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It is time, everyone, for another Language of Worlds! And I am SCRAPING in, almost on the last day, because on Sunday, I will start a new WIP. An awesome and epic one. One that...I've already written once?

That's right, frens, I am rewriting Pentegreens Book 3, once known as The Winter's Chill, now known as The Soldier's Gamble.

I have an outline! I have a plan! I have a villain, and some semblance of a plot, and an entirely NEW under-villain (a girl one! Y'all ain't ready for this), and lots of crying and weeping and fun stuff like that. Since I haven't shared it in a while, here's a blurb:

"I hear my army has taken to calling her 'the girl no one can catch...'"

Esma Pentegreen has known loss, but nothing like this. She has felt pain, but never has she been lashed so deeply. Alone but for two companions, she flees deep into the wilderness of Venaria in a desperate attempt to escape the assassins hunting her blood. But Dauthang isn't the only one looking for her, and a Venarian government out for victory at whatever cost might just find her first.

Derek Ternarnthien didn't mean for any of this to happen--but here he is. Desperate to save his nation, his city, and his family, he makes a choice that throws him right into the wolves' den, where his every move will determine whether or not he lives or dies. 

Lord Dauthang stands poised on the edge of Misue--but the city has never fallen and does not mean to start now.

The players are in position. The board is locked. And this may be the most deadly game of all…

Huge thanks to Liv K. FIsher for providing the questions for this post!!!!

[note: all pictures are from Pinterest; rights to the owners. I own nothing.]

The Language of Worlds: The Soldier's Gamble

1. How long have you been writing this story?

Technically? Since May 2018.

This draft? Just starting it. 

2. Who’s your favorite character? Why?

In this book, it would hands-down be my favoritest boi who is also my soulmate, Derek. He kind of becomes the protagonist of the book because my actual protagonist is kinda depressed in this one *sobs* so. Yeah. xD Derek it is! My sweet, crazy optimist boi.

Derek aka the boyfriend

3. Which character do you consider the “goodest of the good”?

Esma Pentegreen, my heroine and my sweet little baby girl. She's so soft and sad and broken, and yet she pushes on in a world that tells everyone to hide their real hearts. She's been lied to. She's been betrayed. She's lost people who matter and she's nearly died several times now. But she soldiers on with nothing but her hope, her faith in the Mighty One, and her love for the people who matter to her. She's my strong girl, and even if she falls, she gets back up.

4. Which character is the “baddest of the bad”?

Let's just go with the man himself, Lord *mutters incoherently* Dauthang. His Lordship finally shows up on the scene in this book, and oh my. He's not loud, blustering, snarky, or trigger-happy the way my other villains are, and he doesn't monologue for hours (thank heaven). He's a very quiet, soft-spoken man, but that mask he wears hides more than his face--it also conceals one of the most dangerous, powerful minds in the entire world of Sildalone.

5. If you were to have tea (or coffee!) with one character, which one would you pick? Why?

Hmmm...who could I possibly pick to have tea with? *quirks eyebrow* 

We're going to go with Miss Kariana Winslet, my spy girl. She loves tea in the canon of the story and she'd be a riot to talk to. I love her just a wee bit.

Underestimated #lynx #lynx #character

6. Describe your storyworld.

Just some fast and furious facts:
>It's called Sildalone, and has four nations: Lascogine, where Esma is from; Venaria, where Rishatta is from; Southlands, home of Errol Redow (and no one else, lol); and Brue, where Queen Bernathel once lived.
>Lascogine's capital is Misue, and they have the quarries and mines of the four nations, as well as farmland to the North and a densely populated sector to the south with lots of cities.
>Venaria has a capital city that still does not have a name despite half this book being set there, and its people have an obsession with lies, clothing, appearances, and power. Their main export is lumber.
>Southlands is almost entirely comprised of farmland, although it does have a few larger cities. Its ruling family, the Redows, comprises the entire nobility. 
>Brue is a nation that is under a stringent dictator, with walls surrounding its borders and citizens with barely enough to get by. All the people there are blond and blue-eyed. 
>Every person in all four nations has some sort of special power. 
>People's skin tones are based on region, not nation, so race is not an issue
>Venaria is the home to dozens of assassins and bounty hunters
>Venaria and Lascogine are currently at war

7. You’ve fallen into your book! Which place would you be happiest at?

I would most likely be happiest in Misue, home of most of my main characters, although not in this book. In this book...honestly, I don't think there IS a place I'd be happiest in xD Normally, though, it would be either Misue, the capital of Lascogine and home of Esma Pentegreen, Clarence Redow, their families, and most of my other main characters; or the Northern Sector of Lascogine, the rural, farming area that my husband Derek calls home.

8. Which place would you like to avoid at all costs? (Or, explore to know its secrets a little bit better?)

*coughs* Venaria. Too many assassins and secrets and treacherous games going on there.

9. Share an aesthetic!

*rubs hands together* Well, since you asked for it...

"Seu garoto é um soldado E sua boca tem gosto de Medo e sangue, poeira, fogo Lar E campo de batalha".

An image on imgfave


100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (16)

Assassin perching hidden amongst the shadows

between the light // photography // lighting // art // artistic // neon // aesthetic

10. Share a snippet!

This is from the old draft of book 3, but this scene will most likely stay xD It's from Chapter 1. So.

He’d been tied to a tree. 
He braced his feet against the ground and strained, shoving forward against the rope. The air around him was darkening, as though twilight approached, and other than the towering wall of trees ahead he could see nothing. Only darkness and evil and an uncertainty as to who it was that held him prisoner.
“Who’s there?” he asked and pulled harder. These ropes had to give if he pulled hard enough. He could escape. Cold seeped through his shirt into his back, chilling him to the very core. “I know you’re out there. Who is it?”
His head slammed back against the tree. Such force shot into him that his head spun and the insides of his eyelids turned into a galaxy of stars and constellations of all different colors, but mostly green and pink. He groaned and shook his head. “Ow.”   
When he was able to open his eyes again, a girl stood before him.

Do you have  a book that's just really, really hard to write? Because I'm not gonna lie, this book is ready to kick my butt. Do you think I'll cry while writing it? What do you think of my snippet? xD Chat with me in the comments!

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  1. *overanalyzing every single piece of information given* *freaking out from snippet*

    Oh, it’s just a normal Faith post, then. XD

    Love this post! Good luck with writing #3! You got this!

    1. *cackles* This is how I blog, children. ;)

      Thank you!!!!!! <3

  2. I think you'll laugh evilly while writiing it because you'll be thinking of our tears.

    also... you have an outline??? wow, this is serious!


    Brooke@ Chasing Dragonflies

    1. ...yeah not likely xD I'm crying. It's already happened.

      I do have an outline xD Someone send help before I'm converted like Lila...

  3. This book is going to be so utterly amazing!! Good luck on rewrites, you can do it!! <3

    Oh, Derek is so great! I'm so excited that he gets to be this book's protagonist! (Though, I'm worried that you didn't mention my fav boi one single time in this post... Did you think I wouldn't notice??? Where is he??)

    It was cool to learn more about your story world. And, AESTHETICS. YES!!

    1. Thank you!!!! <3 It's going REALLY WELL so far.

      Derek is my fave <3 Such a sweet baby. (He's in this post a bit! I just didn't answer any questions with him. xD)

      Thank you!!! <3

  4. *SQUEEEAAAALLLLSSS* Your Pentegreen progress blows my mind! AND I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE BECAUSE DEREKKKKK. But also terrified because WHY IS MISUE NOT SAFE? WHY IS NOWHERE SAFE? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ESMA??? AGH. You may not cry writing it, but I can guarantee we will all cry reading it! I mean, if that snippet is just from chapter ONE then like O___O


    Cheering you on allllll the way, girl! (Even if you are hurting the bbys.) *sends an endless supply of motivational cookies*

    1. AHHHH CHRISTINE THIS COMMENT HAS ME SQUEALING. I'm gonna cry for sure. Lots of tears. They're already coming. xD

      Thank you! The cookies are AWESOME *munches them eagerly*

  5. You shall definitely cry. And I will cry with you. 😭

    *slurps up aesthetics like a cold drink on a hot day*


    Amazing post! I love your storyworld. I love the characters. I love ALL OF IT. <333

    1. Oh, for sure. *whimpers*

      xD Glad you likes them!




  7. I WANT TO READ THIS SERIES SO BAD. If you ever want an extra reader, I am happy to oblige. xD And that snippet is amazing!!

    1. I will absolutely keep you in mind!!!!!! I'd love FOR you to read it ;) Thank you!!!

  8. *dies because every time you post about these stories they sound cooler and cooler*

    "War does not determine who is right, it determines who is left." Whoa. o.o That's totally intense and awesome. Love that.

    "...that my husband Derek calls home." XD

    AHH I love all of this!!

    1. Thank youuuuu!!!!!

      I wish I could take credit for that, but it's from Pinterest xD I'm glad you like it, though!!!! I thought it was pretty cool ;)

      xD Yep.


  9. *laughs evilly because you did the Language of Worlds*

    Oh my stars I am so excited for this story also I love how our third books are so similar and yet so different XD And now September has begun and so officially has our race ;P

    I love that snippet *smirks* Derek has no idea what he is in for.

    1. You're so evil. *glowers*

      I am tooooo xD Yes!!!! Our third books are going to be epic and I am going to KICK YOUR HINEY mwahahahaha.

      Derek's got a wild ride ahead of him, that's for sure. xD

  10. Ah, so excited! Love all these character's and the world. Can't wait for more!!!


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