Greetings, everyone! Now that we have a foot firmly planted in 2019, all over the world (shoutout to my Aussies who got there first and my West Coasters who...didn't), it's time for me to share my Resolutions and Goals for the Year of Our Lord 2019.

And holy heck, there's a lot of them.

1. Keep up with my writing goals

This is the biggest of the goals I have for this year, and my Writing Goals in detail may get their own post at some point here. At the moment, I'll drop a couple of tidbits and a couple of details.

-There's 14 goals this year (yes, Savannah, I actually counted them xD)
-6 of them are editing. 
-7 of them have to do with the Pentegreen Series.
-None of them have to do with the Watched Trilogy.

-I'm getting to the end of my third draft of The King's Daughter! I'm about to start recruiting betas and looking for an editor! *shrieks forever*
-I finally am giving myself permission to start drafting the book I've mentioned here a couple times, known to you all as the Super Secret Project, but known to me as THE STORY I JUST WANNA WRITE 
-My Rooglewood Contest story, once called Ink Storm and now called Sweat and Gold, is going to be edited, fixed up, and SENT INTO THE WORLD in one form or another (again, more on this later, but for now....*hysterical and excited screaming*) 

This is a HUGE undertaking, and I'm still going to have to keep up on my school, my outside commitments, my travel, and hopefully another job towards the end of the year. But we're going to do this thing. It's going to be awesome.

2. Reach 500 Instagram followers

I'm not sure why, but my followers list fluctuates wildly like all the time? Like it is constantly swinging between 204 and 215. Never gets higher than that, never gets lower. It's ridiculously annoying, and if people are unfollowing me...I want to know what I'm doing wrong? 

But anyway, I'm planning to post at least one time a day on my actual feed this year as one of my goals, and I'm really hoping that putting in that level of effort will get me to the big 500. 

(Hint, hint: If you have Instagram and you aren't following me HIT ME UP xD My handle is @rfgammonauthor and I post some fun stuff. Occasionally.)

3. Start a ledger

Because I'm a spendthrift and I want to know where my money is coming from and where it's going? 

4. Pray outside a Planned Parenthood/abortion clinic 10 times.

I only did this once this last year, and it was FREEZING COLD and I spent most of the time huddled in the car because I think it was about one degree outside and the windchill was brutal. This year, I'm going to have my license, which means I can drive, which means I can get myself to these places to pray. It's something very tangible I can do towards furthering my life goals of ending abortion. 

5. Get my license

I'm getting there! I'm getting driving hours logged and I'm almost to the point where I could call the DMV and schedule an appointment. This is a very attainable goal indeed.

6. Work out 3 times a week.

Self explanatory. I want to be able to run a 5k and I want to be able to pump iron. That's it. xD

7. Make a college decision.

This is super intimidating, and I don't really want to do it in 2019. I'd much rather put it off til 2020. But I have to do applications this summer, and the fact of the matter is: I want to know ahead of time. I want to start reaching out to people at the school where I'm going, making plans, raising funds, working for scholarships, planning my dorms, searching for a roommate. Having a plan and a set decision will do wonders for my peace of mind, so I'm hoping to do that by the end of the year so that I know where I'm going and I can just focus on having a great senior year of high school.

8. Tell my friends how I really feel.

What do I mean by this? Well, I tend to be that kid who just sort of sits there and lets people walk on her when she feels ignored or hurt. I don't speak up about my feelings. This year, I'm hoping to change that. I'm not going to walk on eggshells around my friends--I'm going to be kind and respectful to them, but I want to open up to them as much as I force them to open up to me. 

9. Read the Bible in a year

I'm doing the M'Cheyne Bible reading plan, which has me going from four books at a time, and even though I've only done a couple days so far (at the time of writing this post) I really like it. I think this is very attainable.

10. Sing like no one is listening

By this, I mean I want to be less self-conscious. I want to own myself. I want to walk down the street and just be me. I want to dance in the grocery store and not worry about what the old lady behind me is thinking. I want to blog about controversial things and not worry about losing followers. I want to become a confident, not-self-conscious person this year, someone who lives out loud. 

11. Break a habit

I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I have several little mannerisms and habits I'd REALLY like to get rid of. 

12. Tell someone about the Gospel

I am very much a failure at evangelism. I don't do it anywhere near enough, I barely, if ever, breach the subject to my non-Christian friends, and I just don't have the courage to do it. But after being told at my workplace that I was "different" from everyone else, letting my kindness and politeness and the light of Christ within me shine on the people around me, I want to go further. I don't want to be afraid of what people will think--I want to share the Good News. 

13. Stay under allotted daily time on phone

I have an app that tracks the number of minutes I spend on my phone a day between the hours of 6am and 9pm. My limit is 90 minutes, and I'm really bad about going over that. My hope is to whip myself back into shape and spend less time on my phone, and hopefully under 90 minutes a day.

14. Discover new music

I'm really bad about getting into a rut with my music, then getting sick of it and not wanting to listen to anything or anyone. My hope is to have at least one new artist or album per month this year. Maybe I can expand my horizons a bit--in 2018 I discovered Lorde and Bastille and my mind got blown right open. xD 

In last week's post, I talked about the fact that my one word to sum up 2018 was growth. I grew and changed and challenged myself and was thrown into the arena in so many ways, and it made me a better person. 

In 2019, I'm setting a word for myself now, ahead of time.

And that word is: 


I don't mean risk in terms of doing silly stuff. I'm not going bungee jumping or riding crazy roller coasters or getting a fake ID or anything like that.

My idea of risk is more along the lines of stepping out, out of my comfort zone and into the role Jesus has called me to. I'm ready to make a splash. To stop worrying what the people around me think, and instead to do what I want to do and what I'm called to do. I'm stepping out in faith, and I'm going to make a difference this year. I know it. 

So here's the list of my goals for the year! Hopefully this wasn't boring to read xD I'll be posting next week about my writing goals in 2019 in more detail (along with a big announcement that will be coming then as well! ;)) 

What are your New Year's goals? Are you a resolutions person or not so much? What's your word for 2019? Chat with me in the comments! 


  1. Love these! And if you need music recs, hit me up because YASSS WRITING MUSIC!!! I'm trying to use my discover weekly on spotify to discover new people. :D

    I'm so excited to see what this year brings for all of us in the blogosphere because I feel like we've all been friends forever now and we've seen each other through the best and worst. <3 2019 is going to be an awesome year, I can feel it. <3

    1. Yes, I shall!

      And yes, I feel the same way! It's so wonderful, this little community we have. 2019 is going to be incredible, I just know it. <3

  2. IG is crazy for fluctuating! Tags help some, but besides that . . . I don't know. It's so hard to build a real following on Instagram. Hope you do well with all your goals - quite a few good ones there ;) And Risk is a great goal, when used as you say ;D


    1. It really is! It bothers me so much, and I wish I could get more followers. :P

      And thank you for the support :D

  3. Awesome resolutions! I hope you get to complete them XD

    I have a ton of New Year's resolutions (as I always do), so I'm not going to list them all here. But my main goal this year (besides publishing AWDaD, getting Time of Trepidation finished, and writing and publishing My Time in Amar 3) is to get Of Gold and Iron traditionally published, or in the very least contracted to be published :D

    Risk is a great word the way you're using it. *realizes that I didn't officially decide on a word* Um... I think my word for the year is Learn.


    1. Me too xD I have so many and I'm probably going to fail half of them...but I'm also being optimistic.

      Ooh, awesome! I hope you can do all of that <3 The trad-pub will most likely take a while, but I hope you get contracted too. AND YOU BETTER DO ALL OF THOSE THINGS! You've got this.

      And I love that word! You can totally do it.

  4. Sounds like some awesome goals for the year!

  5. Ha, nice!!!! I'm trying to get a ledger going as well...I spent a good bit of money last year (to be fair, I had car issues, extra vet bills from my old horse, the purchase OF a horse, and buying my siblings lunch all week, which I did not expect). This year I want to save money and my siblings are now having to buy their own food when at work.

    (I heard you were going to RM this year, is that right??)

    1. It seems like a good idea, especially as I have some VERY LARGE expenses coming up with editors and such. *winces* Yeah, I definitely understand that. I've had a lot of different expenses that I wasn't expecting.

      (Maybe.... ;))

    2. Hiring an editor?? Coolio! I'm actually doing the same atm, should be getting the quote back and I'm wondering just how much it's gonna be, lol

      (Just asking, as Sarah and I are looking at going and maybe splitting the cost of a hotel room with some other gals...)

    3. Yes! Oh, that's awesome XD It seems to have the potential to be quite expensive...

      (Ooh, awesome! I am going, but since I'm a teen my mom is coming along to chaperone and she says the two of us have to have our own room so she can "go to bed at a decent hour" xD)

    4. Yeah, we'll see...

      (That's cool! And totally understandable...my mom would be the same. Though since I'm an adult (or trying to be), I get to go alone so she doesn't have to put up with it. But that's so neat that your mom is coming!)

    5. (It is! I'll be seventeen at that point, so it'll be the only time she has to come, but I'm excited about getting to spend time with her even if she isn't coming to the conference proper ;))

  6. *sputters* FOURTEEN WRITING GOALS??? WOW, you’re ambitious! Good luck! (You’re totally going to ACE them all!)

    Ooo, and "risk" is a great word to describe 2019! Best of luck with all your goals! <3

    1. *sputters with you* I HAVE NO IDEA. xD

      Thank you! <3

  7. I love your goals! I have a few that are similar. I'm going to be working on my Instagram accounts this year too, actually all my social media accounts. Oh and telling friends how you really feel, I need to start doing that too.
    Best of luck!

    1. That's awesome! Keeping up with social media can be so difficult, but I think it's definitely worth it.

      Thanks! Same to you.

  8. Oh my goodness, your goals are amazing and beautiful and admirable and aaaahhhhh! I LOVE. I also need your ambition. And fast writing skills because WOW. You do so MUCH with your stories. You're an inspiration! I definitely want to hear more about all your writing plans! Especially your plans for Sweat and Gold. :O

    I absolutely adore your plans to pray outside Planned Parenthood/abortion clinics. That is such a beautiful thing to do! You are a gem on this earth, girl. <3

    And huzzah for getting ready to get your license! :D Such an exciting time! As well as getting geared up for college. I will keep you in my prayers as you start making these decisions. <3

    I really like your thoughts about being open about your feelings. I, too, often fall into being silent and not opening up. I think it's wonderful you want to work on that. I should too! You really ARE such an inspiration!

    And I loooooooove love LOVE your hopes of "living out loud". Being unapologetically YOU. During my teen years I so, so often hid behind this facade and was scared of talking about my hobbies and interests. It's still something I have to fight, but ever since I decided to just be ME, life has been like 1000x better. You are such a beautiful person, and I do hope you'll be able to 100% embrace your wonderful self! <3

    I just love all of these goals and am so proud of you. I do hope this year will be a year of dreams coming true and goals realized! Cheering you on all the way! <333

    1. THANK YOU! I want to talk more about them but I also don't want to totally overwhelm you. xD

      Thank yoouuuuuu. It's something that I personally just /need/ to do, and I hope that making a commitment to doing it will be enough to get me to do it more. <3

      I'm growing up so fast and I don't know how to feel about that *cries* Thank you again.

      And being open is so difficult--I think it's something we could ALL work on. <3

      It's SO HARD to live out loud, but I'm a happier person when I do and I know it's what I need to do. Thanks so much for the encouragement <3

      THANK YOUUUU I feel like that's all I've said here but seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are the bestest and I hope you have an amazing 2019 as well.


    Aaaahh, I'm so excited to see you go out and CONQUER THESE THINGS in 2019!! YOU'RE GOING TO ROCK IT, MY FRIEND. Best of luck to you! <3 <3 <3

    1. *probably no longer knows how to sleep* I AGREE

      I know I am too! Thank you SO VERY MUCH. <3

  10. Awesome goals! I wish I was as ambitious as you are! I tend not to make New Year's Revolutions, because I have such a hard time keeping them. XD

    1. Thank you! And yeah, I totally get that. I think this is the first year I HAVE made them.

  11. This post is so soul-stirring, and I LOVE your word for the year. Risk. I pray you'll do many awesome, radical things for Jesus this year. <3

    WOW, THAT'S A LOT OF WRITING GOALS. YOU GO, GIRL!!!! (And btw, if you ever need an alpha/beta reader for Pentegreens 2 or Sweat and Gold, hit me up! :D)

    Epic post, Faith!

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. Thank you so much, Lila!

      And yeah it really is *screams hysterically* I definitely will! Book 2 is sorta getting edits right now? Once it's done I will ABSOLUTELY ask you if you'd like to read it. <3

  12. Yes yes yes yes yes!!! It's so exciting to star that idea which YOU JUST WANT TO WRITE OKAY! I have so many of those right now but I'd like to finish my WIP first. *sighs* I've got to get myself re-excited for the WIP. lol

    Also I feel on that instagram number. I can't stand how it fluctuates. Wish it would just grow. XD

    Good luck on these goals, girl! YOU'RE GONNA ROCK 2019!!!

    1. Yes!!! Yes indeed! I can't wait to write that story and share more about it (I'm thinking it'll be my July Camp NaNo project?)

      I know....so annoying. I've been growing a little lately, so here's hoping *crosses fingers*

      THANK YOU! You too <3

  13. So excited to see where this year takes you! Also if you need the music recs, I can help in that department lol :)
    Can't wait to see more of Sweat and Gold, I really enjoyed beta reading it :)


    1. Yes! I definitely shall, you have great taste in music ;)

      And thank you! I hope to have more up about it soon.

  14. Girl, I freaking believe in you!!! You got this!!! And holy heck YES TO 4, 8, 10, AND 12. THAT'S THE FASTEST WAY TO A SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL GLOW-UP. <333


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