It's the End of July!

Just don't even think about that title, k? This year is going by so fast! *hangs on to a flagpole as the year rushes by like wind*

Well, the end of the month means it's time for a wrap-up. And boy, do I have one for all of you!

(Disclaimer: previous wrap-ups have been far more epic than this one.)


So... not much this month, but I'll show you what I've got.
This is a heavy, heart-breaking, RAPPY album? This is so different from what I normally listen to that I initially laughed when I turned it on. But then... I didn't. The emotion of this album is so raw, and I can identify with much of it.... it's heavy but beautiful. Best song goes to: Can You Hold Me (feat. Britt Nicole).

Rock stylish stuff that's kind of creepy and dark and therefore fits very well with the mood of my Rooglewood Press contest entry, Snow Maiden (of which you will be treated some snippets at the end of this post XD). I don't know how much I can recommend this one, because it's not Christian and rather dark... but I enjoy it. And it's not BAD, just not for everybody.

Praise You in This Storm is one of the best songs in history. Need I say more.


I have finished the last two books in the series that I own. *cue the sobbing* I must get my hands on Golden Daughter, Draven's Light, and Goddess Tithe as soon as possible... but I'm afraid to. Because then the series will really be over. And I don't know what I'll do. 

There will soon be a blog post on these. And yes, they are my new favorite books. Help.

This was my third book by a Go Teen Writers author, and it was honestly kind of epic. Of the three I've read, I think Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore and Lost Girl of Astor Street by Stephanie Morrill are my favorites, over this one, which just felt like the pacing was a bit off and the plot was kind of cliché... but it was still good. And finally getting to read something by Jill was really fun.

This was a re-read. And it was totally worth it. These are such fun books, and they're by a Maine author and start out in Maine. As a transplanted Mainer, I appreciate that.


I finally got around to watching this one. While it wasn't as good as some other Marvel movies (read: the Avengers franchise), it was still epic and awesome. Benedict Cumberbatch starred, and the movie features the actress who played the White Witch (which was actually kind of cool.) And you know what? I actually kind of love Benedict Cumberbatch. Even if he is doing a really bad American accent.

I am still not sure why that's the name of this movie, but whatever. Still my favorite movie of all time. I finally got to watch it with sisters #1 and #2 (#3 had to go to bed; being not quite two doesn't leave you much time for movie watching.) Westley and Buttercup and Inigo and Humperdinck and Rugen and Fezzik and Vizzini and... I honestly love every single character in this movie, without exception. 

Except the R.O.U.S's. And even those I can find a case for.

This is Robin Hood, y'all. Not any other impression of it. Despite the cheesiness of the animation, despite the sometimes predictability of the storyline, despite all of it. It's epic and funny and features a fox as the titular character. It's so perfect. *fangirls*

He's so beautiful though.

New Category: Book Haul!

Won in a giveaway at the #SilmAwards17

Needed this beauty for my bookshelf XD

Cost four dollars at the local bookstore. Haven't actually gotten around to reading it yet but we shall see!

Hopefully there will be more books to come in the August monthly wrap-up!


The news: I won Camp NaNo!

Be proud of me, y'all!
The final verdict on Watched: I'm almost 70,000 words into it. I'm dying, everybody. It's so close and yet so far. It's probably going to be more than 90,000 words when I'm done, which is substantially longer than it was when I started. 

On Snow Maiden: Currently at 10,000 words, and gaining. Hopefully I'll be able to get a little further into it.

On The King's Daughter: Still parked at the same place I was at. Getting ready to once again scrap the draft and start over (this is killing me!!!!)

Now for some good snippets... 

“Hallo,” repeated the hHuntsman. “Lovely day, isn’t it? With the rain?”

          Ebony quirked an eyebrow and put her elbows back in an attempt to act comfortable in the net. “Oh, absolutely beautiful. Maybe if you pulled me out of this pit, it would be an excellent evening for a jog.”

          “Really?” he asked as though making conversation at a pleasant day at the park. “Well, I’d like to see if I can beat you. How’s that sound?”
          “Pleasant,” Ebony called back and braced herself.
~Snow Maiden

“Man up, prince. You’re not that ill.” Cattail gave Silas what he assumed was a friendly pat to the shoulder, although it caused the boy to double over in pain.
          “Drink this,” Imelda said, pressing the edge of a cup to his mouth. “It will help you to feel better.”
          Silas swallowed, the scalding liquid blazing a trail down his throat that made him choke. Imelda yanked the cup back as though he’d struck her. Waving his hand, he swallowed and got out, “It’s fine. What is this stuff?”
          She cracked a half-smile. “It’s a draught I mixed it. Herbal concoctions mixed with some brandy.”
          Silas groaned.
          “Is that bad? Are you against the drink?” She took a step back, pain flashing on her face at the idea of hurting him.
          Cattail smacked him again. He was starting to think that this guy had it out for trying to kill him and make it seem friendly. “Don’t worry, milady! He’s a baby, but he’ll grow up soon enough. Like I said, prince. Man up.”
~Snow Maiden

[Esma's] breath simply stopped coming. The stars grew blurry.

                He was the general’s son. She hadn’t even known the general had a son.

                “You are?” she whispered back.                                               

                He nodded. Her hair flapped in front of her ear. “Yes,” he whispered. “Rishatta Woods, official heir of the office of Dauthang’s new general. I’d suggest you salute, but your hands are tied.”

                She snapped her head in his direction, smacking him in the nose.

                He winced. “Ow! What was that for?”

                “Oh, I thought you said to salute,” she said, her voice coated with fake sugar. “I used my head, because my hands are tied.” She turned her head and looked him in the eye. He must have been crouching, because their heads were on the same level.

                He stared at her, the wheels in his head turning on his face. Then he laughed. “Yeah, I guess that makes sense.”
~The King's Daughter

(I love the two of them. In case anyone was wondering, this is the guy from a previous snippet who was always having to watch himself so he wouldn't be murdered every time he walked in a room.)

While I found some great banter in Watched, none of it really works on its own and I don't think it'll be too good to share it here yet anyway. That draft is turning into a massive mess (although coming up from here they'll be running for their lives with Lucas and Bryce so... things could get very interesting. Very very interesting. XD)


  • I got a spot on the newspaper staff at the online school through which I'm taking math this school year. I'll be doing one article a month on apologetics, so I'll make sure to post a link here to that article!
  • Speaking of math.... my summer math class is... we'll just say that math is not my forte. D':
  • Math does this to me. 

  • The retreat I took to learn about the pro-life movement was amazing. 
  • I am going on a road trip this August to see the eclipse! So excited!
  • School starts on August 14th. Starting out light--just Italian language class-- but I'm probably still going to die. Help.

So not much for life this month, just like most months, but.... you know.

I hope you all had a great July! Chat with me in the comments! Tell me about your month! 

And there will be ANOTHER blog post tomorrow, so be ready for that! (Note: it's important.)


  1. You won Nano! Hurray! I AM PROUD OF YOU! Good job! *applauds and throws confetti*

    And your books - *is jealous*. Also Robin Hood! That's one of my favorite Disney movies xD

    And math - I'm having an exam after tomorrow ... wish me luck. And I had a great July (did a recap post today too), and what is this important post, I must know?!!??!! *stalks for tomorrow* I have my guesses - you'll know tomorrow if I'm right ;)

    1. Ps you snippets!!!! I can't wait to read this one someday... in the future... when you are ready...

    2. Hey, thanks! It was honestly the easiest one I've ever done (except that the writing didn't want to get done :p).

      They're beautiful. And that Robin Hood. He's such a rogue but I love him.

      Good luck! I saw your recap post but didn't comment... sorry. You do, actually, most likely know what the important post tomorrow is.

      And yay! So glad you like them! I would be more than happy to have you as a beta reader! :D (someday)

  2. YES, NF's music is so raw, but I love it!

  3. I LOVE NF. His songs are so deep and...amazing. Can You Hold Me is one of my favs. I also love Real. The best part is: his music is clean and he's a Christian rapper!
    His background is SO sad though. *hugs him* He got through it and is thriving! *Well, as far as I know*

    YOU WON CAMP NANOWRIMO????? WHAT?! *High fives* *round of applause* You're amazing, girl!
    That's a huge accomplishment, and those snippets....*flail* I want more. I'm really intrigued!

    School so soon??? Math isn't my forte either. *cringe* *Pulls you out of book pile* Italian? cool! I started to learn's so confusing to me!!! ugh

    My month has been pretty good. This summer has been crazy. Writer's block just got smacked in the face *with a brick* and is retreating in a stumbled manner. *relieved sigh* I finally have some ideas and am not stumbling in the dark like before. *Hugs OpenOffice*

    Important post? I'll be looking for it. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day, but I'll look for it *begs day for a bit of quiet time*

    God Bless! I hope school goes well once you start! <3

    1. Isn't it sad, though? It's so beautiful how God can take anything and make it beautiful, though. I love how he does that.

      Thanks! I'm so excited! I feel like I actually made some real progress this month.

      Good! It hurts when the writers block attacks! May you have fair winds this month on the writing sea!

    2. It is. :\ He's a good God. When we're hurting, he's there to comfort us, when we're struggling, he gives us joy, he hears our prayers no matter who we are. He loves us all. The list goes on and on. It never ends. <333

      I'm so happy for you! That's a big accomplishment and the feeling of triumph always feels great. :) All you people who participate in NaNo are talented.

      I'm SO relieved that it's gone. I hate it. lol Writer's Rut is even worse because you could be working on a project, but you don't feel inspired to. I feel a tiny bit of that, though, I'm inspired, but I just don't know how to start. A lot of times, my beginnings don't do it justice.
      Thank you!!! I hope we don't have too big of inspirational waves and can't handle it. lol

    3. Those are honestly kind of terrible... because we need little bursts of inspiration on a regular basis. Not tons and tons and then.... NOTHING.

  4. I saw NF and immediately clicked. I love Can You Hold Me and I'll Keep On. Oh, they're so good.

    My post like this goes out tomorrow if your interested in what a boring person does. *self-promotion smile*

    All jokes aside, this is an awesome post. Oh, and I don't if its the same album, but I love Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. You have great taste in music.

    What state are you from if you are a Maine Transplant?

    Awesome snippets. Can't wait for your post tomorrow. <3

    1. Click bait! Haha. I love those songs. <3

      Great! I'll definitely check that out tmrw!

      Bring me to Life is a cool song. I think that's a different album, but I like it too. I over listened to it a while back so that stinks but... oh well.

      I'm from North Carolina:)

    2. I'm from the south, too. I think NC is considered to be the south. Do you remember it or did you move when you were really young?

      I've lived in the same city my whole life, just different house than where I was born. But I was only a year old, so I don't remember the first house.

      Definite click bait. ;) But I also love your posts, so I was even more excited to see it was you who had NF on here.

    3. I was 12 when we moved here. Yeah, it's the South. I've only moved the once, but it was kind of terrible. :P

    4. Oh, I'm sorry. It can be hard leaving behind what you've known.
      I've only moved once, too, but there was a time we almost moved when I was really little, but we ended up staying. But I was like three or four, so we weren't even here that long. I don't know how I remember some of the things happening. Usually I can't remember that far back. Just little flashes of memory.

    5. Yeah, the NF cover was definitely click bait. I did the same thing!

    6. It wasn't meant to be click bait, but I'm glad it got me some views XD

  5. CONGRATS ON NANO!!!!!!!!

    Nf is the best, I also like Evanescence, Amy Lee has a beautiful and haunting voice.

    1. You like Evanescence? That's awesome! She has the coolest voice.

    2. She does! You're the only other homeschooler that I know who listens to her!!! I actually made the mistake of leaving their music on when my friend and her family came over about a year ago, and the mom literally FLIPPED OUT, and started claiming that it was demonic!!! My mom just laughed it off and rolled her eyes, but I still had to turn it off while those friends were over!!!!!

    3. Some homeschoolers are weird... *facepalm* but I suppose we all have our opinions.

    4. Oh my gosh, that sounds awful. Its not demonic. I knew someone (not homeschooled) and the mom would bash any music that wasn't "Christian." Her husband liked a variety of music and she made fun of him, going as far as implying him to be a donkey (biblical word for donkey) and I'm sitting there thinking, "Wow, how Christian of you to say something like that." I didn't say that. Maybe I should have.

      They also didn't do Halloween, which is fine. I respect that. They seemed to respect the fact that my family does dress up and get candy. (TBH, I love dressing up. I don't wear anything inappropriate, obviously, but if people don't like Halloween, that's a preference.)

      I like your new picture, btw.

    5. Lol, we knew a family like that too. My family doesn't do Halloween, but we have no problem with other people doing it, more power to them! :D

      And thank you! I finally got professional pictures taken of me!!!

    6. Well, the picture looks great!

      I understand where people come from when it comes to Halloween. I've even sometimes pondered the whole thing. My family looks at it like costumes and candy. I also like that by that point, the weather is cooler. Its been a hot summer this year.

    7. That can be kind of annoying, I'm sorry you had to experience that. Some of her music is a little creepy, so I can see where they're coming from, but... I don't think it's demonic. Lol.

      And Ivie, I think if you go all creepy with Halloween it's not so great but if you don't you'll be okay. I've always dressed up as someone from a movie, or something like that. Some of my catholic friends dress up as saints.

    8. Usually I go for costumes like Little Red Riding Hood and fairies. I was a skull princess one time, but that was just a dress with skulls on the hood of the dress and it wasn't even that scary. (Some dude in a Mario hat asked me if I was the grim reaper. I informed him I was a skull princess, though my costume didn't have much of a name. I wasn't even carrying a staff like the cartoon depictions.)

      I've reused my little red costume many times. I did paint my face one time, but it did not come out the way I wanted. It was a bust. I was trying to do scary, but I'm just not good at it. We have done creepier costumes before and we do decorate. Its just a preference, though. I don't judge if some people don't do Halloween or if some people don't like the creepy. I don't like voodoo references or demonic references. More so just skulls is the extent of creepy. We use fake spiderwebs, but then real spiders take residence, lol.

      (Sorry, this comment is getting long, but I have one more thing to say.) We have this one decoration of some type of phantom with a skull face. He used to make noise, but the batteries leaked. We usually put him in one of our trees. My siblings and I named him Bob. We started calling him that to be funny since it was a scary-ish decoration, but then it stuck.

      Anyway, I totally get where you guys come from. I think its all about personal preference.

    9. *where you guys are coming from.

    10. And I totally get where you are coming from! I love cosplay, I'm usually Bellatrix (a villain from Harry Potter), and one time my co-op had a cosplay day, and I dressed up as her... turns out my friend decided to dress up as Harry Potter himself! IT WASN'T EVEN PLANNED! We're like the only ones in our co-op who's read Harry Potter, so we made inside jokes the whole day and pretended to cast spells on each other, while everyone just looked super confused! XD

    11. Lol. That was probably pretty fun. I can imagine the confusion. XD

    12. Gray. That is literally the best thing ever. And you do Bellatrix? *squealing, fangirling* Weirdly, she's one of my favorite characters.

    13. Yes, I cosplay as Bellatrix... a lot... XD

  6. Oh my goodness! I heard Praise You in this Storm the other day and it touched me so much. Then you mention it...that's cool. It's been on replay for a couple days. lol
    Casting Crowns isn't my favorite band, but I liked that one song. :)
    "For you are who you are, no matter where I am." —Ahhh!

    1. That song is so good. I also don't love them as a band but that song. Ahhh. *shivers*

    2. I know! It came on at just the right moment. It was storming and raining really bad and the song came on. It gave me this joyful feeling that I haven't had very often this month. :)

    3. It's incredible how God does that :)

    4. It shows how he really knows us and our hearts. He knows what we need at that moment and loves on us when we feel hurt and hopeless. He'll never reject us. He loves us too much. Why would you reject someone you died for??

  7. Congrats on winning Camp NaNo!! I love your snippets for Rooglewood! They are enticingly good, I can't wait to read it!


  8. Your snippets are so good! I also can't figure out why the book and movie is called "The Princess Bride," either... it's obviously referring to Buttercup, but it is a bit misleading!

    Also, just a head's up: I'm revealing two things tomorrow on my blog! One is a tag idea I've been working on for some time, and the other is an actvitity that the blogging community did last year, so if you'd like to check that out, it'll be up then! ^.^

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. It is! If nothing else it should be "The Farm Hand Pirate," right??

      Awesome! I'll keep an eye out for those!

  9. Oh, I LOVE "Can You Hold Me". It's so gorgeous and emotional <3

    I also love Benedict Cumberbatch! He's so awesome :)

    UGH I also hate maths. It's awful. I really, really, really hate it :(

    Hope you have a lovely August!

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. Isn't it?

      Yay! Benny fan(girls)!

      I hate it too. I completely understand. XD

      Thanks, you too!

  10. Yay for winning camp nano and those snippet! WOW *hearteyes* I really look forward to seeing more. Loved hearing about your month and I hope you have an amazing August! :)

    Anna |

    1. Thanks, Anna! Did you win? I'm glad you liked them!

  11. Great snippets, I love seeing what other people are doing with the story, I'm entering the contest as well having a blast with it so far.

    1. That's awesome! I hope you have a great time and get much accomplished, regardless of whether or not you win. I most likely won't win, but... I'm having a blast writing the story.

  12. I can't believe it's August. did that happen????

    Oooh, you read By Darkness Hid! :D That's actually one of my favorite books. Heh. The second book in that trilogy is my favorite of the three though! IT'S SO GOOD.

    I just had a fangirl attack with your movies section. Doctor Strange, The Princess Bride, Robin Hood--ALL THREE SOME OF MY FAAAAAAAAAVES. I 100% agree with what you said about Robin Hood. It's perfect. PERFECT.

    Congrats on winning Camp NaNo!!!!!!!!! :D I loved the snippets! That last one totally made me laugh. I can see why you love those two! XD

    That's awesome you got a spot on the school's newspaper. I hope that goes well! And I hope ALL your August adventures go well and you have the most amazing month! <3

    1. I know! It's all going so fast!

      I'm going to get the other two eventually... I'm a cheapy though. I need to get a job XD

      They're so good though! I LOOOOOOVVE that version of Robin Hood. He is... and the movie is... as you said.... PERFECT.

      *whispers* They're my favorite ship... of all time... I adore them separately and I love them even more as a couple... XD

      Thanks! You have a great month too!

  13. Yay! You won Camp NaNo!! AWESOME! ^_^

    And oh my gosh, those snippets are GREAT! It would be so cool if you won the contest! <3

    1. It makes me so happy! Especially since I had to quit in the middle last time, so... :(

      I have so many people I'm rooting for... so it would be great if I could win, but at the same time there's so many stories I want to read for the contest!

  14. Disney Robin Hood will forever be the true Robin Hood. No one else can tell me that that fox is not the real Robin Hood. XD

  15. Please be careful when you view the eclipse later this month. If you use the eclipse glasses wrong, or they have a manufacturing malfunction, you could permanently damage your eyes. I'm saying this because I just heard an article talking about this last night and feel compelled to warn you.

    Glad you had a good July. ;)

    1. Hey, thanks :) My parents have been spending a lot of time reading into it and I'm pretty sure our glasses are safe. I'll leave that up to them. But we will certainly be careful. Thanks for the warning!

  16. Oh of course. I'm so glad they looked into it and are being safe about it. I've been checking out your blog and it looks cool. I don't think I'm gonna follow it cause I don't really have the time, but you might see me pop over occasionally.


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