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by - February 03, 2020

This is a post LOOOOOONG overdue from me xD I don't actually watch a lot of YouTube, which is probably part of the reason this hasn't showed up yet. I think I'm subscribed to somewhere between 20-40 channels. (Edit: there are 66. RIP, me.) But here is a list of some of my top favorites!!!!!! Each of them has one of my favorite videos from the channel.

How It Should Have Ended

This channel takes movies, makes fun of them, and rewrites the plot holes to demonstrate what SHOULD have happened. One of my all-time favorites (also! MOSTLY CLEAN!!!!)

Screen Junkies

This movie makes trailers for movies, playing on what they're ACTUALLY about. It's hilarious. Absolutely one of my favorite channels. (Frequent language, though. So be on the watch for that.) Although the video I've linked here is clean.

Cinema WINS

Look, I enjoy Cinema Sins from time to time. But the frequent language and crass material does get to me, as does the cynicism. So I turn to Cinema Wins, a one-man show comprised of watching a movie and telling you everything about it that was AMAZING. With the exception of the word bad***, there is no language on this channel for the most part (depending on the movie, of course). Absolutely recommend.

Bad Lip Reading

A classic. They take the lip movements of famous movies or celebrities, read them badly, and tell a new story. So much goodness lurks on this channel. 

Abbie Emmons

One of the few advice/non-humor channels I follow. Abbie has amazing writing advice, amazing aesthetics, and is just all-around amazing. 

Blimey Cow


Translator Fails/Google Translate Sings

Take a song, run its lyrics through fifty rounds of google translate, and now sing that to the tune. yeah. It's about as hilarious as it sounds.

Mark Crilley

The guy who really taught me to draw. He's a really fantastic artist with a great personality and his videos are SO helpful. I dont' really do much with them anymore, but they're amazing and I need to get back into them.

That's all I've got! What are some of YOUR favorite YouTube channels? Do you watch any of these? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Okay, your YouTube taste is AMAZING and I love basically all of these! XD

    TRANSLATOR FAILS IS SO GOOD THOUGH. Especially "Alexander Hamilton" - wait, I meant "Alexander Lukashenko" ;)

  2. BLIMEY COWWWW. I have been watching them for YEARS. They were like my first YouTubers to ever subscribe to, and STILL my most watched. The Messyges videos are my FAVE. I just can't. XDD

    Abbie's videos are also full of glitter and fabulousness, YES.

    I've definitely seen some How It Should Have Ended and Honest Trailers videos, but not a whole lot. I need to remedy this! I don't think I've seen the others you've mentioned. I need to check them out!

    I just recently got OBSESSED with Screen Rants' "Pitch Meeting" videos. A guy pretends to pitch the plot of cinematic movies and it is HILARIOUS. He's good at finding alllll the plot holes of movies. Definitely recommend! (There is the occasional language. Not heavily, but sometimes he'll throw one in there, so just a warning.)

    I also watch an unholy amount of Studio C. They do these HILARIOUS sketch videos. And it's all clean, so bonus! Them and Blimey Cow are definitely my main YouTubers to go to. They're just so great!

    This whole POST was great! Thank you for sharing. I loved this! :D

  3. I've watched all of these except the last two and they are HILARIOUS!! XD

  4. I've seen the bad lip reading one.My brothers showed me. It drove me a little crazy.... ;)
    One of my favorite YouTube channels is Brooklyn and Bailey. I was thinking about doing a post like this.



    I just *finally* got that OUT of my head and LOOK AT WHAT YOUVE DONE ITS BACK NOW

  6. I love all of those channels! My siblings and I quote HISHE all the time, especially their Avengers one.

  7. “One time I was walking and I found this log. And I rolled the log over and underneath was a tiny little stick. And I was like... that log had a child!” - Yoda, on Seagulls

    These are some pretty awesome channels! I haven’t seen them all, but they provide a good amount of laughs! XDDD

  8. Oooooh I need to watch more of those bad lip reading videos for sureeeeee. XD Awesome post!!

  9. Blimey Cow and Mark Crilley!!! It's been a while since I followed either one of them closely, but they were some of my earliest YouTube channels! Blimey Cow just had the greatest humor, and I'm with you: Mark really did teach me to draw! (not that I do it much anymore... but for the time when I did)



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