SHIPPING IT: Aka my top 10 favorite couples in Films and Books

Well, hello, everyone! I was originally planning to put this post up on Valentine's Day, but life got in the way, so here you are, three months late (whoops.) In this post, I will be telling you all of my favorite couples in fiction and you will all be telling me how much you love (or hate) them.

So here we go! 

>Rey and Finn of The Force Awakens

In Last Jedi? Maybe not so much. But in TFA? 

I dare you to tell me they're not precious and perfect.

>Cassian and Jyn of Rogue One

You'll find no spoilers here, but suffice it to say...I cried my little head off at this ship. I adore it. The two of them are my favorites, both separately and together and just all of it. This movie, y'all. This movie. <333

>Beatriz and Pete from All the Crooked Saints

I had not planned on reading this book. I also didn't plan to fall absolutely head-over-heels in love with it. But did I anyway? Yep. 

Even with everything there is to love about this book (it's pretty much perfect just as it is) the highlight is the ship. Pete is a young man with a hole in his heart who wants to help people and maybe is TOO selfless. Beatriz is a girl who is convinced she has no feelings and sort of hates people. The romance is a slow-burning one that is utterly satisfying, swoon-worthy, and beautiful. I adore it with all my heart. 

>Cress and Thorne of TLC

Okay, so I'm not a HUGE fan of the "bad-boy-plus-good-girl" trope, especially because that sets unhealthy expectations for REAL girls who think they can change the bad boy. It's not true, and it doesn't work. However, when there's a boy who's determined to change HIMSELF to make himself worthy of HER...BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. One of my favorite tropes of all time and agghhh. 

>Leith and Renna of Blades of Acktar

They're precious and adorable and I adore them. With all my heart. Leith is a little assassin and Renna is a healer girl and they fit together SO nicely. I love it. 


I'm aware that they're robots from a kids' movie. I'm aware that they don't have a REAL romance, if that's what you're looking for. But WOW I love them.

There's just something so pure and beautiful about their relationship and I just can't even with them. ALL THE LOVE.

>Yael and Luka of Wolf by Wolf

They're kind of the star-crossed lovers of this list...I don't usually go for star-cross-ism but in this case YES. YES PLEASE. ALL THE YES. 

>Leonard (Lionheart) and Rose Red of Tales of Goldstone Wood

These two ARE my OTP. I adore them with all my heart. My sweet precious babies who are so broken and alone, but so so beautiful...I cried and shipped and I LOVE THEM SO INSANELY MUCH. 

Moonblood (Tales of Goldstone Wood, #3)

>Howl and Sophie of Howl's Moving Castle

The original grouchy old married couple, and I love them. The banter is the best, as is Sophie's habit of bossing Howl and Howl just hating it. These two are one of my ultimate ships. Thank you. That will be all. *sweeps a bow* 
Howl's Moving Castle

>Father Tim and Cynthia

Personally, I think the Mitford Novels series is what you get when you're looking for Christian fiction that really stands out in its depiction of mature adults seeking Christ. Godly characters, strong stories, beautiful homeiness combined with the horror of the real's wonderful and I can't recommend them enough. The main romance between the two main characters is one of my favorite relationships of ever.

At Home in Mitford (Mitford Years, #1)

(Note: none of the above were in any given order. Just the order in which I thought of them.)

Now for the Honorable Mentions!

>Solomon and Parvin of Out of Time
>Aragorn and Eowyn from Lord of the Rings (non-canon)
>Cinder and Kai from Lunar Chronicles
>Beren and Luthien from The Silmarillion
>Jonas and Kira from The Giver Series
>T'Challa and Nakia from Black Panther
>Westley and Buttercup of The Princess Bride
>William Wilberforce and Barbara Spooner from Amazing Grace
>Samwise Gamgee and Rosie Cotton from Lord of the Rings

Too many, I know...BUT THEY'RE ALL SO WONDERFUL. Sorry not sorry. xD

Have you read any of these books? Who are your top OTPs? Gimme some non-canon ships, guys. Talk to me about all the stuffs!!!!!!


  1. So much love!! So much adorbs!! So much yes!!

    I looooove Cress and Thorne SO MUCH IT HURTS. Also Rey and Finn are super cute, and though I don't remember much of Rogue One for some annoying reason, Cassian and Jyn... <333

    So many books I need to read, AAAAAHHH!!

    AND YAAAAAY, I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SHIPS ARAGORN AND EOWYN!!! I mean, I also ship Faramir and Eowyn (it's a double ship), but Aragorn and Eowyn first and foremost. :D

    Love this post!!!

    1. I know!!!!! I thought this would be a really fun post ^_^

      I LOOOOOVE THEM TOO. And that's one thing I can say about the new Star Wars movies...their ships are ON POINT.


      *high five* YOU SHIP THEM TOO??????? Oh my goodness, I've never met anyone else who does! *squeals like a little girl* YES! (and I ship Farowyn too, just...not as much. XD)

    2. AUGH!!!! I've found two fellow shippers of Aragorn and Eowyn now! Oh my word, I thought I was the only one! I was ostracized from my family for this ;P (and yeah, I love Faramir and he's definitely a very good Aragorn substitute cause he's just adorable- have either of you seen the extended edition of the movies? The last one adds a lot more closure to their relationship and makes it so it's not something just tacked on the end to make up for people whose hearts were broken cause Aragorn didn't choose her)

  2. Ahh ships! I have so many, lol. I actually don't ship Rey and Finn *cringe* --sorry! :)) I love them as friends, and personally, I ship Rey and Kylo. yup. it's controversial. :))

    I also like that "Rogue One" kept Cassian and Jyn as friends, because it is perfectly possible for a guy and a girl to be just friends. (although i do ship them. i'm divided xDD)

    My top OTPs: Dean and Cassie (from the Naturals series--ughhh sooo good! :)), Cress and Thorne, Cinder and Kai, Annabeth and Percy, Gansey and Blue.......i have a lot. :P :)))

    love this post! :)

    1. That's okay! I definitely see Reylo and I've thought about it from time to I've said, I only really ship them in TFA, not TLJ so much, and I understand Reylo and find it a wee bit compelling. I don't know, I've always thought it bordered manipulation (unhealthy manipulation) a little too much for my taste. But. :P I also find it compelling! So just ignore me and understand that I make NO SENSE AT ALL!!!! XD

      I mean, I like that too...but their hug on the edge of the beach was just AKLDJHGAHFJ'ASKDFJADKL;FJ and I didn't want it to end. I ship them way too hard to just see them as friends....but I love that sentiment too. <3

      Ugh, I need to read Percy Jackson SO BAD!!!!!! And is that Supernatural or something else? (I don't think I've ever seen that...TOO MANY SHOWS.)

    2. I know!! that hug *ugly sobbing*. I need to watch "Rogue One" again, but not sure if I can emotionally handle it.

      Yes, you must read Percy Jackson! At least, only the first two series (tho the second series has a wee bit of an issue *sighs heavily*). Nope, the Naturals series is a new book series that I discovered this past week, and I'm already on the third book *guilty smile*. It's really good--about five teenagers with natural crime solving abilities, and the FBI uses them to crack cold cases. :)

      (btw, the supernatural tv series is awful *shudders*. i've never seen it and don't plan to, lol) but you're right--there's so many shows that I want to watch, but don't have time to..... :))

  3. Is this a real ship post without Hiccstrid?? JK, love reading about your ships. As you can tell, mine is Hiccstrid and probably Raeter, but don't tell Anna and Lila that. XD XD Oh wait, they see this?? *waves sheepishly*

    Anyway, SO MANY SHIPS!

    I'm trying to think of more because I ship everyone, lol. Ooh, Celeste and Mick, and Torrence and Amaya. Can't forget them ever. XD

    1. ARGH I FORGOT HICCSTRID! *shrieks* I just don't spend enough time with HTTYD...I will bow myself out now before you end me. XD AHA! SO SHE DOES SHIP RAETER!!!!

      I KNOW!

      Ooh, both of those are beautimous...

    2. Pssssshh, Ivie, OF COURSE you ship Raeter. This isn't news to me. xD

    3. Crud, Lila found me. XD *waves* Yeah, you know all along, but shhh. Doesn't mean anything. I always ship people. XD

      @Faith: Haha, I won't end you. Hey, totally unrelated, did you see what they did to the new Ninjago season??

      Back to being related to the post, I might ship Rosanna and Damyen, but I'm having a hard time getting into the book.

    4. I haven't! I'm still not done with S4...argh.

      I definitely ship the two of them...and *leans in and whispers* it gets better...promise. I had a bit of a time getting into it too, but Alex does in fact get better. Keep going!

    5. I will. I'm now over half way. I took my kindle to work to read on break. XD

      Okay, they made it look like the movie. We haven't seen it yet, either. My siblings have been rewatching the seasons that are on Netflix. I can't remember how many are on there, but I'm like, "NOOOOO, KAI'S HAIR!!!! WHY????" XD

  4. Howl and Sophie are my favorite couple!


    HOWLLLL AND SOPHIIIEEEE. They're my number one. Forever. Always. I just can't with them. When I talk about my OTP it's totally THEM! But Cress and Thorne. EEEEEE!!! They're my secondary OTP. UGH. I CAN'T WITH THEM. The fact that he wanted to become a better person for her just... *clutches heart* THEY'RE TOO MUCH.

    And Leo and Rose Red my precious bbys. <3333 Their relationship is the most beautiful, heartbreaking thing and and and SOMEONE HOLD MY HEART IT'S TOO HEAVY.

    Wall-E and Eve we're soooo precious, I agree! Man, I haven't see that movie in yeeeears. Now you're making me want to rewatch it!

    Yes to so many of your honorable mentions too! Solomon and Parvin, Cinder and Kai, T'Challa and Nakia, Westley and Buttercup, Sam and Rosie (SO PRESH <3). ALL THE ADORABLE COUPLES. But Aragorn and Eowyn? Noooo. Eowyn and Faramir FOREVER. (Okay, Aragorn and Eowyn were kinda sweet, but her and Faramir were PERFECT.)



      The two of them are so beyond precious. And THORNE. ARGH....*bursts into happy tears*

      I know! I love the two of them and I desperately need more books that TELL US WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM! Pwease, Anne Elisabeth Stengl? *puppy dog eyes*

      You should!!!! I need to rewatch it too.

      I feel like I'd be happier with Farowyn if they'd had more screentime the book it feels like instalove and in the movie there is NOTHING ABOUT IT. Which also makes me mad. XD Much though I do love it...I ship Eowyn and Aragorn more, I'm afraid. XD


  6. I am just so confused with STAR WARS. Whatever happens I guess I'm okay with, but I really have no clue... The Last Jedi is my second favorite STAR WARS though.

    WALL-E and Eve!!!! I love them.

    Howl and Sophie are so great!!!!!

  7. I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I saw that Cresswell was on here!!! <3 Great post!!!

  8. So, I've been seeing All The Crooked Saints around and was only half paying attention, but after reading your review I'MMA READ IT! I don't know when, lol, but it's definitely going on the list and being bumped up a few extra places.

    CRESS AND THORNE <3 <3 <3 I ADORE bad boys changing themselves to be worthy of the girl too (or vice versa, bad girl good guy), because UGH. They're too perfect.

    Wall-E and Eve. <3 Too adorable. And Howl and Sophie, ROFL. They're great.

    I will have to check out the Mitford novels! I've never read them, but they sound really good.

    I love ship posts! <3


  9. Couldn't agree more with the Jynsian ship!

    Great post!


    I never shipped Rey with Finn, but at least it's better than her with *gags* Kylo Ren. Actually I ship her with Poe and hope to see more development in their relationship in the next Star Wars movie!

    I thought I was the only person who shipped Aragorn with Eowyn. Yes! *high fives*

    Probably one of my biggest (and oldest, which is probably why I'm so die-hard for it) ship is Batman and Wonder Woman. Oh my word, they need to end up so badly or I might just explode into a million angry pieces.

    Excellent post! :D

    1. Though I would probably say that my biggest ship in Tales of Goldstone Wood is Eanrin and Imraldera.


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