THE DIMENSION TAKEOVER: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Faith's Characters

by - September 13, 2019

Hello, everybody!! Today I come to you with the last day of the massive DIMENSION TAKEOVER collab, featuring my friends roasting me for being mean to my characters! Hopefully this post will be 1) fun 2) true and 3) won't make me cry. Anyway. Let's get STARTED!



On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly do I need to be arrested for the abuse of my smol child characters? 

Brooke: Um, 100?! First of all, she’s hurting our resident cinnamon roll with how she hurts her characters. Poor Lila. Second, Esma! Okay, just ESMA. Just let that sink in right now. 

Gray: I second Brooke, Faith is basically a child abuser and her characters need to be taken away from her. LEAVE THE CINNAMON ROLLS AND SMOL BEANS ALONE. 

Lisa: Should I trust my friends who a) get married without telling me and b) tell me I have tea when I don’t because SOMEONE LEFT ME OUT OF THE “FAITH’S BOOKS” FANDOM AND I CANNOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE. 

Lila: VERY, VERY, VERY BADLY. 10/10. I've warned her that I'm fragile, but she has NO concern for the well-being of my heart. *runs away sobbing*

How much remorse do you think I feel for my characters when I injure them? XD

Brooke: I actually feel remorse for the likes of Rishatta, okay? (I’ve read the first half of book one, so I don’t know all about Rish’s character arc at the moment. So I don’t know how I will feel about him later. For now, though…) I feel so bad. I cringe each time. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON POOR DEREK. 

Gray: You’re so cruel about it that I can’t help but feel bad for your poor, poor characters. 

Lisa: If the amount you brag about your EVILNESS is anything to go by, your soul is black, and you don’t have the word REMORSE in your vocabulary.

Lila: Oh, she feels remorse. Sometimes, at least. I can tell. XD ... Other times I think she thrives on the tears of her readers and has no regrets. In fact, most of the time she’s just like BE WARNED, YOU’RE GOING TO HATE ME WHEN YOU READ THIS << as if she’s actually concerned and not cackling maniacally in a corner somewhere. *whispers* Lila, hon, you know me too well...

Which of my characters am I the meanest to? 

Brooke: Esma for sure. And Kariana and Derek. And Nellie. AND ALL OF THEM!

Gray: ALL OF THEM. No exceptions, you evil queen. 

Lisa: Who knows?? Probably some poor miserable FUTURE MAIN CHARACTER WHOM SHE’S CURRENTLY KEEPING LOCKED IN A DUNGEON. Or someone from her Top Secret Project which is awesome but too brilliant to be shown to the world yet.

Lila: Either Esma or Rishatta. ONE OR THE OTHER. Faith juggles different kinds of pain between the two of them so she can cause overall injury in every possible way. Physical pain? BEHOLD, Rishatta's POV (especially in book 2 - yikes). Emotional and mental pain? BEHOLD, Esma's chapters (especially in book 2 - again, YIKES). She's the definition of cunning. But those are just the main ones. Every character experiences some kind of trauma. The only exception is maybe Elensha - and she’s a VILLAIN for crying out loud!! *cries very loud*

Now just tell me your exact opinion of how mean I am to my characters and roast me out in general xD AND BE CRUEL IF YOU WANT OKAY

Brooke: *cracks knuckles and rubs hands together* She says she’s a character driven author. I get that, I am too. I feel that, all right? That’s fine. But her characters are out of control. For one, Derek and Kariana… they BELONG together and she says they are preventing it from happening, but she is the author. It could happen. She could write it against their wills. It could be a thing. SHE WANTS IT AS MUCH AS I DO.

She seems okay with the Eshatta ship, WHICH IS NOT REAL. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, FIGHT ME ON THIS! Claresma is where the real ship is, okay, peeps. So just… just calm down on Rishatta and Esma. Are they even close in age? Why are we shipping them when we don’t know a lot about Rishatta? Like, I feel for him, I do, but what do we truly know about him. 

Faith is the owner of the Evil Writers Group on Goodreads. DO I NEED TO SAY MORE ABOUT HER ABUSIVE WAYS TO HER CHARACTERS. 

I could go on and on, but let’s focus on some things besides her writing. Let’s focus on her obsession with Jude from The Cruel Prince, and The Cruel Prince in general. She gets mad every time I say that I feel for Taryn. But Jude is not okay. She bugs me. She has issues. She’s ruthless and mean and… oh. I’m starting to see why she likes Jude. BECAUSE THAT’S HOW FAITH IS TO HER PRECIOUS CHILDREN CHARACTERS. 

Gray: Have you ever read a book that made you wonder what emotionless cyborg of a writer could do that to her precious children? That’s Faith’s writing in a nutshell and yes, I am bitter. Very, very bitter. 
It makes it 10x worse that Faith isn’t the type that you can see being evil, she comes off as so sweet and harmless, but then you read her writing and it’s downright tRYANNICAL, LIKE, wHaT iN tHe WoRlD?!?!???? 

We all need to start a petition for Faith to give her characters a nice vacation or at least a coffee break. 

Lisa: All I can say is, maybe I’ll decide to NOT READ FAITH’S BOOKS due to this very bad report I get from those who did ^^ I’m having second thoughts on my offer to beta read. Or, on the other hand, I could read the books and then FRY HER ON THE SAME PAN SHE USED FOR HER CHARACTERS afterwards. What do you all think - GIVE ME ADVICE IN THE COMMENTS, ok. Do I trust this Cruel Princess??

Lila: I’m not sure what to say except she is a BRUTAL AUTHORESS - and so elegant in her brutality. XD Those poor characters rarely know the full extent of what's coming and even when I know what's coming I CAN’T WARN THEM. Which just adds more pain. The worst part is that she tries to put the blame on the very characters she abuses. Whenever I yell at her about her evil author-ness she's just like, BUT IT WASN'T ME. Uh, huh. Yep. Totally not your fault, hon. *glares*

Final consensus? Faith has TALENT. If a writer can vividly paint the trials and struggles of her characters on the page, weaving trauma into the story in a realistic and tasteful way, they know their stuff. Faith knows her stuff, okay?? *drops mic* (P.S. Whether I'll forgive her for some of the AWFUL things she's done is another story. Just wanted to make that clear. *pointed look*)

*coughs* Well, that was fun, ladies. Thank you so much for those opinions. *eye roll* What do you think of my gals' assessments of me? Do I need my characters to be taken away by CPS (Character Protection Services)? Comment below, and be sure to check out the PREVIOUS posts in the Dimension Takeover collab ;)

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  1. I SUPPORT THIS 100%. Faith . . . I love your writing . . . but . . . GIVE YOUR CHARACTERS SOME CHOCOLATE OR SOMETHING TO DISTRACT THEM FROM THEIR UNCEASING PAIN. OR JUST STOP THE PAIN but I know you’ll never do that. XD

    This was an awesome collab, guys! You HAVE to do this again sometime. It was just way too fun. XD


      Yes, we must! <3 I'll go bug everyone to do it soon tbh xD

  2. *sobs because you're a meanie*

    I love how Brooke literally wrote an essay for that last part. XD

    I also love how Lisa is possibly the most merciless in this one even though she hasn't read your book(s) yet. 😆

    1. *also sobs because I'm a meanie*

      Brooke is apparently very passionate about certain things O_o


  3. Did I intend to write an essay that would make a college professor cry tears of agreement and would bring me a nobel prize for best essay based on fact? No, I didn't set out to accomplish that. But, this is what I did and I accept the honor.

    Lovely post!! I love our group. 💛💛😭😭

    Wonderful job, bestie 💛💛💛💕💕💕

    1. *bows in the presence of our mighty queen* ALL HAIL QUEEN BROOKEEEEE

      I love y'all moooooore :'( <3

      Thanks, dear <3

  4. Do you realize how very much we have in common and how alike we are?

    the once cruel prince, now wicked king,
    ~ Cardan Greenbriar

    1. *points* Jude...I mislike this fool. Demolish him.

  5. Uh oh, Cardan just said you and him are similar... not that I am one to disagree with that statement. ;P

  6. I love this!!! And, I really agree with Lila's last statement. Faith, you have skills!!! Just STOP BEING MEAN TO RISH. I love mah boi. <3 Lisa, what are you waiting for?? Read her stories!!!

    1. I'm sorry! It's just too easy to be mean to him *sobs*

    2. Good question, I'm just WASTING MY LIFE not reading her stories I guess???

  7. All I can say is DO NOT READ HER STORIES LISA!! Unless you want your heart ripped out, trampled on, used as target practice, and then stitched loosely back together before the next round. ACTUALLY IT NEVER STOPS. *whispers* beta-reading her book was the worst mistake I ever made...


    2. *gives you ice cream* I'm SORRY!! (I feel like such a horrible person now)

    3. Don't feel bad it's okay! xD I know you were kidding. I honestly feel that way every time I edit my own works xD (and that's just book ONE. Imagine how much worse it gets in books 2-4)

    And YES ALL THE PAIN. FAITH. <\\3 <\\3

  9. You deserve all of this honestly...

    But I don't have any stones to throw here except I'll start being nice to my characters when you start being nice to yours.

    Also play nice with my son, seriously. MOMMY LOVES YOU, CARDAN. ALSO YOU ARE GROUNDED!!!

    1. Nicki out here with the right mom vibes "MOMMY LOVES YOU..... ALSO YOU ARE GROUNDED". I feel for you, Cardan, my boy.

    2. :'( Why do you have to be so cruel to meeeeee

      *puppy dog eye emojis*


  10. This post is life ahahaha! I'm over here laughing and grinning (and also wanting to read your stories because I'm that strange reader who enjoys being shattered).

    1. xD So glad you liked it! I'll make sure you get it as soon as I possibly can.

  11. Oh my gracious. I am dying. XDD YOU GIRLS. This is HILARIOUS.

    ....And totally true.
    *cough, cough, cough*

    Brooke's long answer for the last question is seriously killing me. I can't stop laughing!

    (But seriously, Faith, you're out of control. BecauseI'malwayssonicetomycharacters. *COUGH*)

      Yes, yes it is.

      (I am so out of control someone please stop me before I kill everyone who's still alive heeeelllpppppp)

  12. I loved reading this! Umm, I'm scared for the characters.

  13. You see how evil you are to your characters, Faith! You now have a whole post about it! XD

  14. *replies in post blog-post stress* much caps much uppercase....

    BUT EEEYYYYYYY IT'S GREAT! Amazing and fun post to read. Do you find that you've always treated your characters the way you do now? Or how has it evolved over time?

    1. xD

      Thanks! I think I've definitely gotten worse over time xD I'm so mean to my poor children...


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