It's the End of September! (Like, how, tho)

Just don't think about that, k? I don't know how it's already time for this... but then, I also skipped doing a monthly wrapup in August due to my hiatus. So some of the things you see in this post will be, in fact, August books and movies... but they're counting as September ones because it's easier for me to not skip them and I'm sure you want to hear my thoughts on them. (Because my thoughts are flawless.)

So... here we go!


This song, y'all. Listen to it. It makes me cry and throw up my hands in praise of my Savior. He did so much for us, and his glory is completely incomprehensible.

It makes me cry. And I just love it, k? It sounds like it's about veterans to me, but it has a much deeper meaning as well personally. Listen to it.

I like this one. I don't know why, exactly. It's just... a good song.

Two Fall-Out Boy songs in one post. I know. But we're just gonna go with it.

Here's my Spotify Playlist for this year so far, in case y'all are interested:


So... take a picture of all the books I've read so far the last two months. (Or rather, don't take a picture. I'll give it to you.)
August was a good month for reading, but I still got a lot of good books in September. 


Resistance by Jaye L. Knight: I got this one as a prize for breaking a habit (thanks, parentals!) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sequel, The King's Scrolls, wasn't as good IMO, but I definitely enjoyed them both. 4 stars each.

Dare and Deny by Tricia Mingerink: I got the first two on Kindle for our road trip and devoured them both in a sitting each. Oh my goodness. This is the kind of fiction that I'm crazy for. Argh. I literally started screaming when I got to the end of the second book. But I ordered them all in paperback (signed from the author store!) and they should be arriving any day. Five beautiful books. My bookcase will probably kill me in my sleep. 5 star series, at least so far.

Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston: This one was a disappointment, because I really do like Ahsoka a lot. But just as a warning for those of you who might be interested in reading it: It's a really annoying writing style, and to me, it seemed like there were LGBT undertones. Which was really annoying. 2 stars. 

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin (who is by the way a woman): I couldn't give this one more than three stars because it had cussing and some of it was just really uncomfortable, but it really delves into the question: What if Hitler had won World War II? I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., this August, and had an idea for a similar book I want to write, so I read this one largely for research. And it was good. Again, three stars for content, but definitely a worthwhile read.


While the script and acting in this were definitely wanting, the storyline was great, and the whole depiction of Christians as good people who made mistakes and weren't perfect but did their best and also really knew what they believed and did it was very refreshing. 

I finished out the trilogy with sister #1, and it was just as vividly wonderful as I've always remembered it being. Good gravy, I love this movie.
Yes, I skipped Catching Fire, and that stinks. And I haven't seen the fourth one yet. I'm bracing myself for that one. Not too excited about that one. :/ But I am a good little fangirl, so will watch it. 
I actually....watched this one several months ago and have seen it three or four times now? But it's so good, people. It makes me angry that history hides this kind of story. Why should history hide anything? It happened, and we should learn from it and move on. Bring good stories like this out into the light where people can be inspired by them, and take the bad ones and teach them so we can learn from them. Sorry. #MiniRantOver

I had to watch this one for history class, and... sorry not sorry. It was really cheesy. There were a couple of good moments, but the rest of it was... sort of tacky and weird. It dragged on forever even though we fast-forwarded several times. (But hey! The guy on the left in this picture is actually MEL GIBSON IN 1981!!!!)


*tries to remember what she wrote in the last two months* *has a crisis because has written next to nothing*

Well, for one thing, I finished Watched!

Also: The story I was working on for the Rooglewood Press contest, which I was calling Snow Maiden, wasn't working. So we're scrapping it and starting over, I'm afraid. 

But that's not all bad! I'm now doing another story, that's really really hard to describe and has no real plot yet and will need alpha readers soon because I have two months to completely write it (O_O) but I'm doing this, people. We're all doing this.

Since the story is so hard to describe and has, as yet, no real title or synopsis or anything, here's the first 500 words or so. 

The words flowed from her pen like water over sheer rocks.
                The eyes rested on her as they passed. The girl who should have been doing her homework, whose heart should have content to keep with it day by day like the rest of them.
                But the ink in her heart would not allow her to rest. So, she didn’t rest. She wrote instead.
                “You should come to dinner now,” called Terrence, one of the few other writers in the place, as he passed her room on the way downstairs. “I hear it’s lamb stew. Excellent for the consumption and composition.”
                She shot him a humorless smile, sick of the lies that invaded the place. He liked her, she knew. But she could not stop the writing. There was no chance of THAT.
                So she wrote, the story of the unicorns filling the book until she had to get a new one. They’d spent years making that paper, the traders in the north; and yet she went through it like leaves before the wind. She sat at the desk and killed worlds and spun lives in her fingers; for on the pages of her book none could withstand her. 

So... what do y'all think? 


  • Lots of things? Can I just say?
  • But mostly school.
  • Jefferson=me.
  • Too much school.
  • But lots of time with my family and reading too apparently?
  • I don't even know where all the time's gone.
  • And I am also a really boring person.
  • But my friends and I are going to see the Lego Ninjago Movie! Because we're on a movie hangover and we're also fangirls of the show and the Lego movies so... yeah.

How was your month? What do you think of my snippets? Am I the most boring person alive? Is it fall for you yet? ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS. (And be honest: are you a secret Lego Movie fangirl?)


  1. My month was awesome! (Everything is awesome! ;-D) Thanks for asking. XD Sounds like you had a great month as well! No, you're not the most boring person alive. *pats you on the shoulder* I think you're very interesting! XD Yes, it is!!! Leaves just started changing, and it's getting really cold at night. OOOOOH, awesome! I love The Dark is Rising. XD That's a bummer about the Ahsoka book. :-(
    YOU LIKE LEGO MOVIES TOO!?!?!?!?!? I AM ONE OF THE ONLY GIRLS I KNOW WHO IS!!! YES!!! *high-fives* Can't wait to see the Lego Ninjago movie. Hope you have fun! XD

    1. Whoops, I forgot. Your snippet was really good! Can't wait to hear more... ;-D

    2. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! ARGH!! The Dark is Rising is SO GOOD. It's one of my favorites even though it makes me sad that so many people don't like it.

      I LOVE LEGO MOVIES SO MUCH! I hope you enjoy it too.

      And I'm glad you like it... there will be more to come later on that story.

  2. Oh no, you had to scrap yours too??? That stinks! I really like your snippet so far, can't wait to see more!


    1. I did, but I think it'll be okay. I'm hopeful I can finish it in record time! (That's not happening...)

  3. OH MY WORD I MISSED YOUR POST ABOUT FINISHING WATCHED???? Clearly I need to up my stalking skills because HOOOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT??? xD But congratulations! That's super exciting. :D

    1. That's okay! I don't even remember when it came out so you may have been recovering from Realm Makers when I put it out. Thanks, Jonathan!


    Also, fall out boy is really good and so is Hidden Figures.


    Ahem. Now that that's out of the way...

    Your blog is different! :O It's pretty! I'm loving the minty green color.

    Looks like you've read some really good books! Sadly, Resistance and The King's Scroll is the only ones on that list I've read, but I've heard of/want to read basically ALL the others!

    LORD OF THE RINGS! THE HUNGER GAMES! HIDDEN FIGURES! MY FAVORITES. Hidden Figures is just SO GOOD. I loved that movie! (And I loved your rant. XD Totally agree!)

    I'm sorry Snow Maiden wasn't working. But ooooh my! This new story sounds GORGEOUS! "They’d spent years making that paper, the traders in the north; and yet she went through it like leaves before the wind." <--- I. Love. This. Sentence. I LOVE IT ALL. Your gif is accurate! ;D

    I do hope October is an amazing one for you! Try not to let school kill you! *hugs*

    1. I KNOW IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!! *cries ugly tears*

      I know! It was a very spontaneous decision, but it was fun to play around with it.

      YOU MUST READ THEM ALL! DO IT, CHRISTINE! DO IT NOW! I think you'd really like some of them!!

      THEY'RE SO FREAKING GOOD. I just have all the heart eyes for those films. :D

      It's okay, this new one is definitely a lot better. With that one I was thinking, "Man, wouldn't it be crazy if I won?" With this one, I'm actually thinking, "I can actually win this thing. It's not likely, but it might really be possible." Now I have to fly to be able to get there XD

      Thank you, Christine! Have an amazing month!

  6. Never apologize for Fall Out Boy. Immortals, Centuries, and Light em up are awesome songs. I'm going to have to check out the ones you mentioned.
    We're waiting for it to come to Netflix. It looks hilarious!!
    I love your humor. Your post made me laugh. (I'd be willing to alpha read.)
    I love that snippet. My goodness, you are a freaking genius. <3

    And your blog!! It looks amazing!!! <3


    1. I won't apologize XD But it's just funny that I got two of their songs into one post. I'm not mildly obsessed. *slowly turns off Kids Aren't Alright*
      YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT TOO! It looks like it won't be as good as the previous two Lego movies, but I'm still seeing it because why not.
      Haha, thanks. That would be awesome-I'd love to have you alpha read! I'll have stuff on that up in a few days! ;)
      Haha, thank you.


    2. I really do want to watch the Lego Ninjago Movie!!! I wasn't even really into the cartoon, but my bro was. I think the movie is supposed to be different from the cartoon though. But the trailers are so funny!!!

      IT LOOKS SO AMAZING!! I love the blue clue and the font and ALL OF IT!!!

    3. It's going to be VERY different (take it from a show fangirl who knows.) but probably still good. I'm very excited.

    4. I am, too!
      Also, I just heard a clip of the new Fall Out Boy song and I think it might fit my WIP.
      *adds to the long, long list*

  7. You have worship music then Fall-out boy, I love it. You have fantastic taste!
    Your snippet is great by the way.

    1. Yeah, it's my hyper-eclectic music taste XD
      Thanks Skye!

  8. Ooh, love the new blog look. ;) it's so bright and happy and aesthetic-y and wonderful and I love it. <3

  9. I ADORED Wolf By Wolf. It was so interesting and gripping.

    Mockingjay Pt. 2 broke me. I cried so much in that theater...


    Oh. My. Gosh. That snippet!!!! *dies from the beauty of it* Since you're going to beta mine (you offered, so... yeah), could I possibly beta yours? Or are you not going to recruit betas? Just askin' :)

    The Lego Movie was all right, but The Lego Batman Movie was HILARIOUS!!! XD

    1. I want to watch it so bad! My bestie and I were supposed to watch it together when we watched Mockingjay.... but she lost it in her house and it was sad. :(

      THANK YOU. I am, in fact, recruiting alphas and betas (that post is going up this week, actually) and I would LOVE it if you wanted to beta read!!!

  11. New blog look! Nice :)

    I didn't reeeally like The Lego Movie... but The Lego Batman Movie was awesome xD (except for the whole "now I have two dads!" kind of bits) Still. It's perfect gif/quote material xD

    The Scorpio Races is the only book from you list that I've read - I enjoyed the small island feel, which I thought was done very well. And Gallipoli... much as I have my national loyalties, I have to agree that it is not the best ever movie ;P (The last scene could be a bit emotional, though... if you let it. But I'm a cold-hearted human bean. My dad cries in movies more than I do.)

    And of course you're not the most boring person alive! [I've reserved that title. ;) ] Your new story sounds interesting - I hope the next two months' writing goes well for you!
    Jem Jones

    1. The only emotion the last scene made me feel was "Two hours of my life wasted... for this." I actually thought about my Aussie readers as I put that in there, like, "Will that offend someone?" Glad to see it doesn't offend you XD

      And yeah, that made me a little uncomfortable too... it definitely felt more like a played-for-laughs thing, which was okay, but if something a little more- real- happens, I may not watch movies in general anymore. :P

  12. Wow so congrats on accomplishing so much in the past two months. I mean I read like five books only this month and watched like ... uh... one and a half movies :P but I did write quite a bit! Hope school goes well! And YOU FINISHED YOUR BOOK that is AN AWESOME accomplishment xD

    (But I haven't watched a Lego movie ... like ever D:)


    1. You need to watch it Lisa! Like today! Or yesterday works too.

  13. I love Hidden Figures! Such a great movie! And, of course, Lord of the Rings is always great.

    Again, congrats on finishing your book! That's super awesome!

    1. They're such amazing movies with such good stories to tell!

  14. LORD OF THE RINGS IS LIFE. *loves it forever*

    And I reeeeally need to watch Hidden Figures!! It sounds so amazing! It is a shame that people try to hide these awesome history stories. :P

    THAT SNIPPET THO. XD Love that gif at the end of it. Like, obviously. XD


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