. XD

  3. even though it's you who keeps me up past my bedtime ;)

  4. All such FANTASTIC tips! I was setting my alarm for a while there but I've been slipping on doing it lately. You're motivating me to get back to it! And planners YES. To-do lists are the only things that keep me sane these days, honestly. XD

    I LOOOOVE your thoughts on prioritizing what you love. Because I tend to do the opposite and get a ton of stuff done and...not make time for, you know, things I enjoy. It's terrible. #workaholic That's suuuch a great reminder to fill in at least SOME of the day with things that bring us peace and joy. And prayer of course is so, so important, YES.

    I just loved all of this! Thank you for sharing! Hope you're doing well. <3

  5. This is great!!
    Having something to get up for in the morning is honestly the way to do it... otherwise it's bed for me (for MANY more hours xD)

  6. Okay, YIKES I needed this post. (I literally read it while procrastinating getting out of bed. XD)

    (I don't know how I keep up with bullet journaling, either. XD *shrugs*)

    Excellent point about prioritizing what you love! I'll definitely have to start planning time in the day to put passion before everything else. Awesome post! :D

  7. Oh, I use the putting my alarm clock across the room trick all the time. It can be helpful if I'm not still totally worn out. XD

    Great tips!I pray that you continue to stay well! <3

  8. Girl, are you sure your not me? I mean, I literally sleep on the top bunk over the sister I share a room with, set an alarm for 5:30 am on my clock that sits on my dresser so that I actually get out of bed because I'm more productive in the morning, even though it's hard for me to get out of bed. Like? Is that a coincidence? Lol Love this post! It's so, very true! ❤❤

  9. love this post! <3 i've been setting my alarm even tho i don't need to get up early, and it's really nice to have quiet time in the morning.

    also crossing things off in my planner is seriously the highlight of my day, lol.


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  11. Oh man, I really needed this. It's been so frustrating here. It seems like everything is moving like molasses, in Minnesota at least. These are some great tips! I definitely need to start using an alarm...XD


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