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by - June 07, 2019

Hey, everybody! It's time for another Language of Worlds linkup ^_^ I was originally planning to do my character Clarence Redow for this month's installment, but then realized that these questions would give me some interesting insight into a character who, while very complex, doesn't tell me much about her everyday life. Also, since I'm in fullblown editing mode and need to be able to spill SOME of the beans occasionally, I figured, what better time than now to introduce y'all in full to one of my favorite antiheroes: 

Miss Anna Woods

She felt like a shell, a shadow of herself, something broken and weak. When was she ever weak? She was the great Anna Woods. No one made her feel small—no one.

She threw herself onto her bed and stared up at her dreamcatcher. It hung over her bed like a visible extension of her soul. She was the rebel of her family. This was the role she’d always had and the role she always would have. It was a role that she’d always meant to keep.

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1. Your character goes on a leisurely stroll. Where to?

Anna's probably heading to the nearest body of water. If it's summer, she'll be swimming; if it's winter, she'll be ice skating. 

2. What's their favorite food? Why? What does it taste like?

She doesn't eat a ton of food? It's not her favorite thing. But she does love red meat, especially steak when it's cooked to about the equivalent of medium rare. 

3. Describe their typical day.

6:00--gets up
7:00--eats breakfast
8:00--tries to stop her father from conquering the world
9:00--complains with her brother
10:00--runs the nation
1:00--makes dream catchers
3:00--tries to stop her father from conquering the world
8:00--hopefully avoids any kind of human interaction 

If she played her cards right, she could come out on top here, with very few consequences from anyone involved.

Mentally she ran through a list of the things that she needed to do in this situation. The first, obviously, was to survive; what would any of this be worth if she herself did not make it out alive?

4. When are they most productive? Morning, evening, or sometime in-between?

Anna is not a morning person or a nighttime person, so probably somewhere from 10 to noon-ish is when she's the most productive. She tries to get eight hours of sleep on the regular because she's a healthy sleeper, unlike most of the characters in this series.

What doesn't kill me better run • Quote

5. Who are they closest to?

Her brother, Rishatta. They like to commiserate over their general state of unhappiness while also scheming against their beloved father and making plans for the day they run the world together. Such enjoyment. xD 

6. Have they ever lost someone close to them?

Anna's mum died when she was eleven, which sort of...started a domino effect and ruined absolutely everything. xD She was never as close to her mother as Rishatta was, but Anna still misses her very much. Also she might lose her brother to his shenanigans but that's a whole 'nother blog post please don't kill me

jasmine sanders - VISION Los Angeles
A younger Anna, credit pinterest

For a brief moment he imagined he saw a hint of fear, worry, maybe even terror on her face. The expression faded, and he knew he had not imagined it. He knew his sister. Anna Woods was not invincible.
Even if she thought she was.
She turned to him now. The sun glimmered in her thick black hair, forming a tiny halo of light atop her scalp. “Come inside, Rish. Let’s get you quarantined somewhere your bad influence can’t permeate the whole camp. You disgrace us all. Have you lost your mind?”

7. Describe their education.

Anna learned largely from a tutor as a child. As the daughter of one of the most powerful leaders in Firma, she focused her mind on governing principles, the history of her nation, Venaria, and the study of languages, especially Common, the main language of the country to the South. Her (super)power is basically incredibly strong telekinesis, so she trained with that a lot too.

Also, her father being Burashna, there was a LOOOOTTTT of conditioning going on as a child, too. Mostly "The Pentegreens are evil" kinda stuff. And she swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. *sighs* This girl has a lot of issues. 

Stanisława grew up to be like her father: polish officer and war hero, killed in Katyń by communists. She worked in conspiration during World War II, she took part Warsaw uprising, she survived war. But she didn't survive communism. She was killed by communists in 1948. She was pregnant then. But she didn't get only will of fight by her father. Just like him she's sociable, loving, sweet and gentle. She got his red hair, too. His little Stasia. He would be proud of her.

8. What is their talent?

She's super strong with her power, strong enough that even her good ol' father won't risk making her angry. The only one who's ever tried to get in her way and actually succeeded was an idiot who didn't deserve to walk away with his life. That was a problem.

She also has a talent for making dream catchers, driving people away, not making friends, deciding to assassinate or politically ruin people she doesn't like, and coming out on top.

Like I said. Issues. 

She glared at him. How dare he doubt her like this? Dealing with her father was a dangerous and slippery slope, and she always had to exercise the utmost caution when it came to discussions with him. Too often she believed she had the upper hand when really it was he, but then the days came when he seemed likely to win, only for her to turn around with the victory.

Today was not a day when she could afford to be sloppy with victory.

9. When do they doubt themself? What makes them do so?

Anna doesn't usually experience doubt. She's a very confident individual. However, she does feel pain at the times when she realizes she's alone, or that she doesn't want to die. She often hurts inside, although she's good at covering it and overcoming it. Better than most of the other characters in this story, at least *cringes for poor dear Kariana* 

10. When do they feel most comfortable/cozy?

In the evening, when she's taken off her stilettos for the day and is sliding into a nice soft  bed under her dreamcatchers. With lots of thick blankets, because her house is incredibly cold. That's no one's fault, of course. No one at all. Just an unfortunate side effect of open windows. *sighs*

And Anna? She’d sucked in power—power, power, power. She dedicated herself to making herself strong with her power, and to dominating the field no matter what. She was the strongest there was and she would maintain that position.
She would never, ever be weak again. She could not afford to be weak again.
She would help no one else. She would do no good. She was the only one who mattered, and if there was nothing for her in the doing of good deeds, she would do no more good deeds. After all, look where that had gotten her mother and Rishatta.

Bonus: song lyrics for Anna

Ocean blue eyes, looking in mine//I feel like I might sink and drown and die//Taylor Swift

One question haunts and hurts, too much, too much to mention//was I really seeking good, or just seeking attention?//Is that all good deeds are when looked at with an ice-cold eye?//Idina Menzel

Screaming, deceiving, and bleeding for you...and you still won't hear me?!//Evanescence

I see nothin' better, I'll keep him forever, like a vendetta//Taylor Swift

Reputation precedes me, they told you I'm crazy//I swear I don't love the drama, it loves me//Taylor Swift

If you're not really here, then I don't want to be either//I wanna be next to you, black and gold//Sam Sparro

I don't see an easy way to get out of this...because I've been thrilled to fantasy too many times//I just died in your arms tonight//I should've walked away//Hidden Citizens

Heart beats fast, colors and promises//how to be brave, how can I love when I'm afraid to fall?//Christina Perri

So what do y'all think of this glimpse of Anna? Do you like antiheroes? Have you done the linkup yet/are you going to??? Chat with me in the comments!!!! 

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  1. Awesomesauce post. I love how deep this character is. I always love these types of characters. *gasp* do I spot a new favorite character??? :D

    1. Thank you! I hope you do like her ;) She's very, shall we say, Interesting. xD

  2. This character . . . *cough* has issues. But we all have a love/hate relationship with her anyways! (That sounded much better in my head, I apologize.)

    And that picture under #8 . . . *fangirls, cries, and dies* *is that possible* *it is now*

    Great post, Faith! I always LOVE reading more about Pentegreens. :)

    1. I couldn't agree more ;) And I totally feel you on that it happens all the time xD

      Ah yes that picture under #8...*smirks* *cackles*

      Thank you!!! I'm so glad to hear that <3

  3. This post is giving me LIFE - I CANNOT WAIT to read this book!! <3

    1. AGH I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT <3 And I can't wait FOR you to read it!!!!!!

  4. ooh, she's sounds awesome in an issue kinda way.

  5. I was wondering who you'd choose for your Language of Worlds posts and OOOOH BOY WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED. I have been so curious about Anna and here we get a whole post of her! *SQUEALS* And goodness gracious, she sounds EPIC. Those snippets. :O I love her already! I'm such a sucker for antiheroes. And she's Rishatta's SISTER. And just ALKJSDLJKF:LKSJDF. I can't wait to officially "meet" her in the next book!

    1. It was actually a really tough decision! XD But I'm so glad you liked it!!!! She's a very interesting character for sure...she drives me crazy, but eh, I love her very much xD She's definitely a Woods, too. THANK YOU CHRISTINE!!!!! I can't wait for you to meet her either! ;)

  6. *reading along really interested* *sees small print* "Also she might lose her brother to his--" WHAT??? YOU HAD BETTER NOT. Just saying.

    Anyway, I am ssssoooo interested! I also know which of your characters I ship her with. *evil laughter* ;) More, please?


      *rolls eyes* You'll have more soon m'dear xD

  7. AHHH! I love this. I know I'm gonna love Anna so much now. Seems like she took right after her mother *winks*

    1. I bet you will xD She's definitely her (adoptive) mother's daughter.

  8. How are your character aesthetic posts always so amazingggggg. O_o

  9. Agh!! This character is REALLY good!! I LOVE antiheroes, and this is one of the most intriguing I've ever read about!!!

    Great job, Faith!!

    Aahh, don't believe I'll be able to get myself into this linkup, though it would be fun!

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) | lilycatscountrygirlconfessions.blogspot.c

    1. Annd, I typed that from my mom's phone, so blame any typos etc on that! 😉

    2. Thank you! I love antiheroes too ;)

      This linkup is awesome so if you have time I hope you will!

      Totally understand ;)

  10. AHH I LOVE HER. And that is all.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. There doesn't seem to be a way to edit my comments! Anyway, I find your character fascinating.

    2. Yeah, for whatever reason, I don't think you can do that :P But thank you!!!!!

  12. I am so intrigued by her! She sounds awesome.

  13. 10:00--runs the nation HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

    She sounds like a really great character! I thought it was really neat the way you addressed the part about food. I think a lot of writers try to go super "realistic" with their characters by saying, "OMO she loves food, she'll eat ~everything~ and likes to eat all the time yata yata yata..." as if the character will be more relatable that way. So I thought it was really cool that she is kinda "ehh" about food. Super fresh and un-cliché!


    1. RIGHT?! XD

      Thank you! I think food in books is touchy on both sides...I just wanted her to like food, but not be obsessed with it, because she does need to be realistic. Thank you so much, Evan! <3

  14. Oh wow; she sounds awesome!!! I can't wait to meet her in one of the next books!!! :-D

    1. Thank you! I hope you like her when you meet her! <3


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