THE 2019 WRAPUP POST: It's a Monster, Be Warned (also FEELS COURTESY OF MY MUSIC)

by - December 30, 2019

*falls flat on face* WELL IT'S BEEN A HOT SECOND--I mean a year???? How in the name of sanity has it been a year?

In all honesty, 2019 absolutely FLEW past me, and I know it's flown by for all of you, too, but today I'm here to try to wrangle it in long enough to S C R E A M about my life and my music and my writing and my books and STUFF.

Well, that sounds ENTICING. Let's get STARTEd.

(Also Faith stop with the all caps sweetie)

(My two personalities are clashing over here)


(Note: I liked it so much better when I could embed playlists and not just link them)

Those might be my Top 100 songs for 2019, but let me just tell you all right this second...I don't know if I have an absolute favorite song from this year. Last year, I did a very quick walkthrough of my top music, but this year I wanna take a little more time on music.

Mostly because I wanna scream about Bastille, haha...but YOU GUYS. BASTILLE.

Fall Out Boy was my emo stage music. My dark music. I still listen to them like crazy (Spotify says they're my artist of the decade, okay), but I've moved on a bit. I've moved on to... Bastille.

My top Bastille songs, in no particular order:

Bad Decisions


An Act of Kindness (which just so happens to be my male MC's theme song in Pentegreens)

Good Grief

The Draw

This is just a few of them, but...dude. These songs. The soul in them. The pain. The hope. I am crying. 

A few other artists that defined my year:

-Fall Out Boy (obviously)
-Florence + The Machine
-Taylor Swift
-Sam Tinnesz

(Also I'm predicting my biggest artists of 2020 will be Twenty One Pilots, Svrcina, Bastille, and FOB because yeah)


Some Goodreads stats:

-I read 108 books, 13 less than last year
-The longest was Atlas Shrugged at 1,168 pages (phenomenal book btw and I already want to reread)
-So many rereads
-So many classics

My favorite books of the year:

The Deceiver's Heart by Jennifer A. Nielsen
Stabby//thrilling sequel//my ship//BABIES//also people die but it's fine

Scythe by Neal Shusterman
also stabby//utopian//interesting view of society//AI that will murder you and also be the mom friend

The Divided Nation by Angela R. Watts
Indie//by a dear friend//realistic//dystopian//SO GOOD

All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis
The power of words//another dystopian, are we sensing a trend//the most amazing concept

Words on Fire by Jennifer A. Nielsen
his-fic//by the queen herself//another story about the power of words//Lukas is my favorite ngl

Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim
Culture//magic scissors//slowburn romance//amazing handling of grief

The Wicked King by Holly Black
My favorite of the trilogy//stabby//death//PLOT TWISTS//dysfunctional ship that actually somehow works


This year, the writing went as follows:

-Draft 3 of The King's Daughter was edited and sent to beta readers
-Draft 2 of The General's Children was edited and sent to alpha readers
-Wrote drafts 4-7 of The King's Daughter
-I submitted approximately 13 flash fiction stories to Havok (and 4 of them were published!)
-Draft 2 (a.k.a. version 2) of The Soldier's Gamble, previously known as The Winter's Chill, was written and currently my main alpha reader is flying through the last section xD (my other alpha reader already finished it and has done much screaming at me)
-Draft 1 of Book 4 (title under wraps) is completed
^which means I will never be writing the first draft of a Pentegreens book again
^what is this madness
-I have almost finished the first draft of my novel Not the Chosen One
-I beta read SO MANY books this year
-A Chill Unbroken, my Pentegreens novella, got drafted during the Go Teen Writers 100-for-100 challenge
-I sent queries for my book to four separate people and got solid no's from two, a slush pile no from one, and a still-waiting on the fourth.


He handed her a slightly mushed glazed doughnut that he appeared to have picked up from the couch next to him. It rested on a napkin, but one side of it was almost completely flat. Cass’s nose wrinkled—he expected her to eat that? “Did you sit on that?” she blurted.
“Yes, I’m giving you my pocket doughnut.” He rolled his eyes. “NO, I ripped it out of someone’s hand before they could eat a fifth one and saved it for you. It’s the last one. Quentin would be proud of me for exhibiting such self-control, but…here, it’s for you.”
He’d saved her the last doughnut? No one at home had ever done that—on the island, when it came to doughnuts, it was every man for himself, and even Mom didn’t save doughnuts. “Wow,” she said, because that was all she could get out. “Th-thank you, Myles. I appreciate it.”
“It’s not that big a deal, but…yeah, you’re welcome. Eat it right now. And I need you to visibly enjoy it, because I don’t know if you understand the pain of having that thing sit next to me and not being able to eat it.”
She grinned at him and took a bite of the doughnut. It was no longer warm, but it wasn’t cold or hard, either. So soft it ripped like a dream. So sweet that it made sugar race into her veins, but not sweet enough to make her teeth hurt. She chewed slowly, letting as much of her tongue as possible soak in the flavor. “This is delicious,” she said. “Absolutely delicious.”

~Not the Chosen One


Elensha scrunched up her face. “So, princess,” she said, pitching it higher than usual, “I’m so very sorry for hurting you. And hitting you. And torturing you. And throwing you on your face. And slapping you. And knocking you out. And—”
Esma held up a hand. “Enough,” she snapped. It was far too early in the morning to deal with Elensha. She hadn’t even realized how blissful the last few months had been, without the shadow assassin around to taunt and stalk her. “I do not accept your apology. Not by any means.”
A sigh like a hurricane force of wind burst from Elensha. “Ohhhh, well. I suppose it was worth at least a try.” She hopped off the table.

~Pentegreens Book 4

My daughter.
Esma sat up in bed, the emptiness flooding back in as she woke. “Daddy?” she whispered, although the voice in the very faintest borders of her dream hadn’t sound like her father at all.
The feeling that flooded her heart was not one she could put into words. Perhaps Rishatta, in his diaries, would be able to describe it. But not her.
The closest word she could find for it was peace.
“Mighty One?” she breathed, and the peace settled still more deeply.
“You abandoned me,” she whispered. There was no response from the darkness, but somehow she still felt Him there, listening. He was no longer ignoring her. “You abandoned me. How is this right? How is this your plan?”
The breath of peace that flowed over her left her reeling.

~The Soldier's Gamble


Just some of the fast and furious, because next week's post is going to go into that a little bit more:
-I finished junior year of high school!
-I got a five on the AP US History test (a perfect score and my mind is blown)
-I went to Realm Makers
-My best friend came to visit me for the first time
-I went to see my grandparents by myself on a plane and was away from home for two weeks
-I got accepted at my college (!!!!)
-Also Harvard has been trying to recruit me and Idk how to feel about this
-I sent out my first queries for my baby love TKD
-I got my first college credits! (3 down, like 126 to go)
-I got my driver's license
-Got a new jobbbbbbb
-Finally learned how to wing my eyeliner
-Oh wow I have some really great friends now

Meaningful images: (all of these from Pinterest and not mine I own nothing)


if you find out the one password I use for literally everything you could legit hack my whole life

(Note: this was me at my old job)

Writing is a job, a talent, but it's also the place to go in your head-----all this and more

Overall, 2019 has been a wild year, but as it draws to a close, I'm realizing that it's been an okay one. I've done a lot. I've grown. And I'm ready for whatever the new decade has to bring.

(Random note in here, but my little sister has started her OWN blog as of a couple months ago! She's writing a Star Wars fanfic (it's really good) and is only a couple of chapters in, so if you like Star Wars, now is the time to go start reading her story xD Her blog is over at "My Jedi Story". She'd love more readers!)

What about you? How was your 2019? Do any of these memes speak to your soul? Chat with me in the comments!

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  1. Kinda wish the people I pitched to would at least give me a solid no...then I could stop thinking about them...

    Anyways, 2019 was AWESOME and it was SO NICE to meet you and JAM TOGETHERRRRR

    If you ever find yourself coming down to NC, seriously, stop by.

    Also, I need to read the Pentegreen books eventually, so either give me something to BETA or just go and self publish or something because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE ABOUT

    1. Dude I KNNOOOOOW. It's so frustrating.

      YESSSS!!!!!! One of my favorite parts of the year ^_^

      I shall!!!!!!


  2. Oh yay querying. Such a fun thing to do. XD

    And 2019 was awesome. It's been another EPIC year and I can't wait for 2020. (and I am so excited to read TKD AGHH) (Also yeah water does taste different THANK YOU) XD

    Happy new years, Faith! <333

    1. Ikr *rolls eyes* such fun


      <3 YOU TOO!!!!!

  3. (Haha, I never figured out how to embed Spotify playlists, so welcome to my PAIN. XD)

    Ack, All Rights Reserved was SOOOOO GOOD. *flails* And as I'm currently about 25% through Spin the Dawn, I can safely say THANK YOU FOR SCREAMING ABOUT THIS BOOK.

    Oh my word, QUERYING??? *sends hugs* Wishing you the best of luck in 2020!

    (okay, but Rishatta keeps diaries???? why is this so exciting to me??? XD)

    Um, all of those memes speak to my soul. XD Especially that INFJ one. ;)

    Your 2019 sounds phenomenal, Faith! I hope your 2020 is just as good. <3 <3

    1. It's just my computer *sobs* If you have a normal computer I could totally tell you how but my chromebook is stuuuuuppppiiiiiid

      YES IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!! And ahhh, so glad you're liking that one!!!!

      Thank youuuuuu *shrieks*

      (Yes he dooeeeessssss and actually you should know this from reading TKD...xD)

      Yes xD xD That INFJ one is my favorite thing of ever.

      Thank you!!!!! And I hope you have an AMAZING 2020 <3

  4. Faith, it sounds like you had an amazing year!! I'm so grateful that you have let me read your gorgeous stories, and I can't wait for more!!! (You have given me my OTP!!) (And yes, just because Google hangouts hasn't been working for me lately doesn't mean that I am not screaming my head off at you!) Way to go on getting accepted to a college!! You are so incredible!!! <33333333 Have a brilliant new year!!!

    1. Thank you!!!!! And ahhhh, I'm so honored to have you reading my stories and I'm so glad you've liked them! ( ;)) (I'm so glad to hear that xD) Thank you!!!!! I love you so much, Clare :D

  5. This was so fun to read! And my goodness, hoooowwwwww do you write so much, read so much, all while working and doing school??? You are a WIZARD. Huuuuge congrats to ALL your wonderful writing accomplishments. Getting to beta-read TKD this year was so much fun EEP. <333

    And THOSE SNIPPETS. The doughnut one was PRECIOUS. The more I hear about Not the Chosen One the more I fall in love with it. IT JUST LOOKS SO GOOD!!! And the Pentegreen snippets. *SCREECHES* Is that Elensha APOLOGIZING WUT. AND THE POWER OF THAT LAST SNIPPET ACK MY HEART. So much goodness!

    CONGRATS ON GETTING ACCEPTED INTO COLLEGE. I AM SO PROUD OF YOOOUUUU!!!! And querying and getting jobs and learning to do winged eyeliner (a true accomplishment) and just ALL THE THINGS. You accomplished sooooooo much this year! SO PROUD OF MY FAITH.

    I do hope 2020 proves to be the best year yet! *ALL THE HUGS*

    1. Thank you!!!!!! Sometime I'm going to do a time management post, haha, and share how I actually am a zombie who collects brains and channels their mental power instead of eating them. It's all good. And aHHHHH I'm so excited you were able to read TKD!!!!! <3

      THANK YOU!!!! Hopefully NtCO will be around for edits before too long...mwahaha. And THANK YOUUUUUU *screams*

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a wild year for life change and I wouldn't change ANY of it.
      I love you!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Faith . . . like I already knew this but . . . this has just confirmed to me that you have fabulous taste in music.

    And best of luck with querying! Also I'm with Julian; you'd better start self-publishing or slipping manuscripts under my door or sOMETHING because I want to get in on this Pentegreen awesomeness. I can't imagine how you write this much either?? I wrote like a chapter this week and was like "wow this is a world record" lol.

    Happy 2020 may all your water taste delicious.

    - Eleanor

    1. Awwww thank you! <3

      YES! I shall be looking for more readers eventually, too, haha. But hey that's still progress! College zaps the life out of writing so you should be proud of getting through your first semester :D

      Thank you!!!! XD You too <3

  7. The first line of this post is amazing and I love it. xD

    UM YOU DID A LOT OF WRITING THIS YEAR MY FRIEND. Did you have time to sleep and eat? Because WOW. xD Seriously though, amazing job!! And all your Havok pieces were to die for. And your snippets are fantastic. Keep it up! <3

    IT'S SO TRUE ABOUT THE WATER MEME THOUGH. Sometimes I drink water from somewhere and I think it's gross but other people don't even notice. xD


      YES I DID and no I didn't. Wut is slep. Wut is food. Job and writing that is all my life is. And thank you! <3 I'm partial to my Havok stories myself (and yours were all SO GOOD *flails*)

      YES!!!! Every single time I go somewhere that isn't home the water is GROSS

  8. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH BOO!!! I can't wait to see you soar next year. Love you so much <3

  9. Happy New Year, Faith!!!! 2020 is going to be one crazy wild year and we both know that XD

    1. It IS and we're going to die so let's have funnnnn

  10. *remembers the time you were reading atlas shrugged and my sis saw it one gr and was like WHO IS THIS HORRIBLE FRIEND OF YOURS READING A BOOK WITH A NAKED DUDE ON THE COVER*

    *wonders what would have happened if I'd said, CHILL DUDE IT'S MY MOM*


    1. BAHAAHAHAHAHA that would have...not ended well


    But yeah, the past year has definitely been a challenging and surprising one. Lots of growth happened for sure. 2020 is going to be SO BIG and SO EXCITING. Can't wait to see what God does next <333

    Awesome post! All the TØP will be listened to you mwahaha 😎


      <3 It has and I can't wait for the paths we have ahead!

      Okay but will I listen to TOP or will TOP listen to me because either way.... *coughs*

  12. I discovered Svrcina in the last year and SHE IS FANTASTIC!! Definitely one of my favorite artists of 2019 and probably will continue to be headed into 2020.

    Congratulations on your success in school; that is so awesome!!! And good luck on that final query! Your stories are amazing; I know they'll find a home eventually. :)



    1. She is!!!!! Lover. Fighter. is like the best song ever and I'm listening to it SO MUCH rn

      Thank you!!!! I hope I get good news back on that one *cries* but even if I don't it's okay.

      YES!!! It's really good too!

  13. Bastille is amazing! Congrats on all the Havok things!!
    Adore the snippets!


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