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Note: I have absolutely no skill with graphic design, but I'm working on drawing covers for a couple of these books. If you have any ideas about what they should look like/ want to make one, let me know, please!

The King's Daughter
(Current WIP, third draft in progress)

Synopsis: When Dauthang came from the North, the Pentegreens were not ready.
They have sworn this will never again happen.
Training of the teenagers in the city, including King Martin's own daughter Esma, is taken up a notch. She struggles to keep up amongst the others, who are all more talented and have obvious powers. Her friends are all far above her level of skill, and she is considered dropping out when the enemy abducts her.
Desperate to survive, Esma befriends the general's son, Rishatta, who is willing to help her escape, but at a cost - she must help him to create a new life out of the reach of Dauthang's empire. Wrestling with questions about who she is and what her role is in this war, Esma agrees - a decision that will set everyone in her family's kingdom on a new path entirely.

Watched (Book 1)
(Dystopia, first draft completed)
It's 2032. The Alltote family is busy trying to survive the socially toxic climate of Washington, D.C., with their eight kids and Christian beliefs. Their middle daughter Melinza's fear of being targeted is a stumbling block for her at her school and keeps her from reaching out to people as she knows she should, especially next to her vibrant best friends Jeannie and Bryce.
When Melinza's failing grades catch up with her, she is thrown into a new path that involves tutoring, the shady side of town, and a new boy at school named Lucas Burns. Her faith will be put to the test as the environment grows increasingly hostile around her - but when a bill is passed that places her whole family in jeopardy, the Alltotes must make decisions that could mean life or death for their children- and their beliefs.

The Wacky Factor
(Camp NaNoWriMo novel April 2017, YA realistic fiction)
Ali has always been just another face in the crowd - not popular, not unpopular, just kind of there. Overshadowed at school by her best friend Misty and at home by her talented and quirky family, she knows that there's little chance of anything weird happening to her during high school.
But then she discovers a lump. A big lump, and it's getting bigger. In her chest.
Ali hides this at first, afraid that her parents will think she's just seeking attention, but when the lump grows unmanageable, she seeks help.
So begins a journey of medical procedures, tests, false diagnoses, and lots of doctors. As Ali goes down this road, she realizes that she may be becoming more comfortable with her family - but what will it take for her to be comfortable in her own skin?

Robin Hood Retelling (prospectively titled The Silent Girl)
Will Scarlet is a Yellow, or middle class, boy, apprenticed to the Sheriff of his town. When he sees a silent girl in the woods, he takes it upon himself to investigate. What he discovers is a world like none he's ever imagined - a fortress in the middle of the forest, owned and operated by a group of young men and women who have come out here to flee the draft of the cruel Queen Poppy. They are led by Robert, a boy with a wicked shot on the bow. Prominent among the members of the band is the silent girl, Marina, whose silence is a constant reminder of what they've all lost.
Will knows after one day here that he can never return to the life he knew - but as mystery after mystery unravels itself before his eyes, he is hurled into new purpose, where he could be killed at any time, and his status will not be enough to help him out here.


  1. Ooooh! Sounds AWESOME!!
    I am awful with covers, so thus I have no idea what you should do and I cannot help you when I can barely help myself! *grimaces* Sorry!! :D

    1. That's okay! I need to get something else to put on this site though... Maybe I'll talk to Abigayle Claire about where she got her awesome cover for Martin Hospitality?

  2. Oo Watched sounds so so interesting!

    -Madison (

    1. Thanks! I have a lot of editing to do (mostly so that the book is actually a dystopia and there's real danger. But I think it has a lot of potential!

  3. These sound SO cool! I'd love to make a cover for one (or both!) of them, but I'm a bit lacking in cover-creating talent :D. Oh well, maybe I'll still try my hand at it - if you'll let me, of course ;).

    ~ Savannah

    1. Oh my word, yes! If you want to try, I am not opposed at all to it. Feel free, please!

    2. I'm sure you're a million times better than me!

    3. Really? Thanks! If you could give me a few more details about the scenery and feel of both books (and a little on what you'd like the cover to look like) that would be great ;).

      ~ Savannah

    4. Okay! Do you want to email me using the Contact form? I can reply to you then and it can be a little more confidential. :)
      I think.

    5. Alright, I'll do that as soon as I have spare time ;).

      ~ Savannah

    6. By all means, finish Camp NaNo first! ;D


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